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No words from Racing Chairman

There have been a lot of emails, web site posts, phone calls and meetings about the IWSF’s decision to prevent some of the best ski racers in the world from skiing with teams of their own choice. In my opinion, this ridicules the sport and the skiers who put their hearts into building a good team when the opportunities come along, and the crews who plough their hard earned money into the sport.

Regardless of opinion, whilst a few Council members have done their job and spoken on the matter in public (well done – regardless of which side of the fence you site on) the Chairman of Racing has not communicated with the people in the sport on the matter. I haven’t seen anything on the IWSF web site which replaces this site ( as the official IWSF web site for water ski racing.

In business, sport or politics, open communication is key to success. Water ski racing is suffering from a number of weaknesses seen in its governing body and this lack of communication is only one of the examples that some people seem quite happy about. This is a sad time in ski racing. But those who are happy with this, are no doubt optimistic that the IWSF is making great progress for the sport. I have yet to be made aware of this progress, so perhaps the optimists can share the successes with those of us who shake our heads in disbelief at what is happening.

Unless the leadership of IWSF water ski racing changes, I believe that IWSF skiers and crews will continue to suffer at the hands of people who are not succeeding in taking this sport in any forward direction. I am tired of people who haven’t been a in a race for 20 years (or ever), dictating what teams should do, without talking to the competitors. There are too many committees, debating with other committees; but few debating with the real people who matter – the competitors.

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