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Hellrazor wins his 7th Club Marine Southern 80

Racing in the Southern 80 started yesterday with the social classes on the water.

Racing was delayed 45 minutes because of a houseboat not in position and a social skier on the river.  With a modified program for the rest of the day – the racing continued.

The winner of the main event of day the Beechworth Baker’s Blitz was Hellrazor in a time of 6:44.74.

This gave Hellrazor the pole position in Sunday event, which started at 12.30pm.

Sunday’s event’s went to schedule with the Superclass teams on the water from 12.30pm.  Out of the 12 Superclass boats that started – 11 of them finished and with a close procession crossing the finish line,  in the form of Blown Cash, Top Gun and Mistress – it made a great spectle for the spectators.

The overall winner was Hellrazor in a time of 30:37.54. Driver Mark Cranny, Observer Damien Matthews, Skiers Peter Proctor & Mick Kelly.

Second overall was the Syndicate in a time of 31:32.40. Driver Garry Rudd, Observer, Boyd Edwards, Skiers Kevin Vahtrik, Danny Cropper.

Third overall was Stinga from the 16-19 Boys with class record time of 32:09.20, Driver Greg Houston, Observer Kevin Boylan, Skiers Jack Houston & Ben Hackett.

The weekend was an outstanding success with fantastic racing on the water, great crowds enjoying the entertainment and the athleticism of the skiers and admiration the skills of the drivers in the actual racing.

Out of the 593 entries that entered the event, 538 entries finished the course – great statistics for the weekend.

Two skiers are in a Melbourne hospital under observation, with 3 other competitors reporting minor injuries.


Full results from the event can be found on the Southern 80 web site –


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