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Start Wrapped or Unwrapped

DC Water SkisDanny Cropper of DC Waterskis writes; when you start a race it is very important that you are doing what you feel comfortable with. Because the less you need to think about in the starting area, the easier and smoother this part of the race will run.

For instance the unwrapped start has been used for many years and is preferred by less people these days. Starting unwrapped is all that some people use because they ski race with their handles in front of them.

But the preferred staring method these days is the wrapped start. This is where you jump in the water and put the handles behind your back and hold on with one hand behind and one hand in front of your body. this start method eliminates having to have to wrap up when you get up and going, basically you are ready to go as soon as you get up, out of the water.

One last thing that people forget, because getting up wrapped is so much easier, is that you should still bend your legs right up into your chest when getting up, to make it easier on the boat, you and your rope. You will find that as well you will not over run your rope when you clear the water.

Starts are not a big deal, so don’t make them that.

Danny CropperDC Waterskis

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