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Wade Bennett’s YouTube Australian Ski Racing Movie Channel hits 250,000 views

My Youtube channel ( My i.d. is ” Badlad77 ” ) has clocked over 250,000 views !

Thanks to everyone that has supported the page and of course watched my movies.

I’m up to a total of 332 movies on there now and they range from Old School stuff from 1989 onwards to today.

I have tried to include individual skiers names to the Tags on each applicable movie to help potential sponsors to find footage of you.

If there is a movie of you that I’ve shot and there is no tag, please let me know and I can add it easily.

I’m also able to load unlimited timed movies on my channel, so if you have a movie longer than 20 minutes, feel free to send it to me @

Dont forget to subscribe to my channel, to see the latest movies as they hit the net !

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