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Please Support Ken Vaughan

I was sat at the Maya last night and Wendy Feros joined us for a drink. That’s when we heard the news that Kenny Vaughan has cancer. If you don’t know, Ken organises Catalina and before him, his dad did the same. Below is a message from Catalina Water Ski Race Committee.

As many of you know our Catalina Water Ski Race Director Ken Vaughan is fighting cancer. This struggle has been very difficult for him both physically and financially, State Disability Insurance only goes so far. Ken would never ask for help himself, so his family and friends are going to ask for him. If you could please donate some funds to help that would be very much appreciated.

Donations can be sent thru PayPal to

or checks sent to Peggy Vaughan, P.O. Box 5968, Garden Grove, CA 92946-5968

Also we will have a box for donations at the Catalina Water Ski Race, look for it at registration, drivers/observers meeting and trophy presentation. Thank you,
Catalina Water Ski Race Committee

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