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Mawer Wraps Up Training With Croc Before Worlds

Former World Water Ski Racing Champion and former World Wakeboard Champion Wayne Mawer squeezed in his final session with a croc-fan in Cairns before boarding a flight to Belgium today.

It’s been 12 years since Mawer won four out of four races in the 1997 World Water Ski Racing Championships in Australia. But he’s well prepared for what’s ahead of him in Belgium and has raced and won on the canals many times before.

Neville Fry captured these shots of the Aussie as he finished up training in QLD and added; “this is Wayne doing some cross training in the Cairns Inlet last week. There is more than one crocodile that shares this pristine water ski area. The other photos are of one of Wayne’s Training Partners, this is Wayne’s number one training secret, you do not want to fall when their big brothers are around. These crocodile photos were taken after Wayne’s last training run before heading for Belgium”.

Read this article about Mawer which I wrote in 1997 – just after he won the World Water Ski Racing Championships.

wayne and croc

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