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Rope Maintenance

DC Water SkisDanny Cropper of DC Waterskis writes; Your only contact with the boat is probably the most neglected part of your water ski racing equipment.

We have all probably at one time or another missed our start in a race because our rope has broken. Whilst this is disappointing it can also turn into something very dangerous. We are actually lucky if our rope breaks at the start of a race because it’s during the race that it gets critical.

When you first get your new you must STRETCH it. By this I mean you must put it around something solid (1 x telegraph pole) and then hook the other end up to something that moves with power (1 x motor car) and stretch it to the point where you are not going to break it but you are putting as much strain on it as you think it needs. For the best result you should leave it over night and for one full day.

The 6mm rope will stretch approx 10-15%.

This will not stop the rope from moving and stretching but it will make it that little bit more stable. Cut off both ends of the rope that you have stretched and then splice the loops you need in the new ends of the line. (DON’T FORGET TO CUT THE BURNED ENDS OUT!!!)

Always try to make your rope one full length that you need and if you have to have an extension on the line make sure that the extension is at the boat end of the rope.

Always wash your rope after each run and the hang it to dry in the shade, because the UV rays are not good for the structure of the rope.

The rumour that someone started the rope should be run one way is utter rot, B.S. crap, rubbish, etc. The rope is obviously weaved one way (from one end to the other) but it is the same if you turn it around the other way. If you stick to good rope and do these few things to it you shouldn’t have any problems.

Danny CropperDC Waterskis

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