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Racer Of The Fortnight – Britains Russell Cox

 Russell’s racing career started over 30 years ago. There’s 1 race which he has yet to compete in , The Catalina Ski Race. Russell says “I can’t wait to do it, in true Miami Vice style !” We put Russell in the hot seat for this edition of Racer Of The Fortnight

When did you start to ski ?

Skiing was a family affair. Our home ski club is Stone Watersports on the River Blackwater Essex. I began racing  around  the age of 11yrs competing in local an national events. After a long break  watching the World Championship’s at Hunstanton I got the bug , couldn’t resist putting my racing ski on again.

Tell us about your teams ?

I’ve been skiing with team Jump N Jive for the past 4 seasons, Driver/ owner Robert Waite, observer Martyn Robinson in F2  national & regional races. My nephew Charlie Cox is also part of the team skiing in the Juniors.  The boat is a 21ft Cyclone with 250 Evinrude. I’ve joined Team Germany for the European Races. Former World powerboat champion Andre Schurle is driving with Sebastian Tiez in the observers seat. I will be skiing in the Senior category behind Team Germany’s F1 Force , with fellow team mate Kurt Brooks skiing in Mens F1.

Left - Andre Schurle , Russell Cox, Sebastian Tiez

What’s your best achievement so far ?

The European races were by far my best wins in 2011. Team Germany pulled me in Eguzon France where I took 1st place in the Seniors. The European Championships held in Spain I skied with my team Jump N Jive, this was a hard weeks skiing  we had to work our way through the field at each race as we lacked the sprint starts compared to the F1 boats. Thanks to my crew driver Rob Waite & observer Darren Elliott we placed overall 2nd in the senior category. However, one of the best races I compete in is the Diamond race, a real test of stamina, evil but I love it!!

What’s your choice of equipment ?

The equipment is essential to performance,I’ve just orderd a new Wing wetsuit as well as a new Maha with Wedges bindings that I would recommend to anyone.

If a new competitor was coming into the sport what advice would you give ?

Enjoy it, that’s the main thing. Unfortunately if you want to improve you have to do the ground work wether it’s in the gym building your strength & stamina or time on the water a positive mental attitude is essential. As well as having fun.

Why do you want to ski Catalina this year?

Catalina has always been a race that I’ve wanted to do. The seniors would be the category I would enter, I’ve booked my flights ,just need a boat. I can’t wait to do it in true Miami Vice style, preferably in a big boat !!

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