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Racer of the Fortnight – Wayne Mawer

What team are you from / do you ski with?

I have just joined the 99 Psycho Clown Team and I also ski with team Juggnaut from Cairns

When did you start ski racing?

I had my first ski race at age 6 at Lake Tinaburra which is 1 hour from Cairns

Where are you from?

Cairns, North Queensland, which is 1800 km North of Brisbane.

Do you get much on water training there?

If I had a boat & crew I could go every day , I live 5 minutes from the boat ramp

How do you prepare for each race?

For a major race I would always make sure I give myself time to prepare,(fitness) & then a couple days before I would start to carbo load & start to hydrate, then on the morning make sure I have a good breakfast and keep well hydrate.

What classes do you like to compete in most?

I like competing in the open classes

Which race venues do you enjoy racing at the most and why?

I like venues that dish out different types of conditions, I did the Grand Prix race in Melbourne 4 weeks ago and the course they set out was great.

What sort of titles / championships do you have under your belt?

In the open division I have 2 World titles, 2 Aussie title, 2 Diamond Races, 1 European Championship, 1 Catalina Win, 8 Green Island Classic Wins, 2 Cooktown Classic wins

Who’s been your biggest influence on your ski racing career?

Biggest influence would have to be My dad, Roy. Through my career I have meet and been Influenced by a lot of different people, from these people I have taken what I saw was their strength & learnt from them.

What’s a memorable moment, ski racing, that you would like to share?

10 years ago I would have said wining my first World Title, But that was topped in December last years, when I saw Sunny ( my son) race his first race, I found a new meaning of being proud.

What are the challenges for you each race?

Being able to get the best out of myself under different circumstances

What drives you mentally to train and grow as an athlete?

The number one motivation for me is I am always striving to become better and still to this day its my number one motivator.

What are your goals for 2011 and beyond?

At the moment I am just want to start skiing more, I’ve had about 4 races since the 2009 world titles, and now that I am teamed up with the Clowns, I am very excited for the next 12 months

Would you like to thank any supporters or sponsors?

I would like to thank Maherajah water skis, Bob has really been a great support and made my journey very enjoyable . I would also like to thank Wing Wetsuits, they have supported me now for almost my whole skiing career.

Thanks to Wade Bennet in the preparation of this Profile



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