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The Robbos do Wisemans

Rob Storum of In Tha Zone Images captured the Robertsons at the recent NSW¬†Championships at Wisemans Ferry.¬†Many will know that Paul Robertson was World Champion in 1991 when he put on a stunning performance at Darwin, Australia. Then Stephen Robertson pulled off the same class act in 1999 (Spain) and 2001 (Vegas). Let’s not forget Barry and John Robertson who crewed for the boys at their World Championship wins. The family have strings of other accomplishments under their belts from all over the world.

The Robbos now have around 6 boats on the Aussie ski racing circuit and the younger generation of Robbos are on the circuit performing too. Undoubtedly one of the most well known and successful families in water ski racing throughout the world.

The shots below are all Robbos boats and skiers in action.










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