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Dusty Schulz to Inspect Proposed Worlds Sites

At the IWSF World Congress held on Thursday 30 August 2007 in Linz, Austria, the IWSF had received a bid from Belgium for the 2009 World Racing Championships. After a vote, the event was unanimously awarded to Belgium – provisionally. It was provisional because the IWSF Racing Council also needs to approve the bid before it can be 100% confirmed as being the host of the next world titles.

Glen Coles (IWSF Racing Council Chairman) has requested that an IWSF representative travels from outside the EAME Region to inspect the sites and Dusty Schulz (USA) will do this. From 20th to 25th October he will conduct an evaluation of all proposed race sites, which of course includes one of the most well known international race sites in the world, Viersel – home of the Diamond Water Ski Race and a site from the 1995 World Championships. Dusty will be accompanied by Vera van den Bossche and Mike Waterman.

Upon his return, Dusty will submit a report to the Racing Council who will then consider that report and vote on the Belgium bid for the 2009 World Water Ski Racing Championships.

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