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Help Promote Ski Racing’s Champions

We all know that water ski racing champions make a massive effort to achieve their positions on the national and world stage. We also know that many of them deserve a lot more recognition in water ski racing and further afield. We have far too many unsung champions in water ski racing – too many people that the rest of the world know very little, if anything, about.

In an effort to help spread the word about our sport’s athletes, please send me any articles (or links) that you or others have written about the water ski racing champions that you know best. You could even start writing an article now about one of your favourite ski racers, drivers or observers.

I will publish the articles or links on and help give that bit more recognition to those who deserve it. Photos are also welcome but I need to have written permission from the photographer to use the photos on

Whether they are World, National or local champions, more people should know all about them. Please do your bit!

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Yours in ski racing,
Robbie Llewellyn


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