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BWSW 2015 Competition Licence Renewal

You can now renew your BWSW licence online. Visit the BWSW ‘Competition Store’ and select the licence that is relevant to you. You can also purchase licences for other family members within this facility. Simply select the licences you require and complete all the necessary information. This will then either take you to the ‘checkout’ facility to make payment for your licence or take you through to a confirmation page if your licence is free of charge.

As a competitor your competition licence fee helps to support a great deal of “behind the scenes” activity within the sport. BWSW has a comprehensive training and examination programme to support and train officials through annual seminars both in the UK and overseas – there are over 150 officials across all disciplines of the sport ensuring our events, rules and technical matters are dealt with on your behalf.  We also support bespoke software development to help our officials report on events to make sure your scores are viewable online as quickly as possible.

Please note: Your competition licence will only be valid providing you have joined for the 2015 season. If you are applying for a tournament licence and require a new book please email after making payment for your licence.

All competition events can  be found on the BWSW website


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