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My Resignation from the IWSF Racing Council

After nine years, I have decided to walk away from the IWSF Racing Council as I no longer wish to be associated with some of the poor decisions that are being made which affect water ski racing and the hard earned careers of our athletes. My resignation letter below was sent to the Racing Council and the IWSF President and Secretary General today.

I shall continue to contribute to the sport and there are some extremely exciting international developments simmering in the background that I will write about at the right time in the near future.

Read how the IWSF Racing Council is killing the hopes of the worlds’ best racers

Resignation from IWSF

Resignation from IWSF

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Mike Waterman asked me to reconsider my decision and below is my reply.

2nd Oct 2008

Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately, despite support from you and a few others to initiate change, the majority of the Racing Council has not supported that change. There are too many people stuck in their old ways, who are too out of touch or who don’t wish to speak out to do the right thing for the sport and its athletes. A Chairman  for over 25 years who rarely goes to a ski race? Come on that’s ridiculous!  But somehow the majority of Racing Council members believe that is a good thing for ski racing (recall the vote at Long Beach).  That’s just one example of the sport’s governing body living in the past.

To be frank, it is now an embarrassment to be associated with the decisions and poor management that we are now witnessing.  The collective decision of the IWSF Racing Council in its wisdom, is now steering the sport in reverse gear over a cliff top. I won’t be part of that and I won’t be party to ruining the opportunities given to some of our best athletes.

My involvement with the IWSF is over. However my involvement with something very new and exciting for ski racing is just beginning.  The IWSF has not been prepared to embrace change, so the change will now happen without the IWSF.

Best regards,

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