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IWSF Racing Chairmanship

18 July update – subsequent to the notice below, a vote was taken by the IWSF Racing Council this week and a majority voted for Glen Coles to remain as Chairman of the IWSF Racing Council.

13 July – After over 20 years of the same IWSF Chairman of Racing, I believe that a change is now needed and on Sunday 13 July 2008 I wrote to all members of the IWSF Racing Council and the President of the IWSF about that. There are numerous reasons that underpin my wish to see new leadership in water ski racing.

I shall meet with most Council members at an IWSF meeting in Long Beach this week and ask that Glen Coles voluntarily steps down from his current role as Chairman to allow a fresh new approach to take place through the election of a new Chairman. What Glen has done for ski racing over the years should be commended. He is only the 2nd Chairman of IWSF Racing and he has been in the position for over 20 years. However I believe that it’s now time for a change.

If necessary, I shall ask that each Council member confirms to everyone in the Council and of course in the sport, whether they are happy for 1) the current situation to continue with the same Chairman or 2) for things to be improved with fresh new leadership via a new Chairman.

An update will follow in due course.

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