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Keep up with the Worlds through Twitter

If you’re unable to be at the 2009 World Water Ski Racing Championships in Belgium (19-26 July) you can keep track of events via Twitter.

Just add robbiellewellyn as a friend in your Twitter account. You will then receive almost immediate updates as and when I publish 160 character news reports and photos from the Worlds in Belgium. You can receive these Twitter updates on your mobile device or the net. They’ll be informal and informative with quite a few being published every day during the Worlds – providing you with up to the minute news and photos from the edge of the canals and the pits before and after races.

If Twitter is all a bit confusing, the posts will appear on my Facebook account and a live feed will appear at the very right of containing the latest 50 Tweet posts from the Worlds. Remember to refresh the web page so that any new Tweets can be displayed. Look to the right of this page and you will already see a small Twitter feed. This is where the Twitter updates will appear.

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Get live updates via Twitter

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