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A Double Stout Served at Geel Belgium

Needless to say, a good day for the Stout family in Belgium today with wins in F1 Men’s and Women’s – all behind Robbie Wright’s beautifully turned out “No Mercy”. Courtesy of Martine Ciroux below are the official results and Wim Lamot kindly contributed the superb close-up shots.

Check out how many penalties were issued in the full results!

F1 Men
1st: Chris Stout AUS 00:52:48,34
2nd: Nico Bertels BE 00:53:21,41
3rd Kenny Weckx BE 01:03:11,31

F1 Women
1st: Trudi Stout AUS 00:39:52,84
2nd: Kathrin Ortlieb AUT 00:43:25,41
3rd: Lena Feringa BE 00:45:29,03

Get full results here

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No Mercy

No Mercy - Double Win in F1

Chris Stout

Chris Stout - F1 Men's Winner

Trudi Stout

Trudi Stout- F1 Women's Winner

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