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Kirkland Wins His 7th Diamond Race

Perfect weather and organisation, the largest entry ever and tremendous atmosphere filled the little town of Viersel on the side of the Albert Canal at the weekend. And Darren Kirkland won his 7th Diamond Race with Chris Stout 2nd and Nico Bertels 3rd.

You can see dozens of photos from the day’s racing by Wim Lamot at

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Every race provided the thousands lining the banks of the canal with entertainment value. The unique challenges of the Diamond Race once again tested teams to their limits and the best came through to the end.

Kirkland has publicly declared that this is his final year of racing himself, and let’s remember he’s been doing this since the early 70’s. All credit to this guy who skis at a level that few others in their mid-40’s do. Nico Betrels had a blistering start and led the race on the first lap. But after quickly being wrapped around a turnbouy, Darren proceeded to extend his lead on 2nd position Chris Stout and comfortably go on to a win.

Trudi Stout dominated Women’s F1 from start to finish. F2 Women’s world champion Kathrin Ortlieb did challenge the 18 yr old Aussie once but that ended with a fall and Trudi went on to win her 1st Diamond.

There were many more categories but unfortunately I don’t have the time to write about it all as I need to get going on our 900km drive home.

Download the official results

Many thanks to Scott Brooks who had access to my Twitter account this weekend and provided all the race updates.

And thank you to Vera van den Bossche, Jules Leysen and the whole team of organisers for a 1st class event and their generous hospitality.

Nico Bertels Hung on until the end

Nico Bertels Hung on until the end

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