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Ten things you may not think about till it’s too late

DC Water SkisDanny Cropper of DC Waterskis writes; Ten thing you may not think about till it’s too late


1. Clean goggles – make sure your goggles are clean, that you leave them in your helmet to be safe where no one can put their grubby fingers on them!

2. 500mls of water – this is usually enough to take the edge off thirst and a dry mouth (sometimes caused from nerves and adrenaline) when you are sitting on the front or side of the boat going to or waiting to start that big race.

3. Soap for your boots – if you have to, get a little bottle (100mls) and fill it with about 20mls of bio-degradable detergent and the rest with water. This mix will tend to clear out of your boots very quickly and be plenty to help get your boots on.

4. Have you thought about how long your rope should be? What to consider:
-water conditions

Before making the final decision about rope length, everything should be taken into consideration, adjust the rope, taped up, bagged up or put in a basket ready for the race start.

5. Chest straps on your wet suit and a chin strap on your helmet (dumb but easy to forget)

6. Check all screws, nuts and clips on your ski and boots

7. Check the battery for the intercom in your helmets

8. Ensure the driver has his kill switch connected to him …easy to forget!

9. Pole and grid draw for the race – it’s really hard to get your position when you’re in the middle of a bay, river or lake so allow plenty of time for this.

10. All these things are reasonably minor but major in their own way. If the whole team can get together and remind each other of these little things, it can make the racing a little more relaxing when you are supposed to be thinking about the race and not other things.

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