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Team Hopes of Three Great Athletes Ruined

Thirty years ago, international teams in ski racing were few and far between. These days, it’s not unusual to see skiers from different countries teaming up with crews from other nations. Sadly, some people who run this sport are still stuck in the old days and their old ways, with little appreciation of progress. They can’t see that they are out of touch with a new world of water ski racing.

In fact there are many examples of international teams competing together in years gone by. But now we watch our sport get put into reverse gear and head backwards.

Chris Stout, Peter Procter are Darren Kirkland are names that are known and well respected throughout the world of water ski racing. They all had high hopes of skiing in the 2009 Worlds with teams that they have been skiing with regularly this year, and earlier.

Recently, the IWSF Racing Council cast a majority vote to stop these great racers from skiing with the teams of their choice in next year’s Worlds.

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This is an example of how our sport is now being driven into the ground by its very own governing body. It’s an example of how the hopes and aspirations of committed crews and world class athletes are being ruined.

I and a few others supported Peter, Chris and Darren in their requests, but the majority of the Racing Council declined their request. This is a very sad day for our sport, its athletes and sponsors; all as a result of short-sighted thinking.

After witnessing so many poor decisions, this was the final straw for me, that led to my resignation from the IWSF Racing Council.

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