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Hanseatic Ski Race Kings Lynn

Hanseatic Ski Race Kings Lynn

5 Aug 2015

For the first time ever we are staging Formula 1,2 and 3 water ski racing in the Historic

Maritime Quarter of Kings Lynn. Ready to rival the Diamond Race which is a world

renowned water ski race in Belgium, close to the Henseatic town of Antwerp this event will

be of a high octane nature with racing speeds of close to 100mph. Watch from the banks of

the Ouse whilst competitors race across the choppy water surface. We hope this will be an

unforgettable experience and one to continue for years to come. V2014 V2014

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H2O Race Wear

Howie Hook at H2O Graphics is known the world over for some of the best ski race wear designs around and below are his latest offerings. Click on any poster to enlarge it.

Also visit

Ski Racing Australia now on Youtube

Ski Racing Australia have opened a Youtube account and have been adding heaps of interviews and races.
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New Movies from Australian Ski Racing from Wade Bennett

Hi All,
I’ve put together a few movies from this season’s racing here in Oz.
Once you’ve watched the movie hit your ‘Back’ button to come back to this page.
As I’m not paid at all for my work, please take the time to click on a Google Ad on my YouTube movies ‘Badlad77’. (the bigger the better!:)
It costs you absolutely nothing more than a single mouse click.
Cheers, hope you enjoy all of these clips.
Wade B )

The top 2012 Southern 80 Water Ski Race Finishes

Hellrazor & Burnin' 2012 Southern 80 Bakers Blitz starts




2011 Open & Formula 2 Men Australian World Titles Team Selection Water Ski Race


2011 Junior Boys & Girls Australian World Titles Team Selection Water Ski Race

Open Men – 1992 Lake Cooper National Water Ski Racing Titles

Superman winning the Mercury Marine H120 Water Ski Race Outright

Sapphire Racing @ 108mph finish 2011 Mercury Marine H120 Water Ski Race

Sudden Force @ 115mph @ 2011 Mercury Marine Hawkesbury 120 Water Ski Race

Firebird @ 108mph finish 2011 Mercury Marine Hawkesbury 120 water ski race


2010 Feros Hotel Group Sydney Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Race Super Class Special

With thanks to the Super Class crews for producing this, the 2010 Feros Hotel Group Sydney Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Race Super Class Special.
Thanks also for allowing it’s public release.

This is the full length movie from last year’s race of the top crews.

Stinga, Hellrazor, Firebird, Blazen, Top Gun, Merc Force, Agitator, Superman, The B & Sapphire Racing do Battle.

2010 Feros Hotel Group Sydney Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Race Super Class Special

Introducing from Peter Butler

Those of you old enough will remember that Peter Butler made the best British Water Ski Racing TV shows we were lucky enough to see in the early 90’s. 

Aussie Ski Racers show how to dig deep for Misty. 1 week left until the H120 to donate !

We have started to help a very sick little 3 year old girl called Misty, in the Hawkesbury Region, who has Cancer, but to do even more we need your help ! … By next weekend’s Hawkesbury 120.

As we all know, this is a very long, expensive fight for life and Misty’s Family are looking down the barrel of losing their Family home.

Our very own Ski Racing NSW practical joker, Dave Coldy, originally offered to fore-go his flowing locks at the Mercury Marine H120 ski race, but only at a price!

He wouldn’t do it for less than $5000 !
Guess what ?!..
The warm hearted generosity of Ski Racers, has so far raised $8070 !!

We now ask your help to hit the magic $10,000 number and double, (or even triple ??) our original target, before the H120, in a week’s time !

Please continue to help show that we aren’t just people that race up and down the River, we care about our community as well.

If you can help this happen, please call Kevin Boylan on
M: 0409 367 251
H: 4579 9304
or email and lets see Misty and her Family’s lives made easier, to fight this battle for life.

Please keep the love coming !

Let’s blow them away @ the H120 when they are presented with the proceeds.

Here is the list of generous people who are contributing to Misty’s fundraiser so far.

Thanks to all !

Please call Boylo on
M: 0409 367 251 H: 4579 9304
and add yourself to the pledge list that he’s compiling.

1. Boylo $100.00

2. Kelly Bickerton $100.00

3. Lumpy $150.00

4. Matt Jones $200.00

5. Dave Langham $100.00

6. Wayne Harrison $250.00

7. Rob Brooks $200.00

8. Rowen Smith $200.00

9. Gary Hayes $200.00

10. Greg Houston $200.00

11. Matt Wastle $100.00

12. Shane Crook $100.00

13. Danny Cropper $100.00

14.Steve Wallace $100.00

15.Mick & Vanessa $100.00

16.Craig Turner $100.00

17. Hawkesbury Radio $250.00

18. Pat Long and Family $200.00

19. Mick & Maureen Cardwell $100.00

20. James Bigeni $200.00

21. Wendy Feros $100.00

22. Trent Eastgate $100.00

23. Graham Keys $100.00

24. Steve Greentree $200.00

25. Peter Hunter $100.00

26. Water Ski Racing NSW First Aid $100.00

27. Mark Jordan $500.00

28. Nathan Miller $100.00

29 Team Target $150.00

30. Tim & Chris Dominguez $ 50.00

31. Troy & Ann Kennedy $100.00

32. Peter & Ann Moret $100.00

33. Darren Wells $200.00

34. Murray & Dee Hackett $100.00

35. Mark and Sharon Jamison $100.00

36. Cassell Marine $500.00

37. TR MarineWorld $100.00

38. Phillip McDonnell $100.00

39. Les Sheather $100.00

40. Stephen Sheather $20.00

41. Craig Kilby $ 50.00

42. Craig & Katrina Wood $100.00

43. Daniel McMahon & Team Psycho Clown $500.00

44. Brian & Kerrie Nutley $200.00

45. Garry Murphy Superman 2 $100.00

46. John Robertson & Family (Priv)

47. Teggart Family $ 100.00

48. Vicki Hargraves $ 50.00

49. ??? YOU ??

Vote here for Wakeboarding to be one of the Sports @ the 2020 Olympic Games

Click here to vote !

Which sport will join the Olympic Games programme?

With the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently announcing its shortlist of sports vying for inclusion in the 2020 Summer Olympics, SportsPro is asking its readers, which one of the eight contenders will be added to the programme for the 32nd Olympiad?


While baseball still remains as popular as ever in America, the IOC clearly deemed it to have less appeal on the world stage when, in 2005, it announced that baseball, like softball, would make its final appearance at the 2008 Games in Beijing. Despite making the latest shortlist, the sport is unlikely to be chosen so soon after being excluded, but will the IOC be convinced enough by the new bid to perform an uncharacteristic about-turn?


Softball’s high proportion of female participants may be its advantage over other sports in the list, mainly because the IOC is looking to increase female involvement in the Games. In fact, while the IOC noted the sport’s lack of global appeal for its exclusion from the programme, many were shocked by its decision, considering its well-publicised commitment to gender equality. Though softball has the support of Australian Olympic Committee president, John Coates, will the sport gain enough backing from other members of the board to see it reinstated on the Olympic roster?


The International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) was recognised by the IOC in 1967 and, since then, it has grown to include over 90 member nations and organise a number of international competitions. Of the eight sports vying for inclusion, wakeboarding is the only watersport and its popularity is growing worldwide. IOC president Jacques Rogge said the sport “provides great entertainment for the spectators and adds further youthful appeal,” but will that be enough to see it included in the 2020 programme?


Squash’s campaign for a place on the 2020 sports programme has been led by one of the sport’s legends, six-time World Open champion Jahangir Khan. President of the World Squash Federation (WSF) until 2008, Khan believes that, while squash has been trying for inclusion for several years, it should be included “on merit.” Now, the WSF has turned to Vero Communications, run by public relations strategist Mike Lee, who previously worked on the successful summer Olympic bids for London 2012, Rio 2016 and the Qatar 2022 football World Cup bid, as well as the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Having narrowly missed out on the 2012 and 2016 Games, will it be a case of third time lucky?

Sport Climbing

While many in the climbing world doubt whether the sport will actually be included in nine years time, merely being considered by the IOC is widely regarded to be a huge step forward for the multi-discipline event. In 2007, the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) was recognised as the world governing body for the sport, giving the newcomers the necessary organisational backing in the face of widespread criticism. Amongst other things, huge costs to build venues, a lack of popularity and doubts about broadcasting appeal have been outlined as reasons why the sport will not be included come 2020. However, despite its opposition, the sport remains popular in Europe and is growing rapidly, so will it be chosen when the IOC meet to announce the winner in Buenos Aires, 2013?

Roller Sports

In its review of roller sports’ previous bid for Olympic inclusion, the IOC cited the sport as having relatively low worldwide reach, little media appeal and small revenues for its failure to include it in the London 2012 programme. On the plus side though, the sport would cost little to stage, as it requires no new facilities, and would appeal to a younger audience. Roller speed skating, one of the sport’s sub-disciplines, is currently present at events like the World Games, the Pan-American Games, the Asian Games and the Mediterranean Games, but will roller sports win over the Olympic committee skeptics?


Despite being put forward, along with squash, to the final two in the selection process for the 2012 Games, karate missed out on being included due to receiving just a third of IOC member votes, well short of the two thirds required for inclusion. Over the years, the sport has been championed by Ticky Donovan, who helped Great Britain to five consecutive World Team Championship victories. According to him, “it’s the tenth most popular sport in the world and there’s 50 million people training now. We should have been included in the Olympics many years ago – it’s long overdue.” Do you agree with Donovan?


As taekwondo is to South Korea and judo to Japan, so wushu is to China. Based on traditional Chinese martial arts, wushu is a full-contact discipline and would make for interesting viewing for foreigners who haven’t ever seen any action. But, despite the sport’s novelty factor for many, its obscurity and vast array of styles and judging criteria will most likely see it overlooked by the IOC, especially with the better known karate in the running. One proponent of the combat sport is film star Jet Li, himself a former Chinese wushu national champion. According to Li, realistically wushu will not be included for many years to come, but will the IOC take a gamble on the lesser known martial art?

*source – Sports Pro Media

About SportsPro Media

SportsPro Media provides a range of multi-media communications for the B2B sports industry.

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Prestige and wackiness at Catalina Water Ski Race – LA Times

Link to LA Times story from Catalina 2011

Link to LA Times Pics from Catalina 2011

2011 Club Marine Southern 80 & Baker’s Blitz footage online now !

The Speedweek 2011 Club Marine Southern 80 & Baker’s Blitz footage is now available to view on their website. Check them out !

2011 Bakers Blitz

2011 Club Marine Southern 80

Hi Tec Oils 2011 Australian Speed & Marathon Championships Story


With some fantastic skiing and idyllic Sydney weather to greet the running of the Hi-Tec Oils 2011 Australian Ski Racing Championships, crews really turned up the heat throughout the 4 days of competition.

The most successful and dominant skiers of the Championships were World Champions Anne Procter (Kennedy) and Jack Houston.

Anne won 4 National titles, whilst Jack won 3 and the World Selection race in Junior Boys.

Brent Wisemantel and Andrew Fyfe were stand-outs winning F2, MOC and Unlimited Outboard, as well as the F2 Selection Race, with Tuff-e-Nuff.

Applauded as a great success by Competitors, Spectators, Judges and Coordinators and Officials, the Wisemans Ferry Ski Grounds were alive with activity all weekend.


Proceedings occurred on the Friday before the beginning of the National Titles, with skiers and crews vying to increase their coveted World Title Team Selection points.

With this being at the pointy end of the Selection Events for the 17th World Championships in September on Moreton Bay, they were to make and break some dreams.

Perfect racing conditions saw firstly, the Open and F2 Women hit the water.

Lauryn Eagle reverted to the ‘catch me if you can’ race approach behind Darren McGuire’s Superman and it paid off big time. Eventually, by race end, Lauryn had lapped all but 2nd placed Strictly Business, towing Maddi Boyer.
Leanne Halligan, behind Hellbent, just nudged out Kylee Jones & Merc Force from the 3rd placing, one lap down, but by just 6 seconds.

In the F2 Women’s class it was tight, race long, between Trudi Stout (Shooter) and Leanne Campbell (Atomic Boats).
By race end the results were Shooter 1st, Atomic Boats 2nd and Tania Teelow skied brilliantly, whilst recovering from injury, to come in 3rd behind With Envy.
Chelsea Blight, behind the Victorian crew of Smoke & Mirrors rounded out the top 4 finishers.

There was a great duel by Jack Houston, Jack Whitton and Jamie Moret, on the Wisemans course in the Junior Boys Selection race.
Jack Houston, behind his Dad’s Stinga F1, really ran a well calculated race & showed his drive to take out another Junior Boys World Selection race, with his finish time showing a greater than 1 second a lap difference in speed.
Superman, towed Jack Whitton to a 2nd placing, followed by Jamie Moret, behind Seven and Andrew Griffin behind his Dad Noel’s boat Burnin’.

Junior Girls was won convincingly by Tayla Wright behind Neville Freeman’s ORSM, despite a starting infringement penalty. Tayla went on to make up a lap on the whole field.

Kelsey Feros behind Prima Donna held off Rachael Stapleton and Still Sparken’ for the minor placings.

In the Open Men’s race, there was disaster for the team of Hellbent, towing Peter Procter.

With the race starting in a 4 man duel between Peter, Chris Stout, Jason Walmsley and Stephen Robertson, Peter was leading by an ever increasing margin and the guys were really wearing down the competition and dictating the race, when Hellbent’s motor gave up the ghost nearing the last minutes of the race. This moved both Christopher Stout and Jason Walmsley up in contention, to start fighting for the lead, instead of what appeared to be accepted minor placings, such was Peter’s lead to that point.

Stephen Robertson & Firebird, as well as Ben Gulley & Merc Force, soon also succumbed to motor gremlins, with Merc Force left sitting in a huge, expensive, cloud of smoke at the top turn.

It was left to Stouty and Zig to fight it out to the end, with Stouty grabbing the initiative on the last few laps and building up an 8 second lead that he carried to the line, with Jason 2nd.

The F2 Men’s race attracted a field of 21 entrants and they didn’t disappoint.
Daniel Cotton, behind the Brent Wisemantel driven Atomic Boats, really showed their class in this race in some very sloppy water. Team Weaver Racing, towing Mark Weaver and Shooter, with Grant Turner, fought hard, but couldn’t catch this champion crew and were left to fill the minor placings. Pure Velocity, towing Grant Patterson and With Envy, towing Daniel Graziano, were placed next.


Saturday 9th April, saw the beginning of the Hi Tec Oils National Titles and who better to start with than our pint sized Aussie ski racers, in Under 10 Boys and Girls.

With a start Chute speed that would scare a lot of adult skiers, the boys all raced to the top turn buoy on the smoother water at lightning speed.

The girls were next away and most got away cleanly and hit the course ready to race. Some kids were having their first ski at a National Titles and they gave it their all and then some, with anxious Parents cheering them on, on the bank, or out in boats on the course.

After a race long duel in the Under 10 Boys, it was Luke Harrison behind Big Loll that came in for the win. Luke was just 14 seconds clear of Pop and Me towing Carter Robertson. Kevin Boylan, in Stinga F2, towed his son Michael to a great 3rd place.

In the Under 10 Girls, Critta towing Milana Long, with her Mum and Dad crewing, had a great win. 2nd place went to Grace Jones; behind Out Numbered and 3rd went to Rachelle King, behind Triple 666 F2.

All of these kids deserved the big cheer from the crowd, for their gutsy skiing and for the effort each and every one of them put into their own races. They are all winners to us, just for giving it a go.

The next race saw 13 pumped up F2 boats hit the water, for some seat of your pants action.
First across the line comfortably, in this star studded race, was Brent Wisemantel’s Tuff e Nuff, towing Daniel Cotton, fresh from his win in F2 the previous day in the World Selection race.
Grant Wastle, behind Craig Boswell’s With Envy was 2nd and Target, driven by Peter Lewis, towed Grant Turner to a 3rd placing. Chris Stout and Sacrifice & Peter Procter with Pure Velocity filled the next couple of places, in this always close and exciting race.

Race 3 was Junior Boys, 13-16yrs, sponsored by Kerway Asphalting. Try as he may, behind the new Thundernuts, Lloyd Woolman couldn’t catch a flying Jamie Moret and Seven. 3rd placing went to Tru Blue towing Clinton Stratton.

The DC Skis sponsored Open Women were next to hit the water and multiple World Champion Anne Procter, showed why she is just that. Skiing behind Greg Houston’s Stinga F1, Anne won by over a minute from Leanne Campbell with the Hazy crew and Noizworks with Cara Jochinke.

Chris Stout was the next to hold a National Title aloft, when he won the Heartland Motors sponsored Men’s 19-25yrs. Stouty skied behind Noel Griffin’s Blazen’ …always a lethal combination. They won this race by over 2 minutes from Elm Street towing Kane Howard and Firebird towing Steven Robertson.

Firebird came out for the next race towing former World Champion Paul Robertson to victory in the 40-50 Men’s. Filling the minor placings were Mark Boyer and Chris Bennett, behind Strictly Business and Filthy respectively.

Run within the same race were the Permagard Marine sponsored 50+ Men. Colin Senior behind Greg Gunther’s Blown Cash took the win, followed by Rob Williams behind Big Loll.

Race 7, sponsored by Impact Electrical, was a chance for Peter Procter to flex some muscle after the previous day’s disappointment in the World Selection event. He won the 25-30 Men’s race convincingly behind Mark Cranny’s Tru Blue, coming home over 2 minutes ahead of Blazen’, towing Grant Turner and Elm Street towing Chris Mansfield.

Jack Harrison won the 10-13 Boys National Title behind Seven, by 15 seconds, leaving in his wake a strong field of boys. 2nd place went to Sean Stevens behind Noizworks and Elm Street towing Jackson Hammond came in for a 3rd placing.

Shantelle King, showing some great form behind Rush won the 10-13 Girls race. Ellen Jones & Out Numbered raced Brooke Langham & Triple 666 for the minor placings, just pipping them at the post by 4 seconds.

There were 15 starters in the Wizard Wetsuits sponsored 16-19 Boys race and the guys really raced hard for the Title. Tru Blue, towing Jake Tegart really ran a great race with Stinga F1 and Jack Houston, with each in different starting grids. Jake took the win by just 2 seconds from Jack at the chequered flag. Coming in for a 3rd placing in this class was Ben Hackett, behind Darren Stewart’s Agitator, with his Dad, ski racing legend Murray observing.

Race 10 saw the final race of the first day, the Blue Pacific Marine, 30-40 Men and what a line up this was. Two times World Champion, Stephen Robertson, took home the National Title after a race long battle. Mick Kelly ditched the Observer’s Jacket & strapped on his Rail behind Blazen’ and came in for 2nd place. Blown Cash, towing Nathan Glynn, fought hard to hold off Steven Rowe, behind Chief, beating Steven’s time by just 2 seconds to take 3rd.


Another beautiful sunny Sydney Autumn day greeted crews, in the first race of Sunday’s competition, the Men’s marathon.

Peter Procter really showed the way in the Open Men’s class, racing Jason Walmsley for the lead the whole way, with the changeovers becoming the area that was to see the seconds made up by Peter. Alex Ross came in for a great 3rd place in this race, behind Out Numbered, skiing very consistently to achieve it.

In the Under 19 Boys Marathon, Jack Houston was to claim yet another National Title behind Stinga F2. Jack really cleaned up in this race, to be followed home by almost 2 minutes later by Aaron Sheath behind Storm’n and Brendan Tidswell behind Showbiz.

The Under 16 Boys Marathon was won convincingly by Jayden Sheath behind Coldys, from Reefway Racing towing Jesse Burns and 4 the Boys towing Joel Whitton.

Darren Patterson was the lone finisher in the Under 40 Men’s Marathon and put in a fantastic time behind Shot Gun.

Under 50 Men’s National Title holder Andy Wallington put in some great changes behind Big Loll, to come in for the win.

Race 12, which included both the 25-U30 Women and the 19 – U25 Women, was a super quick race.

Stinga F1 towed Anne Procter to yet another National Title in the 25-30 Women.

Chelsea Blight teamed up with Blown Cash to win by over a minute from Liquid Force towing Jordan Brad in the 19 – U25 Women’s class, with the quick twin rig Tuff-N-Up bringing home Sarah Eagle for a great 3rd placing.

In race 13, 3 classes were combined 30-U40 Women, 40-U45 Women and Women 50+.

Leanne Campbell won the 30-U40 Women behind the superbly driven, Garry Hayes owned, Hazy.

Prime Time towed Tania Teelow to a great 2 minute victory in 40-U45 Women, followed by Terri Rigg behind Liquid Force and Out 4 Revenge towing Suzanne Cuff.

Wendy Feros won the 50 + Women’s National Title behind Hubbie Nick, driving Play Dirty for the win.

16 – U19 Girls was the next race to hit the water, with a big, star studded field. Trudi Stout skied brilliantly in this race to win behind Seven, just 28 seconds ahead of Sarah Teelow and Prime Time. A further 6 seconds behind, was Danielle Coyte behind Shot Gun.

Race 16, the Nova Pool Renovations sponsored 13 – U16 Girls Class, saw a great tussle between Rachael Stapleton, behind Stinga and Tayla Wright, behind ORSM.

Rachael came out on top at race end by 39 seconds, with 3rd placing going to Neneh Long behind Pop and Me.

The Social Men’s class was always going to be a great race, with a field of 7 super stars of the sport out to earn a National Title. Jack Houston skied brilliantly yet again to come out victor behind Stinga F1 on his home water. A big boat and ballast in the sloppy conditions made it less tricky to ski on the smaller skis and shorter ropes and was essential to success in the class on this water.
2nd place went to Aiden Cuff behind Out for Revenge and Triple 666 towed Dale Jamison into a great 3rd after edging out a tenacious Shaun Atkins behind 4 the Boys.


Monday’s racing started with a little more wind than previous days, promising some great ski racing.

The first event was the JMJ Plant Hire sponsored Women’s and U10 & U13 Boys Marathon.

In the Open Women’s class, Anne Procter added another Aussie Title to her collection, winning convincingly from Trudi Stout and Melissa Tidswell.

The winner of the U19 Girls was Kelsey Feros behind Play Dirty.

In an even quicker time, Rachael Stapleton, behind Still Sparken, took home the U16 Girls Marathon Title with some excellent skiing. Following Rachael was Neneh Long and Critta, followed by Jessica Smith and Team Smithy 2 Racing.

Skiing behind Out Numbered, Ellen Jones won the U13 Girls marathon class.

Under 13 Boys was a great win for Jack Harrison, behind Big Loll. He held off Korrupt with the family team of Steven, Janine and Jackson Hammond in a great race.

Showing what incredible potential they both have, Grace Jones and Michael Boylan each took home an Australian Title in the Under 10 Girls and Boys.

One of the Champagne races at the Hi Tec Oils National Titles was the DC Skis sponsored Open Men’s event. Jason Walmsley easily backed up from his World Selection event on Friday, taking the title behind Pure Velocity. Tuff e Nuff was next home towing Brayden Jameson after some very consistent skiing, followed by Trent Eastgate behind Out Numbered.

Race 21 saw the combining of 6 & 8 Litre Inboard in the one race, guaranteeing some spectacular viewing for spectators. They weren’t let down either.

8 Litre saw an on tune Jamie Oliver, racing behind The Enforcer, taking an early lead, which they slowly built on lap after lap. Eventually they were to go on to take the title, followed very closely, just 7 seconds behind, by Nothin’ But with Chris Bennett keeping them honest and Matthew Wetsteyn behind Racecraft.

Stock 6 Litre was won by Greg Whitelaw’s super quick Brute Force. He towed Brent Whitelaw home, under the watchful eye of Geoff Hewitt, to take the 2011 Title.

60 mph Expert had no winner, with Itchin to Go, towing Wade Bennett, retiring due to a sciatic nerve spasm in Wade’s paralyzed leg and Kaoed breaking out of the speed limit.

70 Mph Expert saw Still Kiddin’ and Andrew Teal flying around the sloppy course and taking the crown. Home next was Reefway Racing with Brooke Gray, followed by Jack Burns behind Play Dirty.
2 boats broke out in this race trying to balance the correct speed on the rough water.


Tuesday morning saw a complete change in wind direction and it was now blowing up the Hawkesbury strongly.

The first class for the final day’s racing was the Social Women’s race.

Anne Procter had to fight for this one behind Pure Velocity, coming home victorious with only 21 seconds up her sleeve by race end. Reefway Racing towed Tayla Luhrmann to a hard fought 2nd place, followed by Still Sparken’ with Jordan Bradley.

Zig’s Marine sponsored Class 24 saw the combined running of the SMOC, Under 6 Litre and Unlimited Inboard.

Labdance showed that the new hull shape was a winner, taking the SMOC class with Glenn Kennedy on the back, from Team Evinrude with Trevor Bray and Crash Lab towing James Walker coming in for minor placings.

The Under 6 Litre class was won convincingly by The Enforcer, towing Simon Handley. They came home 1 lap up on LightN, towing Jesse Robinson.

Unlimited Inboard saw Adrian Heffernan’s super quick Gotta Go, tow Cheyne Allison to a National Title, just 10 seconds ahead of What Inheritance and Craig Greentree.

After some brilliant driving by Brent Wisemantel in Tuff-e-Nuff, he went on to dominate the MOC race, towing Jack Houston to yet another National Title. Jack was chased race long by Anne Procter behind Pure Velocity, but came out at the end 29 seconds in front. Crash Lab towed Craig Gordon into 3rd place.

Brent came out again in the Unlimited Outboard, this time with Ben Hackett doing the hard work out the back, to take the National Title. This meant the treble for Tuff-e-Nuff, taking out F2 earlier in the titles too, for a clean sweep of the 3 quickest Outboard classes. 2nd in the Unlimited Outboard class went to Matthew Wastle, behind Crash Lab, driven by LabSport legend Jeff Stubbs. 3rd went to Labdance and Ryan Trevillion.

Although numbers reduced the closer the Southern 80 got, the Titles were yet another success story for SRNSW.

The Wisemans Ferry and Hawkesbury River location were enjoyed by all and the titles were held in near perfect ski racing conditions throughout.

Congratulations to all of those crews out there that can now brag that they have won an Australian National Title and to all others that competed and made these Nationals so memorable.

Congratulations go to all Judges and helpers for running such a safe and friendly National Championships.

Thank you to all sponsors, especially the event’s Major sponsor, Hi-Tec Oils Australia, for your support of the event.

(Author, Wade Bennett)

Wade Bennett’s latest movies from Youtube

Some Aussie action caught on film from the last couple of months.

All skiers and boats are tagged on youtube to assist you to get sponsors.

Please hit the links below to view each movie.



Qld Series Day May 08 2011 Unlimited Inboard, MOC, SMOC, 60 & 70mph classes

Moogerah Dam Qld Water Ski Racing Series Day – March 2011

2011 GTS Mildura 100 Water Ski Race Unlimited Social Class starts movie

Rupelmonde Belgium – Photos by Billy Lacroix

Billy La Croix has provided photos from the weekend skiing at Rupelmonde Belgium

Shane and Mel Floyd have a bouncing baby girl

Victorian ski racing legend, Shane Floyd and his wife Mel, happily announce the birth of Frankie Jean Floyd on the 2nd of May.

12 days late, the birth was long, but trouble free.

8.38lbs, with Black hair and blue eyes. ‘Gorgeous’, says Shane.

Congratulations guys and welcome Frankie ! Hits Spike at Southern 80 to Almost 4,500 / Day

It always amazes me that this site draws in so many visitors every day, 24hrs a day from all around the world. When the site started 15 years ago, I remember being amazed that it had 6 visitors in one day!

As a result of the recent Southern 80, the site racked up almost 4,500 visitors on Sunday, whereas an average mid-week day clocks up 1,000 to 2,000.

Ski 4 Kids with Cancer update from Glenn Geary

Time: 8:00AM Sunday, June 12th

Hi Guys

Just to bring you up to speed with the Ski 4 Kids with Cancer 2011

I have spoken to Kerry Eagle who is happy that we name the outright single skier events the Peter Eagle trophy, We will have a Men’s and Women’s Plaque, I will need to know if there is any interest in any under 16’s single skiers (boys and girls)

Hogs Breath Cafe Newcastle has been confirmed as the finish line. Our
problem last year was getting fed and watered, (this year we will have our own bar and a fixed menu so shouldn’t be any delays)

In case in inclement weather on the 12th June, I will have an aquatic license for the 2 following Sundays 19th and 26th June

We will be limited to 50 Vessels competing in the event (for the obvious logistic and safety precautions), so please get your entries in to avoid disappointment, Due to the success of last year and the Catalina and World titles not long after the event there has been a lot of interest from crews wanting to use this as a training run

We will also be having prizes for the highest fundraising teams, one popular suggestion is to sponsor the skiers per Kilometre Skied, (20 cents a kilometre is $24)

Don’t forget as much as this is a fun event and a great day out I will be unashamedly trying to extract as much needed funds to support HMRI and their research into childhood cancers last year we raised 3k this year who know?

I am also looking for volunteers to assist on the day; at least 2 course boats are required to follow the fleet 120km up to Newcastle, 1 for the Paramedic and safety equipment and also safety boats, if you can help out in any way please contact me on the numbers below

For the Teams who competed last year once again a very heartfelt thank you and any suggestions on how to improve this year would be very much appreciated please feel free to contact me anytime on the numbers below.

Have a Great weekend

Glenn Geary JP

Kotara Homemaker Centre
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The counter at the top left of the page reached over one million a little while ago. That’s since the counter was switched on in 2008. The stats below show the weekly page views for the last few months.

Brendan Dipple to host Qld Junior Development Days

Brendan Dipple will be conducting a Junior Development social day for Ski Racing Qld on Saturday the 19th March at Moogerah Dam from about lunch time.

This is the day before Series Day #2.

We won’t be running the full program, just doing some prac work and having a few laughs, hanging out together and having a ski.

This weekend we will concentrate on doing a bit of skiing and answering
any particular concerns that people might want to address, be it form, stretching, training, nutrition, taping, or any other questions that you might have.

Register on Facebook @

There is also going to be a full Junior Development day on Saturday 7th May before the next Qld series day.

Australian Government offers Junior Grants

The Australian Government is offering grants to sporting competitors competing in State & National Championships of their select sport, travelling more than 250km return trip & aged between 12-18 yrs.

That covers a lot of younger competitors in our sport, so make sure that you apply, or pass this message onto someone who would benefit from this Govt grant.

Coffs Harbour NBN News Report on the Grafton Bridge to Bridge

Coffs Harbour NBN News Report on the Grafton Bridge to Bridge re-run.

Howie Hook of H2O Graphic Designs New Banner

Howie Hook of H2O Graphics has once again been good enough to re-vamp the banner that you see at the top of the web site as a favour to the sport. Many thanks to Howie for this superb artwork!

Superclass Special – 2010 Feros Hotels Bridge to Bridge on ONE HD Australia



– SATURDAY FEBRUARY 5th @ 7.30pm


This episode features the human strength along with the horsepower of boats as teams ski race 112 km up the Hawkesbury River at over 130mph.

Focusing on the top Super Class you get witness never seen footage from the skiers view with their own on board camera, as well as following each of the top 10 teams from both the helicopter and on land views.

Great interviews and a remarkable behind in the scenes look, as to what goes into getting these Super Class Teams to the top.

** The event will be replayed on ONE HD Tuesday 8th February, 2011 at 2.00pm.


The Club Marine Southern 80 voted as 4th most popular event in Australia


Australia’s Favourite Event for 2010 is Jessica Watson’s Homecoming staged on Sydney Harbour on 15 May 2010.

Coming in a fantastic 4th place, was the 2010 Club Marine Southern 80 !

This shows the huge following behind the World’s biggest water ski race from people Australia wide and cements it’s place as one of the premier extreme sporting events in the country.
It beat some really major events in Australia in the last year. Hopefully that can be transferred to even more support & sponsorship for the sport in Australia.

The Moama Water Sports Club and it’s hard working members should be congratulated on running and successfully evolving an event of it’s size over the years, and major sponsors like Club Marine and Tip Top Bakeries thanked and supported for their involvement by the ski racing community.

Over 60,000 votes were recorded in the first search for Australia’s Favourite Event, which closed at 9pm Thursday night just minutes before the winner was announced at The Australian Event Awards in Sydney.

Final Results

From the hundreds of events that were nominated, here is how the public of Australia voted for their Top Ten Favourite Events:

1 Jessica Watson Homecoming

2 Mother’s Day Classic

3 Sydney Royal Easter Show

4 2010 Club Marine Southern 80 Ski Race

5 2010 Clipsal 500 Adelaide

6 Gold Coast Airport Marathon

7 2009 Sydney New Year’s Eve

8 Million Paws Walk

9 The Sun-Herald City2Surf

10 2010 Santos Tour Down Under

Australia’s Favourite Event Website:

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    The Old Skool Water Ski Racing Museum

    If you don’t already know about The Old Skool Water Ski Racing Museum on Facebook, you might want to take a look. 100’s of great blasts from the past in the way of photos and videos.

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    Thomas Robert Llewellyn is born

    10 Jan – I want to thank everyone for their well wishing comments below, texts and email. We have been overwhelmed with the kind thoughts from around the world. Gabi and Tommy are doing great and he will no doubt be getting to see his first races in the coming months. Thanks again everyone.

    Merry Xmas from Prague

    On behalf of Gabi and me, I’d like to wish readers a Merry Xmas and to thank the many people around the world who have contributed to the promotion and communication of water ski racing via the site.

    Having spent the last 4months in Abu Dhabi, it’s good to be back amidst the festive Xmas spirit of Prague, where Gabi and I expect out first baby around 29 Dec.

    Things aren’t good for everyone at this time of the year, and whilst most of us will be lucky enough to enjoy a relaxing carefree time during the holidays, others are not so lucky, so spare a thought and say a prayer for people like Kev who don’t have it so easy right now.

    We wish everyone out there a happy and healthy 2009.

    Robbie & Gabi

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    Wrapping, Ropes & Skis – survey results

    Below are the results from three important questions that were asked in an open survey of water ski racers on the subject of wrapping, ski length and rope length.

    What changes do you want in ski racing?

    In April 2007 I launched a survey so that competitors around the world could give their views on some key items that the IWSF Racing Council was considering at the time. One of the 14 questions was; “What other changes would you like to see in water ski racing?”

    British Airways Bans Surfboards

    British Airways (BA) has announced a ban on surfboards on all flights (effective from 6th Nov). The surf community across the world has been reacting to the shock new position and taking decisive action to push for a reversal on the decision.

    Changes people want in ski racing

    On 25th April, the World Water Ski Racing Survey was launched. To date, 115 people have completed the online survey. Survey data will be available here later this week, but for now, here are 49 suggestions about how some people think our sport could be improved.

    World Water Ski Racing Survey

    I am conducting a survey to gather opinions and information about some aspects of our sport.

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