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British Airways Bans Surfboards

British Airways (BA) has announced a ban on surfboards on all flights (effective from 6th Nov). The surf community across the world has been reacting to the shock new position and taking decisive action to push for a reversal on the decision.

Former IWSF President, Andres Botero wrote; “British Airways and other airlines have banned surfboards on any of its flights. You must keep an open eye if they also want to ban water skis. It would be a disaster.”

Help the fight against the surfboard ban by signing the British Surfing Association petition here.

Other action steps:

1) If you have a Facebook account, join the Facebook ‘British Airways Surfboard Ban’ group
2) Click here and register a complaint with BA directly
3) Encourage all other skiers to follow these steps

Until now BA has had a reputation for being one of the most surfer friendly airlines but last weekend their new ruling stated that surfboards, alongside other items such as hang gliders, windsurfing boards and sails, kayaks or canoes, pole vaults or javelins, will no longer be accepted as baggage on any flights on the extensive BA network.

At the same time, BA proudly announced that it would be loosening any restrictions on their carriage of skis, snowboards, cycles, diving equipment and even guns, amongst other items.

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