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Racer of the Fortnight – Fran Hynes

Fran Hynes is the Chief Judge at the 2011 World Titles

How many years have you been involved in ski racing?

Quite a while & have enjoyed it… I have been around since one of the first major event held in Victoria at Lake Eildon with Tom Wyld, Barry Hynes, and Jim Reid involved.

What roles have you done within ski racing?

Nearly everything, but the skiing! As a volunteer I have worked in all facets of judging from the buoy boats, technical assistance, organisation of events, Chief Judge, on juries and even working in the canteen.

You are the Chief Judge for the worlds this year in Australia. What other world events have you judged in?

I have been a judge at the world titles now for the last 10-12 events. These have been in many different roles from technical assistance to assistant Chief Judge and this year Chief Judge.

What do like most about being involved in ski racing?

I enjoy the friendship that I have been fortunate to make to the make through the participants in Australian and overseas. There has been great satisfaction in watching the junior skiers and competitors travel through the ranks and encourage a new generation of ski racers.

If someone was to become involved in ski racing as an admin role / judging role, what advice would give them?

An official should always be approachable & take the time to listen all sides of an argument / discussion before voicing an opinion. It is wise to bounce ideas / solutions that are beneficial to the sport with a fellow administrator, whilst keeping the confidence of the competitor. There will have heart aches, but the rewards of friendship and seeing the best for the sport are beneficial. Be aware that not everyone will agree with your actions, but have confidence in yourself and the sport, because in the end that is what we are working for,

What are you looking forward to most when you travel to Morten Bay for this years event?

I will be great to renew friendships and seeing some exciting competitive racing on the water.
Having been involved in all division of water skiing, attending world titles and involvement in numerous events including the Moomba Masters, I am proud and humbled to be chosen in the role of Chief Judge for the World Titles in Australia and I am looking forward to seeing great safe racing on the water.

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