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Dawna Patterson Brice Enters Hall of Fame

On January 30th, 2010, Dawna Patterson Brice was inducted into the Riverside Sports Hall of Fame (Riverside California). She was recognized for her contributions to the city of Riverside as well as her athletic achievements. 

She was honored, with other pro baseball & football athlete’s to the wall of distinction which include the likes of basketball superstars Reggie & Cheryl Miller, car racing legend, Dan Gurney as well as future inductee, and motorcycle racing legend Malcolm Smith.

Photo below taken at the ceremony,of 1984 Olympic and USA NSWSA team trainer at the 1984 Australian worlds, Kathy Coakley, Dawna Brice and Dr. Jerome Wall , founder of the Riverside Sports Hall of fame.

Dawna Patterson Brice

L-R: Kathy Coakley, Dawna Brice, Dr. Jerome Wall

Dawna was recognized for her outstanding achievements in water skiing as the current World Record Holder at a speed of 111.11 MPH recognized by the Guinness Book of records for over the past 33 years!

Among her other sports milestones, was being awarded the first and only medal earned at the first world water ski racing championships in 1979 in England, by a skier from the United States. As well as another second bronze medal at the 1981 Worlds in Italy, past Catalina overall champion and two times Women’s open Champion in 1982 & 1983. Dawna was also 1983 Marathon overall Champion skiing behind Gary Steel and finishing the last race of the season with a broken leg! Dawna attributes her success due to having key drivers like Don Brice, Gary Steele & Vic Edelbrock.

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To date, Dawna also holds the Clearlake 50 mile marathon elapse time record averaging over 88 MPH ( in 50 miles) and beating the top men’s time by over two minutes behind Vic Edelbrock and the “Fun team” !

She also earned the coveted “Champion of Champions” award by the late water ski maker Dick Murdock as he has awarded this award to skiers such as Chuck Stearns and Danny Churchill, also past World record holders. This same year she won the inaugural US Open exhibition race in San Diego.

Dawna Patterson Brice HoF


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