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Worlds Results – Round 3

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F1 Women
1st Kim Lumley (GB) 00:51:28,01
2nd Ann Procter (AUS) 00:51:29,26
3rd Katelin Wendt (USA) 01:01:30,34

F2 Women
1st Tania Teelow (AUS) 00:56:20,13
2nd Lori Dunsmore (USA) 00:57:20,70
3rd Sabine Ortlieb (AUT) 00:57:45,84

Junior Boys
1st Brady Hoggins (USA) 00:39:50,83
2nd Luke Keys (AUS) 00:44:41,08
3rd Brady Brien (AUS) 00:44:50,86

Junior Girls
1st Trudi Stout (AUS) 00:42:12,32
2nd Mallory Nordblad (USA) 00:55:57,12
3rd Jill Shadrack (USA) 00:59:33,03

Mens F1
1st Todd Haig (USA) 01:08:35,14
2nd Jason Walmsley (AUS) 01:12:08,19
3rd Karl Brooks (GB) 01:16:26,07

Mens F2
1st Brad Raine (USA) 01:12:47,64
2nd Glen Anderson (USA) 01:12:56,86
3rd Dave (GB) 01:16:51,33

Download full official results here

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