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Wayne Mawer’s Bunny Hops

Katelin Wendt captured this great shot of former Racing & Wakeboard World Champion Wayne Mawer as he made a guest appearance at the 2007 Diamond Race. Click the photo to enlarge it. Read more on Mawer here.


Howie Hook has just sent me a superb shot of 1997 World Water Ski Racing Champion Wayne Mawer doing a bunny hop on his race ski.

Click image for full version and ‘the take-off point’

Howie writes; I found this old photo from the early 90’s in Cairns. We were out on a fun run to Fitzroy Island (more)and Wayne was pulling off a series of monster jumps as we rounded Cape Grafton! ( this was not even one of the bigger ones!!) – Take note of the splash that marks the launch point!! (only seen in the full version of the photo)

But I thought it would qualify as a contender for the best “Bunny Hop” shots. – I used this shot as reference for the Tee Shirt for Wayne’s World Title Campaign in 1997.

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