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Public Opinion is Clear – will the IWSF Listen to a 90% Majority?

207 votes cast in 3 days. An overwhelming 89.4% of people (185) in ski racing who voted, want to see Peter Procter, Darren Kirkland and Chris Stout, be allowed to ski with the crews of their choice, if selected for the 2009 World Water Ski racing Championships.

10.6% of people support the decision of the IWSF Racing Council, some of the voters are Racing Council members.

Below are the opinions of 57 people who expressed opinion on the matter, many of whom have extraordinary experience in this sport.

So do we have a governing body of sport that does what it wants? Or do we have a governing body that is able to sit up, and take notice of its competitors, think, and then admit “we got it wrong – let’s support the people who make this sport possible and let’s make progress”? – Let’s see.

1. My name is Kurt Schoen, I skied in several World Championships in F-1, and not one was I able to have my racing crew travel with me to another country to ski. I skied behind foreign drivers and boats, and always had a observer who never observed for me once and I still accumulated points for the country in which I am a citizen. They always counted on my points and it did not matter who I was skiing behind. It’s a ski race, let the best skiers ski and battle it out for the world championship, not the crews. Take the politics out of the sport that is already dying from the committee that maybe goes to one race a year, but are making decisions on new up and coming skiers that are chasing their dreams. Mon, 10/6/08 8:09 AM
2. Who are these people who dont even race, trying to dictate how teams (who pay for the sport!!!) should compete. Mon, 10/6/08 7:46 AM
3. Its a skiers race. what next …boat and engine and ski should be from the same country too! Mon, 10/6/08 7:44 AM
4. if thier the best they need the best crew and people they trust. they may not have the funds to suport a full overseas team including importing boat then exporting it back. Mon, 10/6/08 4:25 AM
5. its a skiers race Mon, 10/6/08 2:59 AM
6. There is far too much politics in sport. Please bring back the good old days of teamwork and common sense! Mon, 10/6/08 1:29 AM
7. Only if crews from their own country are not available. Mon, 10/6/08 1:02 AM
8. Its a whole team effort to make the worlds Mon, 10/6/08 12:02 AM
9. Everybody should have the right! Sun, 10/5/08 11:21 PM
10. If they make the team and only then, let them race with whoever wants to tow them. But they must represent Australia! Is it un-australian to ski for another country if you have an Australian passport?????? Sun, 10/5/08 10:49 PM
11. I remember a certain Aussie Womens Skier who won the Title in Long Beach Skiing behind an American boat AND team… Nobody complained then ( at least publicly) Why the shift in rules? Let them SKI dm-USA Sun, 10/5/08 9:27 PM
12. Why can’t an American or an Australian trophy in the European Championships? If these were truly a championship, why are results and finishes just allowed for the Europeans?? and if an American or an Australian finish in the top three, why are they not allowed to collect a trophy, much less than stand on the podium? Sun, 10/5/08 7:38 PM
13. The whole point of Water ski racing is that it is a TEAM SPORT!!!! The World Championships is about the TEAMS (both individually and as a whole) representing their countrY’s to win the Gold. If any skier can ski with any crew that defeats the entire purpose of this being a TEAM SPORT. The driver and observer are part of the team at least one should be from that country. The rules already allow for one of the crew members to be from a different country and simply abandoning the rule would be a disgrace to the World Championships. After all, in the Olympics you don’t see rowing teams substituting rowers from other countries simply because they are better. You must make do with what you have got. How hard can it be? Australia and England have large groups of participation and it should not be a big deal to find an observer from that country!!!! Sun, 10/5/08 5:46 PM
14. The Worlds are for the skier, so they should be able to ski behind the boat they choose Sun, 10/5/08 3:08 PM
15. I think just for the safety, skiers should be able to compete with the teams that take care of them and there best intrests. Good luck guys, John Peckham Sun, 10/5/08 9:42 AM
16. Thats their team!!! Sun, 10/5/08 2:32 AM
17. This decision is not just affecting top F1 skiers, there are a number of F2 skiers that have no competitive boats/ crews within their countries and would rely on GB/ European boats & crews. Do we make seperate applications or lobby for an overall scrapping of rule 3.03. BUT WE MUST DO SOMETHING. Boat 18 Sun, 10/5/08 1:52 AM
18. any skier should have the right to ski with the crew they want, it doesn’t matter who they are or what country they are from. there were plenty of skiers at the NZ worlds last year skiing behind boats from other countries. Sat, 10/4/08 11:45 PM
19. I would like to understand the rationale behind the decision – it makes no sense currently. Sat, 10/4/08 1:44 PM
20. If I can recall, the 2005 worlds worked well with skiers using teams from differing countries? The sport needs a overhaul in many aspects and this is one of them. Sat, 10/4/08 11:07 AM
22. When the world’s competition first started there was more money around,wereas now a lot of teams own the boats two or 3 ways.I as an observer and owning half of the boat would not take to kindly to being turfed out of the seat when I own half of the boat.I think when Glen and Dusty were younger it might have been different. Sat, 10/4/08 5:54 AM
23. yes, their three and all the other skier with the same situation. Olivia from Spain Sat, 10/4/08 3:51 AM
24. Others did it in previous World Championships Sat, 10/4/08 3:13 AM
25. What a joke, again pushing people away from the sport they love. Politics has a lot to answer for, maybe the IWSF council should take a look at what the RYA have done to powerboat racing in this country by making bad decisions about rules. Sat, 10/4/08 2:08 AM
26. Its the skier who is representing his or her country and as a driver who has driven for skiers from USA,Australia and Belgium I drive for them pride regardless of me being from Great Britain. Greg Bassam. ps yet another rule coming from officials not competitors. Sat, 10/4/08 2:05 AM
27. as long as the points go to the skiers country Sat, 10/4/08 1:52 AM
28. stupid decisions like this are ruining our sport. I think we all need to talk to these people when we see them at the races Fri, 10/3/08 11:23 PM
29. yeah its so stupid the council is a bunch of dumb ass’s there is no one in the sport anymore because of you ideots i think its stupid this sports going to fall apart and it already is what the hell does it matter if they race with another crew its racing you don’t win money this sport is just stupid now if they dont get to have who they want for the crew i don’t think people should even put money into this sport this is absolutely bull shit. you guys are just affraid of competition. wow to think when i tell people how amazing ski racing is i should be telling them it’s nothing but a selfish no good sport who has asshole running in maybe we would have people in this sport if people new how to work as a team instead of shoving everyone out i hope the worls has a shitty turn out because thats about how shittty this sport is i wont event go to worlds now as a junior girl they don’t dissereve to have me race for them peter darren and chris stout disserve to race with who they want who ever is telling them no disserves to get the crap beat out of them you just ruined the sport. take that and shove it. sincerely chelbe kinslow Fri, 10/3/08 10:38 PM
30. These days where participation in ski racing is so low. The world council needs to accept and adapt to the many changes in our sport. It is rediculous to deny these skiers a chance to compete. I think if we keep running off people like that the council won’t have to worry about rules in the future because there won’t be anymore competitors. Fri, 10/3/08 9:48 PM
31. I am glad to see that they are strong enough to stand up against Iwsf. This is my career and if you don’t like, STIFF. Fri, 10/3/08 6:07 PM
32. It would appear that some of the decision makers have forgoten what has happened in previous worlds and interesting to see jon cole voted against did he not pull ann to win in nz ? Fri, 10/3/08 3:28 PM
33. It is a water ski race not a boat race, the Water Skiers put their life on the line every time they ski, it should be their decision who they ski behind. In swimming we have Australian Coaches training Chinese Swimmers. The World is a small place. Wake and smell the roses not your Moet. Neville Fry Fri, 10/3/08 3:24 PM
34. The world championship is a national team event, not an individual event. Skiers are chosen to represent their national team. Fri, 10/3/08 2:46 PM
35. “Australian Ski Racing Officials are a Joke!”. Fri, 10/3/08 2:33 PM
36. I don’t think this exception should be made just for the 3 names mentioned since Australian selections haven’t even begun. However, I do believe the rule should be changed to allow a skier to team up with the boat, driver, and observer of his choice from any country. Ski racing is falling apart all over the globe. Rigid thinking and outdated rules like this will not help. Rules are needed, and the ones in place must be enforced, but lets start thinking outside the box and get this sport going in the right direction. Fri, 10/3/08 2:19 PM
38. If you do not allow this to happen F1 ski racing will not exist. Surely it is safer for the skier to race with the team they have trained with. Fri, 10/3/08 2:11 PM
39. The sport needs to support the likes Peter, Darren and Chris in their pursuit of their dreams. We have limited crews with the resouces to be able to tow these great skiers. We should be proud that our competitors are so willingly to work with each other regardless of nationality. The water ski racing fraternity needs to send a strong message to the IWSF ski racing council and ask them to re-conside their decision. Glen Coles Who? What an absolute joke ? Do you ever see him at Ski race in Australia ? No Fri, 10/3/08 1:57 PM
40. how old are some of these people??? get real!!! the two ausies are about 80 year old. they live in a different world. they havent been in a ski race in years and they are past it and should admit it. how can these idiots come to races when they dont even bother with the ski racers. robbie and others you must get rid of this shit from skiracing and we are behind you all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JD Fri, 10/3/08 1:26 PM
41. The whole idea of a race / championship is for the best of whatever sport to have the opportunity to be a champion. I think not only should Peter ,Darren ,and Chris be allowed to ski with which team they choose but , there should be a Wildcard race to allow skiers such as Wayne Mawer, who possibly do not Qualify with their own Countrys selection system , but wouldnt the sport be deprived should He and others not just be given one chance to be allowed to compete in a World Championship!! I believe that to be World champion means the best in the World ! Sadly not if Top Skiers are refused the opportunity to compete. Paul Thompson Fri, 10/3/08 1:06 PM
42. Yes, this is a SKIER’S race, he rest of the team should be incidental ! Fri, 10/3/08 11:50 AM
43. It is of paramount importance that any skier should have the freedom to choose their own crew regardless of nationality. Fri, 10/3/08 11:42 AM
44. If the IWSF can’t see sense then get rid of them and form our own body to govern the sport, and get away from the archaic rules. Previous racers have competed before at world level with international crews, why’s this suddenly being imposed now ? Fri, 10/3/08 11:19 AM
45. this question shouldn’t even be asked Fri, 10/3/08 10:36 AM
46. Yes Y!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not, Fri, 10/3/08 10:15 AM
47. Aren’t the Worlds about representing your country? Fri, 10/3/08 9:51 AM
48. how about mr schulz and the iwsf do waht the competitors want and not waht you want. you had your days so stop standing in the way of young people Fri, 10/3/08 9:44 AM
49. These “teams” were put together with the rule (3.03) being inplace from the first Worlds. Just put an Australian observer in the seat now and be done with this. they will have 10 months to get compatable by July 2009. Dusty Schulz Fri, 10/3/08 9:30 AM
50. Yes, this is a Water ski race not a boat race. They should be permitted to ski with whom ever they choose. This sport is to small and shrinking to impliment these kind of outdated rules. We need to look forward not behind. Carl Johnson Fri, 10/3/08 9:21 AM
51. I think everybody has a right to chose their team. When someone from europe goes to the catalina or bridge to bridge they mostly ski behind a crew that isn’t from Europe!!! and nowbody complains then. At the Europeans this year nowbody complained that Chris,Brady and Waine competed!! Everybody was happy that they were there. This has to be a joke!!! I know they still have to get selected, but they have to make a decision soon because what’s the point of training behind your worldcrew if you’re not alouwed to enter the worlds with them. Everyone wants to make a good result and that only works with a good crew. I think the federation forgot this Fri, 10/3/08 6:42 AM
52. Of course they should… why ever not??? Fri, 10/3/08 5:57 AM
53. This is surely a joke. If it isn’t then the IWSF have there heads somewhere other than in ski racing! Fri, 10/3/08 5:55 AM
54. 1 of the most opportune things to ski well is a good crew, you need a crew where you feel comfortable, so if your crew is overseas… so what! let them ski! Ski Racing is 4Fun, let those guys have fun with the crew they want. They builded up some experiance with each other. greetz Fri, 10/3/08 5:49 AM
55. Without a doubt, it wouldnt be a world competition if the best teams were not put forward. The IWSF have been building up pressure and friction with competitors and take no prisoners when it comes to the rule book. Its wrong. Fri, 10/3/08 5:37 AM
56. I think the IWSF need to take a long hard look at them selves over this decision, hopefully the federations of the individuals concerned will make serious representation to the IWSF and have it overturned. Fri, 10/3/08 5:27 AM
57. this is 2008 not 1968. let skiers, drivers and observers decide their team – not people who havent raced in years or EVER. who are these idiots!!!!!! Fri, 10/3/08 5:19 AM
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