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IWSF Racing Council Meeting

18 July update – during two days of IWSF Racing Council meetings at Long Beach this week, many items were addressed, changes made, new ideas discussed, some to be implemented and others to undergo more discussion before decisions are made. More details will be made available when the minutes are published, but overall, the meeting was  productive.

14 July – This week, the IWSF Racing Council will meet at Long Beach to hold a meeting to discuss water ski racing at world level. To keep competitors abreast of what is happening in their sport, I have included a list of some of the items which will be discussed below (list issued by IWSF Racing Secretary Meryl Lee).

IWSF Racing Council Meeting
Coast Hotel, Long Beach, CA – 16th – 18th July, 2008


1. Open Meeting
2. Apologies
3. Minutes of Racing Council Meeting NZ 2007
4. Business arising from minutes.
5. Correspondence
6. Reports:
i) President
ii) Region EAME
iii) Region Pan Am
iv) Region A/A
v) Competitor’s Representative
vi) Communication Representative

7. Matters Arising from Reports
8. Agenda Items:

1. Role, powers & history of the Racing Council – Chairman
2. Code of Conduct – Officials & Competitors – Chairman
3. Business & marketing plan – Pan Am
4. F2 Rules & list of acceptable motors for 2009. Rewrite the rule – include procedures for checking in rules or as an addendum. – Outcome of 2007
5. Point Score – Outcome of 2007
6. Minimum age for juniors – EAME
7. Minimum age for observers – EAME
8. Race Duration – are races too long? – EAME
9. Helmet Colour – skier, driver, observer – EAME
10. Fixed penalty concept for rules – EAME
11. Stewards concept for rules & evaluation – EAME
12. Number of judges at World Championships – EAME
13. Clarification of special rules for canal races – A/A
14. EAME Rules 2008 – particularly in regard to steering & hydraulics – EAME
15. Rule Book – rearrange, insert procedures & update – Outcome of 2007
16. Future Bids
17. General Business


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