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Final Overall Worlds Results

Download full final official results here

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Many thanks to Pepe Escoda for all results throughout the Worlds.

The final results of the 15th IWSF World Water Ski Racing Championships are:

F1 Men
1st Jason Walmsley (AUS) – World Champion
2nd Todd Haig (USA)
3rd Daniel Campbell (AUS) 

F2 Men
1st Chris Stout (AUS) – World Champion
2nd Brad Raine (USA)
3rd Glen Anderson (USA)

F1 Women
1st Ann Procter (AUS) – World Champion
2nd Kim Lumley (GB)
3rd Lauryn Eagle (AUS)

F2 Women
1st Tania Teelow (AUS) – World Champion
2nd Lori Dunsmore (USA)
3rd Emma Carson (AUS) 

Junior Boys
1st Jarron Fritz (NZ) – World Champion
2nd Luke Keys (AUS)
3rd Rory Brien (AUS)

Junior Girls
1st Trudi Stout (AUS) – World Champion
2nd Adelaide Cox (NZ)
3rd Mallory Nordblad (USA)

Download full final official results here

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