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Team Profile 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 – The Syndicate

 The Syndicate

What class/es are you competing in: Bakers Blitz, Veterans, Superclass

Hull: Racecraft

Motor: 540 twin turbo chec

Driver: Garry Rudd

Observer: Jim Edwards

Skiers: Kevin Vahtrik, Danny Cropper


  • Rudds Plumbing
  • DC Water Skis
  • Eagles Plumbing Supplies
  • Burrells Sand and soils
  • JE Trailers
  • Pitbull kick boxing and Muay Tahi Gym
  • New Start health and fitness

Web page, Facebook or My space page: Search for Brandon Cropper and Aidan Vahtrik – they have plenty of pictures of the crew

Achievments in the 2011-2012 season so far: New boat

What is the most challenging aspect of the Southern 80? Finishing

What do you love the most about he Southern 80 – that makes you keep coming back? The Crowds, atmosphere and unique layout.

Where is the team from? New South Wales

Who do you think will win the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80? Team Syndicate!

Do not expect any aerial tricks from the boat this year.


Southern 80 Media Release

Well there are 2 weeks to go to the biggest ski race in the world- the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 February 10th – 12th.

People from all around Australia travel to Echuca / Moama to participate in the Southern 80, one of the prestigious events on the ski race calendar.

10% of the competitors come from the Echuca-Moama and the majority of competitors coming from Victoria  (see map for indication of where competitors are travelling from)

The first boats on the water, at 8:30am on Saturday are the social boats. This will see Sportspage be the first boat from Torrumbarry in the Unlimited Inboard class. They are favourites to win this class.

The Unlimited Outboard class and Twisted from Queensland will be leading the way from the new boat, Optimus Prime, which will keep them honest.

5.2 and 6L will see Bandit first away and then 2 Leg Boats will be hot on their heels.

SMOC and Sonic Boats, Alien Force and Bustin Out are the first 3 boats away.

Stock 6 Litre social, the smallest class of the weekend, will see Hollow Point, Team Clog, Wasted Nights and Rocket race for the podium.

Open Women’s Revival and Pigs Arsenal are the lead boats.

Saintn and No Fear lead the field in the 200HP Outboard class.

Saturday afternoon races and Veterans are on the water at 12 noon, with Syndicate leading the way. This year they promise no aerial acrobatics and are towing Danny Cropper and Kevin Vahtrik.

The current record holders in Senior Social are Revival with Darren Purdon and Stuart Cox skiing they will lead the 18 boats in this class on the water.

Junior Social and Rush towing, Shantelle King and Jack Harrison lead the class.

Sub Junior Social, the Under 13 skiers and Labdance and Coldys are the first teams away in this class.

70 mph Social, Supa Duck and Pumped Up lead the field.

60 mph social is the biggest class for the event and with 42 entries it will be closely contested.

Disabled – there are 6 competitors. Wade Bennett will be a favourite to win but they are all superstars.

Tadpoles are the kiddies under 10. This year there are 4 sets of siblings; Kayne and Bryce Horne, Jaymi and Jack Clancy, Megan and Archer Hammond and Matilda and Lucy Proctor. Great to see the future of ski racing is looking strong.

Bakers Blitz and last year’s winner Hellrazor will race down the river at 3:30pm.

The Presidents Dash will see Agitator lead the way.

Presentation of Saturday’s events will be at the conclusion of the races.

Best spot to catch all the entertainment is at the finish line at Victoria Park. A weekend pass is $30. Available at the gate on the weekend or online now at .


Sunday the action hots up again on the river.

Starting at Torrumbarry the 200hp expert class are on the water at 8am. Saintn, No Fear and Sky High look to be the teams on the finish podium.

Junior Boys there will be Rush, 99 Psycho Clowns and Wild Turkey to lead the way.

Junior Girls will see Revenge followed by Still Sparken, leading their class racing down the river.




70mph expert again is a hotly contested class. Any of them win could win from the field of 25.

Sub Junior Boys and Mickey D, Robertson Racing and Coldy’s lead the field away.

60mph expert again another big class with over 40 competitors.

The Superclass and Unlimited Inboard along some other classes, starting order will be decided on the finishing order of the Bakers Blitz and Presidents Dash the day before.

Unlimited Outboard could possibly see two twin rigs fight it out in Cyclone Racing 2 and 2 Wild.

8 Litre expert and Ultra Trouble Maker, Kryptonite and Kamikaze fought for their position in the presidents dash the day before, who will be in front of who on Sunday – will be reviled on the weekend.

MOC Expert and Evinrude Ace Racing, Twisted and Category 5 are the first away in this class.

SMOC Expert and Sonic Boats will be at it, to take the record.

Stock 6 Litre could see Pure Gold, The Sting 2 or Hallow Point on the podium at the end of the day.

F2 expert and Thundernuts will be out to make it 2 years in a row.

5.2 Litre and 6 cylinder class will see the Kelly boys in More Mojo and they will be chasing the record set in 2003 by Summertime Blues of 40.08 minutes.

Open Women and Revival leads this class with Prime Time and Out of Control not far behind.

16-19 Boys, Stinga towing current World Junior Boy champion Jack Houston along with Ben Hackett, and with Frantic will have gained their starting positions from the Presidents Dash.

16-19 Girls Tayla Wrights and Madison Boyer lead the field behind Strictly Business.

At the conclusion of racing there will be presentations at Victoria Park area.

Results and updates will be twittered all throughout the weekend at

For further information about the event visit  or phone the Moama Water Sports Club on 03 54806754


Team Profile 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 – Top Gun

Top Gun

Picture from Ultimate Image Capture

What class are you competing in: Bakers Blitz & Veterans

Hull: 21 foot Connelly

Motor: 570 CI, Twin Turbo

Driver: Russell Lewis

Observer: Clifford Bamford

Skiers: James Buser & Mark Weaver

Achievements in 2011 – 2012 season so far: 3 races, 3 fourths

Webpage: Top Gun Ski Racing

What is the most challenging aspect of the Southern 80? Getting to the end safely

What do you love the most about the Southern 80 – that makes you keep coming back? Great ski racing weekend event,the town really provides great hospitality,but more importantly we want to win the race.

Where is the team from: Picton NSW, Port McQuarie NSW, Belconnen ACT and Cairns Qld.

Who do you think will win the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80? Top Gun



2012 Harbour Master Tribute – Stephen Robertson We Salute You

Shots from the 2012 Harbour Master Tribute – “Stephen Robertson We Salute You”


Harbour Master Tribute 2012 Saturday January 21st, 2012 was a day that all of Ski Racing had an opportunity to pay homage to Stephen Robertson, WC9901, The Harbour Master. At 8am, in Stephen’s backyard, 31 boats and skiers congregated off North Head to follow a path up the coast to Lion Island. And back. That exact 50 mile journey is the training choice for many of the Robertson family. After completing the course, there are many of us who now understand that skiing in the unforgiving ocean, is one of the ingredients that makes the Robertson Family the mentally rich family that they are. A robust mental state of mind is but one ingredient to make a champion like Stephen Robertson. Without world class ability, mental strength would deliver only part of the result. Regularly skiing behind a single engine outboard, on a short ski, up or down the NSW coast, is what developed Stephen into the mentally historic and champion skier we remember him as. On a couple of occasions previously, Stephen invited those who rated themselves, to make the run with him. The very first invite brought the best of the best to his playground, and from that day in October 2009, the offshore training events became a massive talking point and created a thirst among skiers for more runs like it. Reports in the days leading up to the Harbour Master Tribute were that the ocean would be kind, and while she didn’t stand up on both her back legs, the ocean gave us a definitive insight as to what she was made of. For those who put both feet into a ski that day, or sat in a drivers or observers seat, were very quickly reminded of how this wasn’t an ordinary rodeo. This was going to be tough. Just the way it was supposed to be. Once the WC9901 tribute flag was dropped all 31 boats aimed for Lion Island. Included in the field were past and present world champions, regular super class and unlimited skiers, weekend warriors, and genuine friends and supporters of the tribute. Everyone completed the journey. Chris Stout took the flag in a little over 50 minutes, and Brock McMillan, age 11, crossed the line in a little over 2 hours. A truly humbling moment was to watch the one that Stephen rated the most come over the line. Tracey Robertson, our hats go off to you for so many reasons. From 70 foot princesses to 19 foot signatures, support boats bobbed around the ocean, paying tribute to a legend of our sport. Most spectators and participating crews returned to the Watsons Bay Hotel to spin yarns of the gruelling 50 mile session. Stephen’s biggest supporters, his Family, joined everyone at the Hotel where, bravely, Mr & Mrs Robertson presented the participants with a speech that brought the crowd to its knees. It’s not easy to get a ski race crowd quiet, especially when at a bar, but when Mr Robertson spoke, the entire place listened. It was with the greatest respect that all in attendance took in what was said. While we discuss and de-brief how we can make this an annual tribute, a sincere thank you is pointed at the entire Robertson Family for allowing so many of us to pay homage. While we were out there on the water, we never lost sight of why we were there. There are many more people who need thanks, but the most important thanks needs to go to Stephen himself. It’s a thank you for starting the offshore training days. It’s a thank you for showing us how to become champions. It’s a thank you for inviting us to your backyard. Never forgotten – WC9901.

Paul Robertson pays tribute to his brother Stephen by placing a picture of him on the front of his helmut

Chris Stout first home behind team "Sacrifice" Driver: Jason Waldon Observer: Brendan Stout

Over 30 boats line the beach at Watsons Bay to pay tribute to the great man

Team Profile 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 – Sportspage



What class/es are you competing in?   Unlimited Expert and Unlimited Inboard Social

Hull: Stephens

Motor:  565 Chev

Driver: Dean Johns

Observer: Aaron Martin


  • Unlimited Expert – Steve Rowe & Nathan Glynn
  • Unlimited Inboard Social – Darryn Williams and Paul Bruton

Facebook Page

Achievement in the 2011 – 2012 season so far: 20011 Barrie Beehag 8 Litre – 1st place in record time & 5th Outright

What is the most challenging aspect of the Southern 80? Corners

Where is the team from? Naree Warren Nth, Victoria

Who do you think will win the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80? Dark horse in Sapphire Racing

Without a doubt this is the race that means the most to us to win.



IWWF Names Chris Stout & Natalia Berdnikova – Athletes of the Year

On 11th January 2012, the IWWF announced (here) that Australian Chris Stout from Racing and Belarusian Tournment skier Natalia Berdnikova had been selected as 2011 IWWF Athletes of the Year.

2012 Club Marine Southern 80 – Media Release

Planning and preparation is well underway for the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80.  All is set for a terrific weekend of racing on the water and plenty of entertainment on land – February 10th to 12th.

Friday, the weekend of excitement starts with the Coates Hire Breakfast with the Stars at the Kerribee Sound Shell, Cobb Highway in Moama.  Here a range of boats competing the in the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 will be on display, so that you can get a close up look at these magnificent pieces of art and have a chat with the team members.  A range of boats will on display from the Superclass ‘big boats’ of Hellrazor, Burnin, Sapphire Racing to the 60mph boats of Sir Walter, Em 4 Metal & The Wedge.  Food and drinks will be available onsite, so that you are able to enjoy a breakfast with the stars.

Saturday morning the Total Tools Static Display occurs in the main shopping area (Hare st) of Echuca.  Here the Superclass boats will all be on display with many other teams.  People can wander close to the boats and chat with the teams as they show off their pride and joy.

Whilst the Total Tools Static display is occurring, the Social classes are on the water leaving from Torrumbarry Weir.  They start at 8.30am with ‘Sportspage’ first on the water.  Boats should be arriving at the Victoria Park Boat ramp around 9.10am.  The Victoria Park Boat Compound has a $20 per day entry fee or a $30 weekend pass – these can be purchased now via or at the gate over the weekend.

The Victoria Park Compound is a fully catered site and no esky’s permitted.  There will be trade displays from boats manufacturers, Total Tools, Official Southern 80 Merchandise, Paint Ball activities, air brush tattoos and lots of other sites / activities for all ages.

On the main stage of the Victoria Park Compound will be the Moto X demonstrations featuring Jackson Strong, who landed the first ever front flip at the X Games in 2011 to win “Gold” in the ‘Best Trick’.  Also performing some of their aerial tricks will be Cam Sinclair who won Gold in 2010 and Silver in 2011 for ‘Best Trick’. Along with Bilko (Blake Williams) who won Gold and Silver in 2009 for the ‘Best Trick’.  They are amazing to watch as they run their moto X bikes, up and down, over and flip on the specially constructed jumps in the compound.  They will be performing several times over the two days, so come along and catch all the action.

At 12 noon on Saturday, the start line moves to the Five Mile boat ramp, Moama, where more of the social classes will race to the finish line at Victoria Park.  The Superclass boats and the Presidents Invitational Dash will also run from here, starting at 3.30pm.

The river is closed to all unauthorized navigation on Saturday and Sunday.  Full times and locations can be found on the Southern 80 web page – or on the Roads and Maritime Services web page

Sunday racing starts at 8am, with the first boat leaving Torrumbarry Weir, is ‘Rush’ followed by ‘99 Psycho Clowns F1’ towing Under 16 boys.  Racing continues all day from Torrumbarry along the full 80km to Victoria Park, Echuca.

Based on the finishing order from the Beechworth Bakers Blitz, the Superclass boats will leave Torrumbarry at 12.30pm for the trip to Victoria Park.

Results and updates from the weekend will be “twittered” on the Southern 80 Twitter page as boats cross the line.  Full final results will be available from the Southern 80 web page at the conclusion of presentations.

For further information regarding the event you can visit or contact the Moama Water Sports Club on 03 54806754.

Team Profile 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 – Bullseye


What class/es are you competing in? 60MPH SOCIAL AND EXPERT

Achievements in the 2011-2012 season so far: 1ST PLACE HAWKESBURY 120 EXPERT 2ND PLACE HAWKESBURY 120 SOCIAL, 2ND PLACE BRIDGE TO BRIDGE

Where is the team from? THE HAWKESBURY

Any other comments Owner and driver Jason Martin is a Hawkesbury boy who grew up skiing on the Hawkesbury river at Lower Portland and competed in his first Bridge to Bridge as a skier in 1995 in Weekend Warriors. Jason has competed as a skier in all of the classic races over the years and since moving into the boat and purchasing Bullseye is racing in the 60mph class and loving it – except when he “breaks” – exceeding the speed limit !

Observer Natalie Martin is making this year a family event. Natalie is new to the sport as a competitor but has supported Jason in is his racing endeavours for many years.
Skier Ryan Dubois is Nowra boy, however grew up skiing on the Hawkesbury at Lower Portland. He was new to ski racing last season and is keen to continue. He is ready to race for another season.

Skier Craig Dodge is new to the team this year, however is well known to the crew. Craig is a local Hawkesbury boy as well and has competed as a skier in the Sydney Bridge to Bridge and actually beat Jason one year (a bit of team rivalry !). Craig is also Ryans’s uncle so the team is family friendly !

Team Bullseye is ready for the upcoming ski race season and is looking forward to some competitive races in our class – Driver Jason Martin says “its not as easy as you think staying as close to 60mph as you can!”


Australian Titles Results

Results from Day 2 of the Australian titles at Barmera are now available at Ski Racing Australia

Newcastle Harbour Australia Day Marine Spectacular – Only a few more places available !

Newcastle Harbour Australia Day Marine Spectacular – Only a few more places available !

12 Jan 2012

There are only a few places left open for (FREE!) entry in this event, in front of 3-400,000 people !

We only allow 24 boats to run in the Newcastle Spectacular and everyone runs together in 4 races, so it is a great day from the boat or the shore.

It’s also a great way to show your sponsors stickers on your boats in front of a large crowd.

Contact Ken Cheetham before the 21st Jan on
to secure a place for you and your team.

Australian Titles Results now available

Results from Day 1 of the Australian Titles at Barmera SA are now available at the Ski Racing Australia Website

All systems a go for the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80

Entries are now closed in the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80.  593 entries have been received for the event, with 1070 individual competitors travelling to Echuca – Moama, with the rest of their crews for the event on the 10th to the 12th February 2012.

Competitors are coming from over 430 towns all over Australia, including Western Australia, Far North Queensland and Tasmania to compete in the Biggest Ski Race in the world on our own Mighty Murray River.

The event which sees, crews of a boat, driver, observer and two skiers travel from Torrumbarry to Echuca on the Murray River. Some of the crews travel at an average of 150 kmph on a winding river – an amazing test of strength for man and machine.

The biggest class in the event (with the most entries) is the 60mph classes, where the teams are not allowed to exceed 60 mph.  In the social class there are 45 entries, whilst in the expert class there are 42 entries.  This popular class provides an adrenaline thrill for the team, but not at the speeds of the bigger boats. People often come into the sport via this class and then get hooked.

Last year’s winner Hellrazor will be the first of the Superclass boats on the water – when they compete for the Beechworth Bakers Blitz on Saturday afternoon.  Mark Cranny  from Dandenong, Victoria, who has won the race outright six times,  will again be teaming with Damien Matthews from Mildura, Victoria who has also won the race six times.  Damien has won it five times as observer with Cranny and also as a skier behind Island Cooler in 1990.  Their skiers are no strangers to winning.  Peter Proctor from Cronulla, New South Wales has won the event outright twice behind Cranny and it looking for a third. Michael Kelly, from Tivoli, Queensland, has been on the winner’s podium numerous times in the past couple of seasons, although not at this event.

The event starts on Friday morning with the Breakfast with the stars at the Kerribee Sound Shell, Cobb Highway Moama from 7am.  Here boats and their crews will be on display till 9am.  Food and drinks will be available.

Friday will also all boats safety scrutineered from 11am to 5pm at the Moama Water Sports Club Office in Annesley Street Echuca.  Friday night will see the official launch of the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 at the Corporate Compound at Victoria Park boat Ramp.

Saturday morning from 9am to 12noon the Total Tools Epping Static Display will occur in the shopping district of Hare street Echuca.  Here the many of the boats and their crews will be on display to catch a close up view of the teams and all their finery.

Saturday from 8.30am, will see the social class races start at Torrumbarry Weir for the trek to the Victoria Park Boat Ramp in Echuca.  The first boat away will be Sportspage.  The skiers in these classes are on social skies, much smaller than a typical race ski and boy can some of them ski!

Victoria Park Boat ramp is the place to be – entry bands are now available online at  Entry is $20 per day or $30 for a weekend pass.  No Eski’s into this area, as it is a fully catered for area, with trade displays and a Moto X Exhibition featuring Cam Sinclair, Blake Williams and Jackson Strong.

12 noon on the Saturday and the start line moves to the Five Mile Boat ramp in Moama.  Here more of the social classes, along with the Veterans and Senior Social classes start their events.  In the Tadpoles class there are 20 entries and three sets of brothers and sisters competing against each other.

Once these classes are finished,  the ‘Big Boats’ – the main attraction for the day, are on the water. There are 14 entries in the Beechworth Bakery Bakers Blitz and 16 teams in the Presidents Dash.  These boats are racing for their starting position on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday morning, racing starts at 8am, with the Expert classes (classes 14-20) on the water first.

The Superclass teams and the rest of the Expert classes leave at 12noon for the final run from Torrumbarry to Echuca.  Again Victoria Park is the place to be.

The Moto X Exhibition will again be at the Victoria Park compound on Sunday to keep people entertained till all the crews come home.  At the conclusion of racing the presentations of trophies to the winning teams will take place.

Results from the weekend will be “twittered” on the Southern 80 Twitter page as boats cross the line.  Full final results will be available from the Southern 80 web page at the conclusion of presentations.

You can pre-purchase entry bands and Official Race Programmes for the event via the Southern 80 web page –

For further information regarding the event you can visit or contact the Moama Water Sports Club on 03 54806754.

Team Profile 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 – Wet N Wild

Wet ‘ N ‘ Wild

What class are you competing in?: Social women, Open Women, Disabled
Hull: Cyclone
Motor: 300xs Mercury
Driver: Peter Woolman
Observer: Jason McKenzie
Skiers: Zoe Stratton, Stephanie Barens, Sophie Woolman

  • Bryan Manning Signs Echuca
  • Advanced Installations & Fabrications
  • Facebook: Wet N Wild Ski Race Team
    Where is the team from? Echuca
    Who do you think will win the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80? Blazen – Noel Griffin

    2012 Robinvale Euston Ski Race – entry forms now available

    Information and entry form can be downloaded from the SRV website

    Team Profile 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 – Cyclone Racing 2

    Cyclone Racing 2

    What class/es are you competing in? Unlimited Outboard
    Hull Cyclone – Carbon fibre & Kevlar construction
    Motor 2 x Mercury 2.5 Litre fuel injected V-6, approx 380 H/P each, running either Mark 4 or Mark 6 quick-foot gear boxes
    Driver Peter Randall
    Observer Jason Disson
    Skiers Craig Gordon & Aaron Sawtell
    Sponsors Randall Group Pty Ltd – Construction & Management – Inverell; Disco Marine – Grafton

    Achievements in the 2011-2012 season so far:

  • 1st place Grafton B2B – unlimited outboard, 10th outright
  • 4th place in H120 Sackville Sprint Invitational, and 7th outright
  • 1st place Sydney B2B setting new record – unlimited outboard, and 11th outright
  • What is the most challenging aspect of the Southern 80? Averaging a high speed down the course against all the corners
    Where is the team from? Driver – Inverell, northern NSW ,Grafton, northern NSW, Sydney
    Who do you think will win the 2012 Club Marine Southern80? Hoping Blazen does with the new boat, but Helrazor will be the one to beat

    GTS Mildura 100 – Entry forms now available

    The entry forms for the 2012 GTS Freight Management Mildura 100 are now available to be downloaded from the Mildura 100 web page

    Southern 80 entries

    Just a reminder that entries close for the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 on Saturday 31st December at 12 midnight AEST.
    Visit to place your entry in online.

    A reminder that teams are welcome to complete a profile of their team competing in the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 – these can be found on the Southern 80 web page

    Barrie Beehag photos from RMI Images now available

    There are photos of nearly every team from the recent Barrie Beehag ski race, now available on RMI Images –

    Video of Nix & Cartledge @ Lake Charm Race

    Video of Lachlan Nix & Jason Cartledge water ski racing at Lake Charm. Wait for the collision right at the end.

    Harbour Master Training Tribute – WC9901

    A special Training Tribute to Stephen Robertson will be held on Saturday, January 21, 2012.
    It will be run from 7:30am until 10:30am on Sydney Harbour.

    Sydney Harbour and beyond is the training choice for Stephen Robertson, AKA – Harbourmaster AKA – WC9901.
    As a tribute to a legend and a friend, we would like to invite you to take part in a nostalgic tribute ski from Sydney Harbour, around Lion Island and back into Sydney Harbour.
    We invite anyone capable and keen, to make the run up the coast. We will be following the same path travelled “more times that you’ve had hot dinners” by Stephen himself. This is NOT a race. Its a tribute to someone who offered our sport so much, and we make this journey as sign of respect in memory of Stephen Robertson.

    You all know the score…. No drag ski’s (74 INCH MAX). No long ropes. 21 foot boats… Of course, if you want to, you can break the journey up, and share the load. The point is to have great day! Kids, you can do this, no doubt!

    Its important that we all stay safe. So, meet at Watsons Bay – 7:30am sharp, on Saturday 21st January.
    Please contact Alex Ross or Ken Cheetham if you’d like to be involved. Its important that we know who will be on the water.

    More information to come, but at this stage, after we are all back safely, we will congregate in Sydney Harbour for a social ski, some lunch, and catch up.

    Alex Ross – 041840077
    Ken Cheetham – 0414 995 513

    Facebook Event Page for the Harbour Master Tribute

    ‘The Beast’ takes the Rollo’s Marine Yamaha N.Z. Bridge to Bridge Title

    The 28th running of the Rollo’s Marine Yamaha Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Classic was again a fantastic and popular event in 2011.

    The country’s best Water ski racers, powerboaters, jetskiers and Thundercats gathered in Hamilton for the annual event.

    There was also a good contingent of Australian’s out to offer strong competition.

    The weekend was full of drama with 3 out of the top 8 boats in the main race on Sunday with drawing after Saturdays race day.

    It all started on Saturday morning with the Waikato Security Novice and Masters race from Hamilton to Taupiri return. The competitors in the Masters class were competing for the Tony van Deursen Memorial Cup. Tony was tragically killed in a ski racing accident just 5 weeks prior to the Bridge to Bridge and he was a well respected and popular man. This mean that everyone wanted to win it and win it for Tony. Warlord did an impressively quick first leg time down to Taupiri with Kevin Vahtrik of Australia on the back. They looked as though they would take it out with ease in a new record time but blew one of the engines in the return leg just out of Taupiri. This left the door open to Rick Powell of Taupo skiing behind newly imported rig out of the USA ‘The Beast Racing’ and ‘Messiah’ towing Mark Luxford of Auckland. The Beast had a 9 second lead at the turn around point only to find the wrong river on the way home at the fork in Ngaruawahia. This let Messiah through to take the title and make Mark Luxford the first winner of the Tony van Deursen Memorial Cup. Brett Seabrook of Auckland was 2nd, John Main of Hamilton 3rd. Not only did Warlord do damage in this race but Hawkes Bay rig ‘Attitude’ also withdrew from the main race after blowing an engine towing a skier in the novice race.

    Social class was taken out by 2009 Long Race winner Force Fed, towing Australian Rhys Duggan. This was where the winning stopped for Force Fed though – they also blew an engine in the Time Trial on Saturday afternoon. This meant the big contenders for the race were dropping like flies and scrambling to find other boats to run behind for Sundays event. Messiah took out the Time Trial without too much problem a clear 2mins ahead of 2nd place, Stinga, and 3rd place, Muscle Milk. So that was the starting order for Sunday’s main event. The 82km sprint from Cambridge to Taupiri and back to Hamilton.

    The first 12 boats all had perfect starts which is very unusual for the difficult starting area down in Cambridge. Disaster struck early on for the Messiah team towing Bevan Turksma and Vaughan Hyde – both previous winners of the race. They blew their engine coming through the Narrows, 5 mins south of Hamilton on the run down stream to Taupiri. This left the door wide open for the next 5 boats to battle it out for line honours. When the teams arrived in Taupiri they were in the following order; Stinga, Mayfair Pools, Hoofit, Muscle Milk and The Beast. The 5 boats spread by just 19 seconds.Mayfair Pools a new rig for 2011 with the skiers of B Jammin from previous years – Rick Powell and Mark Preistly. Hoofit was leant to the Attitude team of Dave & Tracey Hanks and skiing broths Logan & Jaaron Fritz. Muscle Milk had Bevan Scott and Aussie Chris Vigenser on the back.

    The run back, was all or nothing and the horsepower shone through in the end with The Beast managing to turn a 19 second deficit into a 23 second win. The team of Colin Eagles (driver/owner), Jack Horan (observer, Cambridge), Mitch Horan, 15 (Skier, Cambridge) and Will Groves, 16 (Skier, Victoria, Aus) were as surprised as anyone when their names were read out at prizegiving, being the first Under 19 team in over 10 years to win the event. The big 21ft Nordic hull out of the USA with the Mercury Racing 1075HP and 6 Drive getting the job done.

    The twin rig Bullet ‘Stinga’ was 2nd with Matt Hodson, Adam Smale, Paul Mitchell and Andy Cardno and 3rd and first MOC boat was ‘Mayfair Pools’ with Grant van de Vegte driving, Brendan Macpherson, and Rick Powell and Mark Preistly skiing. Attitude were 4th overall and 2nd in MOC.

    5th Overall and 1st in Formula 2 with a new record time was the Yamaha powered rig Smokin, driven by Sam Fenwick with observer Chris Wilkins and young skiers Kane Carter and Daniel Tuffin. They were also 2nd in Under 19’s to The Beast. 2nd in F2 and 1st in Ladies was the team of Sleaze with Jeff Weake and Mike Dunstall towing Jordan Bradley and Adelaide Cox . The Sleaze team also took out the King of the Rivers overall title for the combination of times between the Bridge to Bridge and the Twin Rivers held 2 weeks previous over in Thames.

    SMOC class was extremely tight with 10 seconds covering the top 3 with the Force Fed using their Back up boat ‘Phantom’ as a spare taking it out after jumping in the boat just minutes before race start.

    All in all, with the exception of the weather the event ran very smoothly with several records broken and plenty of fun had by all. The competitors and the New Zealand Water Ski Racing would like to thank all the generous sponsors, organisers and volunteers for making it all happen,

    For more details or full results check out

    Ski Race Review – The New Magazine

    Ski Race Review is a new publication that covers all the major events of the 2010-11 Australian ski racing season, including:

    * Sydney Bridge to Bridge
    * Southern 80
    * Grafton Bridge to Bridge
    * Mildura 100
    * Hawkesbury 120
    * Berri 90

    Plus there’s 12 pages of action from the 2011 World Titles, held at Moreton Bay, with two pages of coverage for each category:

    * Open Men’s
    * Open Women’s
    * Junior Boys
    * Junior Girls
    * Formula 2 Men’s
    * Formula 2 Women’s

    In addition, there’s feature articles on:

    * Noel Griffin – the day Blazen burned
    * Lester Freemantle – Won every major race with his Moonshot boats

    In total, it’s a 48-page, full colour magazine jam-packed with stories and photos.

    It will be available at the Victorian Titles, Southern 80, Robinvale 80 and Mildura 100, or alternatively it can be posted out – just email for details.

    Click on the selection of pages below to enlarge them





    Stone Watersports Club Essex Honour Stephen Robertson

    The Stone Water sports club Essex held a minutes silence in honour of 2 times World Champion Water ski racer Stephen Robertson . The chairman on behalf of the club send their condolences to the Robertson family.

    Force Congratulates its Bridge to Bridge Teams

    Kelly Bickerton & the team at the Force factory wants to congratulate all Force winners on their achievements at the 5oth Bridge to Bridge this year. Force has produced the update below to remember the event. Click on it to download the PDF.

    Team Germany -Twin Force For Sale €48,000 +tax

    2009 Force F1 hull with 2 Mercury 300XS engines in perfect Condition. Race Ready, can be shipped worldwide

    Water Ski Racer Paper Aust – Invitation for Vale Tribute messages to Stephen Robertson

    Gail, from the Aussie ‘Water Ski Racer’ newspaper, has offered ski racers a chance to submit their Vale messages for Stephen Robertson to be included in the up coming edition.

    There is to be a special Tribute to Stephen in that issue.

    The next edition deadline for the Aussie ‘Water Ski Racer’ newspaper is closing on Dec 02.

    Please submit them to Gail on the following address,


    VALE Wally Hackett

    VALE Wally Hackett

    Passed away suddenly 19/11/1932 — 16/11/2011.

    Wally is remembered by many ski racers over many years as a great competitor and contributor to the sport.

    Racing Thunderbolt at Cabrita in the 60’s, winning the 1976 Bridge to Bridge through to many other achievements including assisting in creating Wisemans Ferry as the NSW home for water ski racing.

    Wally’s other race highlights were winning Classics, NSW series, Southern 80, Campaigning in the Worlds in the USA, setting records at Sackville (continuous skiing), Newcastle to Sydney endurance and many other titles.

    Wally’s team many included notable ski racing identities including Bruce Robberds, Peter Ward, Terry Bennett, Lonnie Hogan, Robbie Woods as well as his sons Brad and Murray and many others.

    Wally is remembered by his family and many friends.

    Wally’s family extend a welcome to family & friends to celebrate his life.

    Funeral details
    2.00pm , Tuesday 29th November 2011
    Newcastle West Chapel
    984 Hunter Street Newcastle West.

    After the service the wake will be held at the Chapel.

    It is requested No Flowers. We prefer donations to the Heart Foundation on behalf of Wally Hackett.

    Rest in Peace Wally.

    Hellrazor wins the 2011 Barrie Beehag Ski race

    Well the 2011 Barrie Beehag ski race, was won todayin drizzly conditions by the Hellrazor team – Mark Cranny, Damien Matthews, with Peter Proctor and Michael Kelly skiing. Second was Elm Street with Danny Timewell and Peter Strike in the boat and Kane Howard and Tom Smith skiing. Very closley third was Hellbent with Marcus Cranny driving, Graham French observing and Chris Gelle and Steve Morley skiing.

    Records were broken in 8 litre and 6 litre.

    The full results are now available to be downloaded from

    Stephen Robertson’s Funeral

    Stephen Robertson’s funeral was attended yesterday by up to 1,500 people as two chapels were filled and people poured out onto the areas outside. It was a moving celebration of the two time World Champion’s life as people from all era’s of water ski racing met at North Ryde NSW.

    It was indeed an incredible send off for the man who touched the hearts of family and thousands of friends all over the world.


    2011 Bridge to Bridge Results

    The results from the 2011 Bridge to Bridge in Sydney Australia have been published, some provisional and some official.

    Hunstanton Ski Club honour Stephen Robertson

    Stephen Robertson was honoured with a minutes silence at Hunstanton Ski Club’s annual trophy presentation Saturday 12th November. Hunstanton Ski Club pass their sincere condolences to The Robertson Family

    Funeral Arrangements Stephen Robertson

    The funeral of Stephen Robertson will take place Friday 10am November 18th Macquarie Park Crematorium, cnr Deli & Plassey Road North Ryde. A wake will follow afterwards.

    The family requests no Australian Uniforms or ski guard of honour – they also request no flowers.

    Update on Barrie Beehag Ski Race

    In a week’s time the Barrie Beehag ski race is set to hit the Mighty Murray River between Deep Creek Marina Moama and Torrumbarry Weir.
    There is a navigation restriction in force from 6am to 6pm will be established on the Murray River from 525m upstream of the 1662km River marker to the Torrumbarry Weir. All persons within the vicinity must comply with any directions given by NSW Maritime Officer or Police Office. No unauthorized vessels are permitted to enter the area during these times.
    Competitors briefing starts at 7.30am at the top of the boat ramp at Deep Creek Marina. After briefing and competitor breath testing, the boats and crews enter the water, all leaving the marina by 9.30am, making their way to the river behind the start line.
    Race Programs are now available in Echuca / Moama.
    At around 10am the first boat – Blazen will be the first to leave the start area – it took Blazen 11:47 minutes in 2009 to make it to the Torrumbarry turnaround. Will they better their time this year or will the next boat away Hellrazor towing Peter Proctor and Daniel Campbell do a better time? Or one of the other Superclass teams such as Blowncash, Sapphire Racing, Recoverys Reflection, Gassa, Elm Street, Hellbent or 99 Psycho Clowns F1 – take the prize for the fastest time to the turnaround point.
    Class 2, the Unlimited Inboard and Outboard class will be led by Temper towing skiers Gerard Atkins and Troy Barens.
    8 Litre – Class 3 will see Sportspage lead the way – this team have been consistent performers in the Barrie Beehag event over the years and it will be interesting to see how they perform on the water this weekend, towing seasoned skiers Steve Rowe and Nathan Glynn.
    Class 4 is MOC Expert with Thundernut leading the way towing Brett Dominguez and Anthony Pickles over the other 10 boats in this class.
    6 Litre Expert – Class 5 is the biggest class of the day with 20 entries will see Ultra Trouble Maker lead the way towing Jason Cartledge and Grant Turner.
    Class 6 is SMOC Expert with Sonic Boats towing Aidan Rowe and Brendon Brown first on the water for this class.
    200HP Outboard is Class 7 – Sky High will lead the 3 other boats in this class, they will be towing Scott Collins and Lisa Clancy.
    Under 19 Boys and Girls, will see the boys team of Frantic first off in this class towing Dylan Cuff and Beau Duggan.
    Class 9 Junior Boys and Girls (under 16 years of age will see Mac Batchelor and Lloyd Woolman skiing behind Wild Turkey lead the class.
    Class 10 is the 70mph class and Supaduck will the lead boat in this very competitive class with Don Haddrell doing the driving.
    Class 11 is the last class for the event, with Em4Metal leading the teams away here with Emily Dykas and Isabelle Carlon doing the skiing.
    The last boat away is Against the Grain with the Grech family, and they are competing in the 60mph class and they leave at 12:09pm.
    Once all of the teams have been accounted for at Torrumbarry Weir, the return journey can start.
    During racing, results will be updated via the Southern 80 twitter –
    The Deep Creek Marina area is a family friendly area, with an entry fee of $2 per person or $5 per family. Drinks and food will be available in the area, along with merchandise for sale, face painting and a great shady area to watch the action unfold on the river.
    The event is conducted by the Moama Water Sports Club in conjunction with Murray Rivers Edge and Deep Creek Marina Hotel.
    The 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 is to take place on 10th, 11th & 12th February 2012 Entry forms for this event will be available online at from Friday 18th November These entries close on Saturday 31st December 2011.
    For further information regarding this event, you can visit the Southern 80 web page and follow the links to the BB Ski Race Classic or phone the Moama Water Sports Club on 0354806754.

    Stephen Robertson Passes Away

    Today the world of water ski racing has been shocked by the death of former two time World Water Ski Racing Champion Stephen Robertson of Australia.

    For me the news is just sinking in of the loss of such a tremendous sportsman, a great guy and a wonderful family man.

    Many thousands of people all over the world will be saddened by this news and thinking of Stephen, and his family who will be devastated by this event.

    Stephen was training on the Hawkesbury River, ahead of the 50th Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Race, with current World Champion Chris Stout.

    Stephen became the World Water Ski Racing Champion in Spain 1999 and then again in the USA 2001. His brother Paul was World Champion in 1991 and brothers Barry & Johnny crewed for both Stephen and Paul in the infamous Firebird race boats. Stephen achieved a great deal more than those world titles and gave back a lot to the sport. He is from one of the most well respected and talented water ski racing families in the world – The Robertsons.

    Australian media
    9 News reports

    The Sydney Morning Herald reports

    A Personal Message: Stephen you were a great friend for 20 years. I will always remember the hospitality you and your family extended to me when I first came to Australia in 1991. I will remember my visits to your family’s home in Five Dock and your time at my parents’s home in Wales. I will remember our great times on and off the water in the many countries that we met.

    Thank you for your friendship Stephen. I am honoured to have known you as a friend before, during and after your years at the very top of our sport.

    My thoughts are with your lovely family.

    Rest in Peace now.

    Scroll down to read more personal messages

    2010 Feros Hotel Group Sydney Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Race Super Class Special

    With thanks to the Super Class crews for producing this, the 2010 Feros Hotel Group Sydney Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Race Super Class Special.
    Thanks also for allowing it’s public release.

    This is the full length movie from last year’s race of the top crews.

    Stinga, Hellrazor, Firebird, Blazen, Top Gun, Merc Force, Agitator, Superman, The B & Sapphire Racing do Battle.

    2010 Feros Hotel Group Sydney Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Race Super Class Special

    Update on Misty Coldwill’s progress

    ** Update on Misty Coldwill **

    Before the Mercury Marine Hawkesbury 120 the Aussie Ski Racing Community stood up to the plate to help 3 year old Misty and her Family, by raising $10,600 to go towards her ongoing Cancer treatment.

    … just to let you all know Misty is going for an operation to remove the tumor off her lung tomorrow. She is doing great thanks to all of the ski racers donations.
    So thank you to all that dug deep to help, you should all feel really proud of yourselves and your generosity : )

    Bridge to Bridge Live on Hawkesbury Radio

    Gavin Casburn and the team at will be broadcasting live again from the Bridge to Bridge.


    Put in your 50th Bridge to Bridge Calender, Thursday Evening: 10th November from 7:30pm. VENUE: The Lone Pine Tavern, 15 Rooty Hill Rd, Rooty Hill.

    This promises to be a fantastic get together for all past and present competitors and followers of the Bridge to Bridge.

    It will feature Photos and Footage of the entire 50 years of the great race.

    Darryl Brohman, The Big Man, will be interviewing some of our Legends from 8pm.

    Make sure that you don’t miss the stories of Ski Racers Old and New, they’re usually absolute crackers of yarns.

    Johnny Gibbs, who will be talking with more Legends thru the night, will also be comparing the running of an Old School Calcutta of the Superclass and other top 27 Boats entered in the 50th Race.

    The tickets will be $50 each and the winning Prize Money will go to the holder of the winning boat !

    * You have a 1 in 5 chance of scoring yourself a Super Class boat crew, so come on down and join in the fun !

    It’ll be a great time to catch up with past and present competitors and swap Bridge stories, also get the hot tips on this years Outright crews, so make sure you don’t miss it.

    Bistro Meals Available.

    2011 Barrie Beehag Ski Race

    The Barrie Beehag ski race is all set to explode onto the Murray River on Saturday 19th November 2011.
    The race was not held last year due to a high river on the Murray – so the team of Blazen are all set to tackle the Mighty Murray in the ‘new Blazen’. The ‘old’ Blazen was destroyed by fire during the running of the 2011 Club Marine Southern 80. The team showing the true fighters that they are, will be back to defend their time of 23:16 set in the 2009 event. The team of driver Noel Griffin with observer Bernie Simpson and skiers Chris Stout and Stephen Robertson (current World Men’s Champion and the 2001 World Men’s Champion) are set to take control of the event from the prior winners of Hellbent and Hellrazor.
    Hellrazor and Hellbent are both entered in the Superclass event with Mark Cranny driving Hellrazor, Damien Matthews will be in the observer’s seat, whilst Peter Proctor and Daniel Campbell will be skiing out the back.
    Hellbent will be driven by Marcus Cranny (son of Mark) with Graham French in the observers seat and skiers Chris Gelle and local Echuca skier Steven Morley.
    The event kicks off with the Competitors briefing at Deep Creek Marina at 7.30am. From there the boats and crews are placed in the water with an approximate start time of 10am.
    First to leave will be Superclass competitors with Blazen leading the way – Hellrazor will then lead the rest of the field which leave at 1 minute intervals. There are 9 entries in the Superclass field – a new class this season to this event.130 boats are entered in this event, with the last boat to leave Deep Creek Marina at 12:09pm
    The boats and crews have travelled mainly from Victoria and New South Wales for the event. The oldest competitor will be the Superclass driver of Blazen – Noel Griffin. The oldest male skier is Noel Cartledge, whilst the oldest female skier is Vicki Shipp. The youngest skier is Blaze Branson who is 10.
    The biggest class of the day is 6 Litre Inboard with 20 entries, whilst the 60mph class has 15 entries and 70 mph has 12 entries.
    The river is closed to all users from 7am from the Fraser Road boat ramp to the Torrumbarry Weir for the day.
    Once all the boats have reached Torrumbarry Weir and have been accounted for (around 3 ½ hours). The boats will be sent back to the Deep Creek Marina.
    On the NSW side, Deep Creek Marina is the place to be. Entry to the Deep Creek Marina area will be by $2 per person or $5 per family. Food and drinks will be available onsite. Activities for the kids at Deep Creek Marina include Lucky Dips, face painting and a plaster fun.
    At Torrumbarry Weir, which is the turnaround point, the Gunbower Lions Club will be providing food and refreshments for competitors and spectators.
    During racing, results will be updated via the Southern 80 twitter –
    The event is conducted by the Moama Water Sports Club in conjunction with Murray Rivers Edge and Deep Creek Marina Hotel.
    The 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 is to take place on 10th, 11th & 12th February 2012 Entry forms for this event will be available online at from Friday 18th November These entries close on Friday 30th December 2011.
    For further information regarding this event, you can visit the Southern 80 web page and follow the links to the BB Ski Race Classic or phone the Moama Water Sports Club on 0354806754.

    Grand Prix Kanahooka + Series #2 Sunday washed out races Sunday 27th November

    Ski Racing Nsw –

    Grand Prix Kanahooka + Series #2 Sunday washed out races
    Sunday 27th November, 2011

    Compulsory Briefing Drivers, Observers & Skiers: 7.30am
    Racing Commences: 8.30am

    Race 1 8.30am will be under 10 boys and girls. 2 laps
    Race 2 Under 13 boys and girls 4 laps
    Race 3 Under 16 boys 4 laps
    Race 4 60,70 mph + novice 4 laps
    Race 5 Under 19 boys 4 laps
    Race 6 Under 16 girls 4 laps
    Race 7 Under 19 girls 4 laps
    Race 8 Womens and juniors grand prix race 30 mins + 1 lap
    Race 9 Mens open and F2 grand prix race 45 mins + 1 lap

    Contact Ken Cheetham 0414 995 513 or (02) 4655 6147

    Late entries up to and including the normal Wednesday entry date for those that want to enter the G/P events and also for the age events. This is the carry over event that was rained out at Wisemans so entries that were in for that date will have been
    paid for already.

    Click here for Entry Forms.

    Draw for the Feros Hotel Group Bridge to Bridge now online

    The draw for the Feros Hotel Group Bridge to Bridge is up @

    Click Here

    Go to ‘Bridge to Bridge’, then hit the ‘Draw’ button, on the site.

    The NSW Water Ski Federation, in conjunction with The Feros Hotel Group, are proud to present this year’s iconic 50th Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Classic on Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th November 2011.

    From its humble beginnings in 1961 when 20 boats took part in the race and the boat Yogi Bear won the race in a time of 1hr33mins, we now see boats from all over Australia and competitors from all over the world try to break the current record time of 38mins.57sec.

    B2B Launch night and Skiers Showcase

    Liz Langham writes …

    Just a couple of weeks to go until the 50th Bridge to Bridge Race. There is still time for past competitors to be involved in the Weekends Celebrations.

    Mary McMillan Will Ski in the 50th Bridge to Bridge

    David McMillan has today announced the tremendous news that his 80yr old grandmother Mary will now compete in the 50th Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Race in NSW Australia.

    Visit Let Mary Ski – The Blog

    Since this request from David McMillan, many people have written to air their feelings about the issue of Mary skiing in this year’s Bridge to Bridge.

    Read some of those letters here

    Write an Email for Mary McMillan

    Once you have read the post here about Mary McMillan and her wish to ski in the 50th Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Race, as per her grandson David McMillan’s request, please write an email to the NSW Water Ski Federation.

    Mary McMillan (80yrs) and her 50th Bridge to Bridge

    Australia’s Mary McMillan is renowned throughout the world of water ski racing for an incredible history in the sport. She has skied all 49 Bridge to Bridge water ski races since 1961, she is now 80 yrs of age and had planned to ski the 50th Bridge to Bridge in November.

    2011 Hawkesbury 120 Images Now Available –

    Force Congratulates World Teams

    Kelly Bickerton and the Force Boats factory are acknowledging the success of their teams at the recent World Championships in Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia. Click here to see the full force of their results.

    Wade on Worlds Round 4



    Conditions for race #4 of the 17th World Titles, were once again, smooth as glass water with no wind at all. The temperature was to get to 27 degrees and things were warming up quickly.
    The crowd numbers had grown a lot, with the ‘Celebrate Redcliffe’ Festival bringing a curious crowd to the shore to watch this extreme sport in action at its highest level.
    The Moreton Bay Regional Council are the Major Sponsor of the World Championships and cannot be thanked enough for their support.

    The first race of the day, with two World Championships still up for grabs, was the Open and Formula 2 Women.
    Americans Katelin Wendt and Erin Saunders, Aussie Maddi Boyer, Kathrin Ortlieb from Austria and Adelaide Cox, from New Zealand, were all still capable of taking out the Open title, after dropping their lowest points race, should anyone else make a mistake on course, or in their timing at the finish line. Lauryn Eagle was not back to ski in a last ditch attempt to end her horror World Title bid, after her heavy round 3 fall and gutsy ski post fall.
    In the Womens Formula 2 there were 3 different winners in the previous races, Leanne Campbell, Tania Teelow and Trudi Stout, all from Australia. They were up against Austria’s Katharina Hebenstreit and Sabine Ortlieb, Belgium super star Lena Feringa and American Lori Dunsmore Cheryl Ruston and Dawn Wallace, all able to either win, or place in today’s race, or overall on points. It was that close.
    All boats lined up along the beach as crews anxiously awaited the hooter to announce 15 minutes until a start.
    Channel 7, in live crosses to their morning show, ‘Sunrise’, had interviewer James Tobin try water skiing, as well as interviewing the round 3 crowned, Aussie Junior World Champions, Jack Houston and Kelsey Feros.
    The live online feed was also active again, with the world class production beaming the World Titles out over 53 countries, live, to critical acclaim. By the worlds end the total was 27,479 total streams, with the Worlds website reporting 70,000 hits, on the first day alone. That does not include and the Ski Racing Australia website hits and streams too. All were running the stream. It was great to see the embracing of newer technology to way beyond tweets and end of day result sheets to find out details of what was going on. The dvd should be a cracker !
    Back to the racing though, and all of the Womens crews were now lined up for the race of their lives.
    Commentators Dave Bishop, Troy Kennedy and Tim Dubios were running thru the run lists and explain to new comers on the shore, how things were being calculated and what was at stake for each athlete and their crew.
    5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go ! was the call, as all Open Women skiers got off to a blinder of a start on the flat conditions.
    Coming around for the first time it was Katelin, followed very closely by Erin, Maddi, Adelaide and Kylee Jones.
    In the F2 Women, the first lap leaders were, Leanne and Trudi, with Trudi leading the 2nd wave, 30 seconds back.
    Next lap Katelin had pulled out 2 rope lengths on Erin, knowing that a 3rd win would give her the title after 2 previous series wins.
    Trudi Stout was now having a battle with Leanne Campbell, with both moving out huge amounts from Tania Teelow, in 3rd and the rest of the field. It was apparent that we were in for a real battle for each of the titles.
    Over the next few laps the battle between Erin and Katelin was still underway, with Erin running alongside Katelin now. Maddi Boyer was still holding out 3rd place, but was starting to lose touch with these two super athletes, as was Kylee Jones, behind Merc Force.
    Trudi and Still Kid’n were now only 4 seconds behind Leanne and Atomic Boats, needing to win by 40 seconds to take the title. Leanne knew this and was not giving her an inch without working her butt off to do it. They were absolutely flying in the now sloppy water conditions. Katharina Hebenstreit, behind Stormy, had now moved up to 3rd placing.
    Erin now made a move on Katelin and was travelling quickly around the outside line, half a rope length up, then further and further until she was a whole rope length in front. Trudi made up another 2 seconds, then dropped 4.. would she run out of time or energy ?
    Over the next few laps it was Erin Saunders, behind 99 Psycho Clowns F1 that had moved out 3 – 4 ropes lengths from Katelin, with Wendt Racing. Not able to lose touch with Erin, yet not pushing her to go faster, the Wendt’s only had a tiny window of time on points, that they could finish within.
    Leanne and Trudi were now lapping at about 2 seconds a lap faster than the Open class ladies. Trudi was being forced to go around lots of boats on the corners, losing precious seconds that she needed.
    With around 15 minutes left it was still Erin, Katelin, Kathrin Ortlieb was now up to 3rd, behind Still Smercn’, Maddi, then Kylee.
    F2 was back to an all Aussie affair with Leanne leading a still fighting, but slower lapping, Trudi, followed by 2 time World Champ Tania Teelow, behind With Envy.
    With about 2 minutes left in the race it was Erin Saunders leading by 9 seconds, needing 20 to win the title.
    The Blue Flag was raised, signalling the last lap and Erin had increased that to 13 seconds.. she was going for it with about a 3 turn buoy lead !
    In Formula 2 excitement was building for the Super-Mum of Aussie ski racing. One more lap with no dramas and it was hers. Trudi was now leading the day’s racing, but it would not be by enough.
    Greeting the Chequered Flag was Erin Saunders, followed closely by Katelin Wendt. The American Team went nuts ! The World Title now belonged to Katelin Wendt, coming home just 10 seconds behind Erin, but winning on points overall. Both skiers won 2 races, but dropping her worst result it was Katelin by about 4 points. Kathrin Ortlieb, from Austria, came home third this super exciting race and also claimed the Bronze Medal overall on points.
    In Formula 2 Women, the World Title went to Leanne Campbell, skiing behind Brent Wisemantel and Andrew Fyfe, in Atomic Boats.
    Winning the day’s racing, but not the title was Trudi Stout, who really put in a huge performance trying to scrape back those precious seconds. Leanne finished just 12 seconds back, but 15 points up, securing the title, with Katharina Hebenstreit and the Stormy crew in 3rd place on the day and overall.
    Leanne came thru with her Aussie flag held high, doing a drive past and the large crowd cheered loudly. Katelin received no less praise as she came back to shore, with cheers of ‘USA, USA, USA..’ booming from the bank. Both skiers had conquered the massive physical and mental battle that it takes to win a world title and had risen as the best in the world in Women’s water ski racing.

    The Juniors race was next on the schedule, and although they both won their respective World Titles after clean sweeping the first 3 races, Kelsey Feros and Jack Houston, or ‘Back to Back Jack’ as the commentators were now labelling him, came to prove their dominance at the Titles and lined up once again to try for 4 from 4.
    The minor placings for outright and all important team points were still on offer, so the racing was guaranteed to be at the same high standard as seen previously.
    The Great Britain’s Jame Frame, Mitchell Horan from New Zealand, Trevor Wendt from the USA and Lloyd Woolman from Australia, were all still capable of gaining an overall placing. As was Tayla Wright from Australia, defending junior girls World Champ Yolien Bormans from Belgium and Columbia Cox from New Zealand in the Junior Girls.
    Go! Was the call and the Junior Boys were off. All were away 30 seconds later in the Junior Girls. Almost everyone got away to a blinder and in an instant all crews were at top speed on the smooth water.
    Coming around for the first time, with the race chopper overhead, it was WC Jack Houston and Team Stinga, leading by a rope length from Trevor Wendt behind 7, Thundernuts towing Lloyd Woolman and Jake Frame behind 99 Psycho Clowns F1.
    Kelsey wasn’t having as easy a start as Jack, with Tayla Wright behind ORSM and Yolien Bormans behind Burnin’ on the outside of her around the turn buoy for the first time. Yolien gave a massive wave up and pulled alongside Tayla.
    At around the 13 minute mark the placings were to look the same for the girls, Tayla really taking the challenge on to Kelsey, with Yolien dropping back about a rope length.
    Jack was now leading the Junior Boys by a long way, as the battle raged between Lloyd Woolman and Trevor Wendt. 99 Psycho Clowns F1 had a short stop, with what looked like a motor issue, but were back into it later, a couple of laps down, with Jake Frame now out of the picture for outright placings, but still out to get some GB Team points .
    The battle raged on in the Junior Girls class with all 3 top skiers still within a rope length of each other.
    Jack Houston had moved so far into the lead in the Boys class that he was now overtaking the Girls and taking a lap from them. His dominance is remarkable in this class.
    Trevor and Lloyd next caught the ladies, locked in their own battle. Lloyd had to beat Trevor by 55 seconds, so Trevor wasn’t letting him out of his sight.
    Around 26 minutes into the race and Lloyd was now making up 7 seconds a lap on Trevor. By commentary calculations, he needed to keep this up until the last lap to win by just one second and take home the Silver Medal.
    Tayla and Yoliens were still at it, and as the Blue Flag was raised there was just one rope length between them.
    To greet the chequered Flag, to loud applause, was Jack Houston, the first skier to ever win back to back Junior World Championships, with a dominance of 8 World Titles races, for 8 wins all up. The crowd on the bank cheered loudly for him as he skied into history. Will he be our first Kelly Slater ?
    But what of the race for the Silver and Bronze?
    Over the line 44 seconds back, it was to be Lloyd Woolman and the Thundernuts crew, over a minute in front of Trevor Wendt. This gave the young Aussie from Victoria the Silver Medal, by just 12 points from Trevor overall.
    Kelsey Feros also showed her complete dominance taking out her 4th race and a clean sweep of all races to add undisputed, to her World Title’s name.
    Tayla and Yoliens were to finish 2nd and 3rd respectively in this race, but Tayla came home only 5 seconds in the lead. This meant that Yolien could add Silver to her Gold medal from Belgium’s 2009 Worlds. Tayla skied herself into the Bronze Medal position after the two of them really had some great racing over the 4 race series. It only came down to 5 points in the end.
    Both teams did fly bys past an appreciative crowd, proudly holding their Aussie Flags up high and receiving the Aussie war cry back, ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi’ Oi’ Oi’!’

    As the skiers were being interviewed on the main stage and podium area, the Open and Formula 2 Men all converged on the beach area for the last time.
    Christopher Stout had already won the Open Mens Title the day before, with 3 from 3 wins, but still lined up to take on Aussie mate and rival Peter Procter, American Troy Hooker, and Great Britain’s Russell Cox and Dan Ellis.
    The Formula 2 Men were the last class to be decided, with a World Title still up for grabs.
    Aussies Grant Turner and Mark Weaver had absolutely dominated over the previous 3 rounds.
    With only slight leads to Andy Anderson and Cameron King from the USA, Daniel Cotton from Oz, Marc Avella from Spain and Dave Vansteelant from Belgium, heaps of guys were still in the mix for outright medals.
    The crews readied themselves to race and as they all took their grid positions in front of the starter, the massive crowd were on the edge of their seats.
    Go! Was the call over the PA and the Open Men were away !
    As they hit top speed, the F2 crews were also away and racing cleanly.
    The first time around it was to be Chris Stout and Burnin’ by a rope length to Peter Procter and Tru Blue. Following closely in 3rd was Troy Hooker behind Merc Force.
    The F2 men saw the start of the Turner vs Weaver battle for gold. Shooter vs Team Weaver respectively, with two of the best outboard drivers in the World, Peter Lewis and Brent Wisemantel at the wheel.
    The spray was still settling on the other places but Marc Avella, behind Labsport Boats had the slightest lead from Daniel Cotton, behind Atomic Boats, boat 373 towing Andy Anderson, Dave Vansteelant, behind Still Kid’n, Dave Sewell and Bernico Boats and Cameron King, behind boat 73.
    You could throw a blanket over them.
    Around the 10 minute mark the Open Mens placings read Stout & Procter, with nothing in it, followed by Hooker, Cox and Ellis trying to hang onto the 2 flying Aussies.
    In Formula 2 Team Weaver had pulled ahead from Shooter, with 373, Atomic, Labsport Boats, Still Kidn’ and Robertson Racing all still pushing hard behind them.
    Mark Weaver knew that he had to beat Grant Turner by more than 20 seconds and this champion skier was not going to give in. He passed the crowd again and gave a massive wave up, screaming for more speed, building on his lead further.
    Stout v Procter came screaming around the corner again and a huge collective gasp came over the crowd as Peter fell off.
    He was ok and as quickly as possible the guys had him back in his ski and in the water. This was not before the mighty twin rig Tuff N Up tried to drive up the inside of the turn buoy that he was sitting at and choked the propellers in Peter’s rope. Luckily for Peter, they had a spare rope on board, but unlucky for Great Britain’s Russell Cox, who’s race was now effectively over, as the crew tried desperately to clear the tangled mess.
    In F2 Grant Turner and the Shooter boys had caught back up to Mark Weaver, passing just as Peter took off in pursuit of Chris Stout and those valuable overall points.
    They were now followed in 3rd place by Aussie Daniel Cotton and Atomic Boats, Andy Anderson, Marc Avella and Will Newland filling the next placings.
    With 21 minutes left, Peter Procter was starting to make up a little ground on Chris Stout, but the fall meant that they were on the same straight as each other. He was now chasing Troy Hooker, trying to use his incredible fitness to make up ground.
    Then, the unthinkable for Mark Weaver. His crew had a short, unscheduled stop at the far end of the course, virtually handing the title to Grant Turner.
    It was only around 20-30 seconds, but enough to lose all that he’d built up in the race.
    Grant took advantage of his good luck and the Shooter crew flew off into the spray and out of sight.
    With the pressure off him, Chris Stout smartly went into safe mode and Grant, his river racing partner was going so nuts that he overtook him.
    Peter Procter was lapping at about 5 seconds a lap quicker than Chris, desperately chasing Troy.
    As the Blue Flag was raised, it was to be Chris Stout leading Open and great mate Grant Turner leading Formula 2.
    This was to be how it ended too as they both skied past the Chequered Flag, to big cheers from the crowd.
    Chris Stout, winner of all four races of the Worlds Series, became the first ever skier to win a Junior, Formula 2 and Open World Championship with his victory.
    The 2nd and 3rd placings weren’t yet decided in the Open Mens and a quick finishing Peter Procter came home just behind Troy Hooker on corrected time, after receiving a 5% penalty from the Judges for on-course infringements.
    The Silver Medal overall went to Peter Procter and the Tru Blue crew and Troy Hooker left the World Titles as a Bronze Medallist.
    Grant ‘Pidge’ Turner and the Shooter guys were bursting with excitement when they hit the boat ramp as people swarmed to the ramp to congratulate both them and Stouty & the Burnin’ boys on their victories. It was great to see two Queensland Teams on the winner’s podium.
    Also from Queensland, Mark Weaver finished 2nd in the race, even after Team Weaver’s stop, and 3rd place went to Marc Avella from Spain and Labsport Boats.
    Overall Mark Weaver placed 2nd on points and took the Silver medal and Andy Anderson and the crew from 373 claimed the Bronze Medal for the Championships.

    Thank you to everyone that competed, officiated, assisted, sponsored and brought you the 17th World Water Ski Racing Championships.

    Special Thanks to Moreton Bay Regional Council and Mercury Australia, for being the Major Sponsors of the Titles.

    Also to all of those that came and watched and displayed your goods, as well as the massive number of Volunteers that brought the Ski Racing Worlds to Queensland for the first time, for 10 glorious days of racing.

    Thanks to all of the Commentary and Visual & Audio crews, for bringing the Worlds to the World, for those that couldn’t make it Down Under.

    We hope that you took home a lifetime of good memories and had a little taste of Queensland & Australia. Please come back again soon!

    Lastly, to all World Champions and Competitors, thank you for making this a World Titles to remember, with your sportsmanship, goodwill and dedication to your dreams.
    It’s inspiring.

    : ) Wade

    Wayne Mawer: The Next Chapter by Jessica Greenwood

    The article below was written for the 2011 World Championships programme

    In every athlete’s life, there comes a time of monumental decision making; a cross roads. There comes a time to decide what the future will hold; a time to be brave.

    For four-time World Champion, Wayne Mawer, that time came just two months before his 34th birthday. It was October 2008 and the skier was settled back into life in his hometown of Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia. After an incredible career of competitive Water Ski Racing and Wakeboarding, Wayne was finally retired and free for the first time in 12 years to enjoy some sort of relative normality – the kind that only an athlete would appreciate or understand. He was running his own small business, married to his wife, Natalie and together the pair was enjoying life with their young son, Sunny.

    At the time Wayne’s career accolades already included the 1997 IWSF World Water Ski Racing Championship, the 2001 IWSF Pro Wakeboard World Championship and the 2005 the World Wakeboarding Association World Championship – that’s a World Title every four years of his life from the age of 21. So when is it time to stop?

    Wayne’s decision to give one final World Championship a shot wouldn’t have come as a surprise to those people who paid close attention. Wayne started skiing at a very young age, thanks to his father Roy’s great passion for ski racing. The Mawer family and many other Cairns water skiers live and breathe ski racing and Wayne stayed very much involved in the sport, even in retirement. He also stayed fit. Although intense training was a thing of the past, running, cycling and skiing to the reef with his family on the weekends became a part of Wayne’s ‘newly adjusted’ fitness routine.

    But try as he might, Wayne couldn’t stop the determination within and the instinctive drive that comes from the love of competition. “I had been toying with the idea of doing the worlds, especially when I heard they were going to be held in Belgium,” says Wayne. “I had raced in Belgium before and I knew the conditions well.” He also knew what was required to get his body to where it needed to be to compete once again at the top level. With all of that taken into account, Wayne made the life-changing decision to come out of his 12 year retirement from Water Ski Racing, to embark on the biggest challenge of his life. He had nine months to be ready.

    The tight, unforgiving canals of Belgium are renowned for pushing even the most experienced of skiers, observers and boat drivers to their limits. Like a game of chess; one wrong move could cost you the race, or worse, the title. “Racing in Belgium requires an enormous amount of skill and fitness from the skier, and nerves of steel from the driver and observer. The water is rough, choppy and unpredictable,” Wayne explains. The Australian skier would need to be in peak physical and mental condition if he was to win. His training routine was carefully worked into family life and running his small business. “It took a lot of organising and balance to make it work,” he says. Wayne’s training consisted of weights twice a week, cycling three times a week, and skiing three times a week on a fence paling, race ski or freeboard. Being 12 years older this time, the body’s recovery was also a little less forgiving.

    Together with his new team, driver Mark Cranny and observer Damien Matthews, the trio were selected for the Australian team. Having only been racing together for a short time, they quickly grew a strong bond. “Mark and Damien make up one of the most professional teams I have been involved with. As a team, we had been together for nine months; not long in the world of ski racing,” explains Wayne. That mutual respect would turn out to be the most important ingredient when the trio headed to Belgium on July 5, 2009.

    The Australian team that was selected for the Worlds was strong, as were teams from the USA and Belgium. The first race was held at Gent, in Northern Belgium. “Our team’s mechanic had the boat, Tru Blue running perfectly,” Wayne recalls. “Mark and Damien were cool and calm as ever and I was ready to race. Two flags went up and I can remember seeing thousands of people lining the concrete walls and looking down into the boats and I thought, ‘this is it.’”

    The circuit course was marked with single-buoy turns, making the corners very tight and dangerous if they weren’t approached properly. “We used rope lengths for each race between 50 and 60 metres (165 and 195 feet,) and I can remember how fast the first straight felt that day with such a short rope. There wasn’t much wake left for me to ski in,” he says. “As we approached the turn buoy to complete the first lap, we were positioned in pole three, about half a rope length ahead of the field. By the time we pulled out of that turn, we were already more than a rope length behind. This really set the scene for how hard we had to work just to stay in the race.” At around the 40-minute mark, Prime Time, towing American skier, Todd Haig made their charge. Todd finished in first place, Wayne finished second and Dimitri Bertels from Belgium came in third.

    Race two was held in Genk and team Tru Blue had its work cut out for it once again. Cranes winched the boats into the water with enough time to allow the teams to do a pre-race lap for the spectators along the canal. It was during that lap that Mark noticed the right-hand extractor of the engine had a small crack in it. There they were, just 15 minutes before the start of the second race, a race they needed to win, and Mark had a tough decision to make. They could either take the risk, unsure if the engine would handle the hour-long race, or use a substitute boat. In a split second, the crew was heading back to the dock. They would need to swap the intercom, helmets, rope and spare rope into another Australian boat, White Noise, all in just minutes.

    The Australians had a very tough job on their hands, especially considering neither Mark nor Damien had ever raced with the boat before. With the clock ticking, the crew still needed to find a crane driver to winch the boat into the water. After overwhelming help from other Australian teams and with just five minutes before the start of the race, White Noise was finally in the water. “Cranny and Damien got us to the start line just as the 30 second flag dropped. It was really amazing,” recalls Wayne. “We got a clean start and we were in with a shot, taking a slight lead after the first lap. Prime Time was hot on our heels.” But that lead was soon lost, as Prime Time once again took full advantage of the single-buoy turns and traffic, making tight, fast turns. White Noise fought for the lead for the first fifteen minutes of the race, but as the boat traffic got heavier, they began to fall behind. “Cranny decided to move into Prime Time’s wash, where we settled until about the 45-minute mark. Then Damien gave me the signal ‘we have to go.’ We managed to wind them in within three laps and with just one lap until the finish we were racing alongside the Americans. The pressure was on as we both approached the finish line and with only half a lap to go, we were still side by side. With just 300 metres to go, we really put the pressure on and started pulling away,” explains Wayne. In one of the closest finishes in a world title race, White Noise crossed the line first. Todd Haig finished closely behind in second place and crashed straight after he crossed the line. Australian skier Chris Stout came in third place behind No Mercy.

    The third race took place in the beautiful Belgian city of Antwerp. Tru Blue was again running perfectly and the team was ready. This would be the fastest of the four races and was yet another extraordinary show down between Wayne and Todd. “On one side of the course we were hitting speeds of approximately 145 kilometres per hour (90 mph) and on the home straight, speeds were back down to 96 – 112 K/ph (60 -70 mph),” says Wayne. The race came down to the wire with Tru Blue finishing just two seconds ahead of Prime Time.

    After a day’s rest, competitors woke to the morning of the final race. This race would decide the 2009 World Champion. The fourth race was held at Viersel, the home of the annual world-renowned Diamond Race. This canal was the narrowest of all, at just 110 metres wide (360 feet.) Depending on the overall time of the race, the Australians would need to finish within at least two seconds of the Americans to win the World Championship. Wayne recalls the final moments before that race, “Two flags went up and I went into the water. The rope pulled tight and I had a short pause, preparing for the flag to drop.” Away they went. Tru Blue got off to a great start and by the 20 minute mark they were about one rope length in front of Prime Time. That lead increased to about four rope lengths about 35 minutes into the race. At 40 minutes in, Prime Time began closing the gap. Within two laps, they were level with Tru Blue. “Turning around the single-buoy turns with Prime Time right next to us was exhausting, both physically and mentally. Each time we approached the turn among the heavy boat traffic, Prime Time moved to the inside of the course, while Mark stuck close to the wall. This meant the Americans had the lead coming out of every corner,” adds Wayne.

    With two and a half laps to go, Tru Blue became caught up in boat traffic through a corner and fell one rope length behind Prime Time. One rope length soon became four as the Americans continued to pull away. “Urgency became a priority and I knew we had to go. In one lap, we managed to wind in Prime Time by two rope lengths. The blue flag went up indicating one more lap, and we were chasing hard,” recalls Wayne. Todd and Wayne rounded the final turn with half a lap left to decide the 2009 World Title. “My rope length took me about 48 metres (160 feet) behind the boat and I knew we needed to finish at least two seconds behind Prime Time to win,” Wayne explains. On the second half of the final straight Tru Blue made more ground and with only 300 metres left, they were just half a rope length behind Prime Time. Tru Blue was now just metres from Todd. Wayne and Todd were both charging for the finish line. “We had 100 metres to go and the acceleration from Tru Blue was intense,” Wayne recalls. “We had the inside position and I could see the chequered flag when all of a sudden, there was a wall of water and I got a heap of slack rope. As I looked up, I saw Mark do a huge power turn to avoid contact with Todd.” Prime Time had turned in front of Tru Blue, leaving Mark with nowhere to go, forcing Wayne to sink into the water just metres from the finish line. “Mark’s quick thinking avoided a major incident from occurring,” Wayne says. Prime Time had continued on to do another lap, claiming they didn’t see the blue flag. Tru Blue picked Wayne up and pulled him across the line to finish the race. After deliberation, the judges ruled the overall positions – Wayne first, Todd second and Chris Stout third. Wayne Mawer was the new World Champion. But what had happened?

    This is a big question that I know my brother Wayne has asked himself time and time again. When Wayne claimed his first Ski Racing World Championship in Sydney in 1997, he won four out of four races and became the first skier in history to do so. Family and friends watched him cross the finish line first during the deciding race, run up onto the beach and throw his hands into the sky, tears streaming down his face – the new Champion of the World. This incredible victory has inspired all of those people who were there to witness it and continues to do so even today. An unknown skier from Cairns had just beaten the world’s best, and he was just 21 years of age.

    Belgium didn’t unfold like that. It wasn’t the fairytale finish both Todd and Wayne had hoped for. It was however, a privilege for everyone involved to have been able to witness the two fastest men on water fight what they wanted. They both deserve the utmost respect for their incredible guts and determination and while Wayne came away with the World Title, he or Todd would have been worthy of the crown.

    Wayne’s experience in Belgium has made him a stronger person. Back home in Cairns, he is now focusing on growing his small business and spending time with his family. Earlier this year Wayne and his wife, Natalie welcomed a beautiful daughter, Jada into the world. “Life is good. I am enjoying every minute of it.”

    Although his life has changed, Wayne hasn’t ruled out ski racing in the future. His 5-year-old son, Sunny is now ski racing and Wayne also gets out on the water to social ski every chance he can. “Skiing is more than a sport for us, it’s a lifestyle. It will always be a part of my life.”

    In every athlete’s life, there comes a time of monumental decision making; a cross roads, and as my brother now looks towards life beyond ski racing, the possibilities are endless.

    2012 Club Marine Southern 80 is set down for the 10-12th February 2012

    Media Release – February date secured for 2012 Club Marine Southern 80

    The Moama Water Sports Club (MWSC) is thrilled to announce that an agreement has been reached with the sports governing body, Ski Racing Australia (SRA), to stage one of Australia’s largest regional event on the traditional date of the second weekend in February. The date for the 2012 event will be the 10th – 12th of February.

    At the beginning of July, the future of the event was under a cloud due to demands from SRA to shift the date to the last weekend of April coupled with a significant increase to the sanction fee.

    MWSC President, Alan McDonald, said ‘We are able to make this announcement following the constructive meeting with SRA a couple of weeks ago and correspondence since. We are very excited about continuing to build our partnership with SRA and staging the world’s biggest water ski event’.

    The terms of the agreement ultimately reached with SRA are confidential. Many new safety initiatives will be implemented starting from 2012 that have been created to mitigate risks for the competitors and also the general public.

    McDonald said that ‘MWSC and SRA will share the responsibility of ensuring these initiatives are rolled out. Our greatest challenge now is securing the substantial amount of additional funding required to comply with our agreement with SRA in just five months’.

    The MWSC has also been working hand in hand with NSW Maritime over the past months keeping them abreast of all developments relative to safety matters. As a result, an aquatic licence will be issued for the event weekend.

    50th Bridge to Bridge Celebrations

    Liz Langham (B2B Promotions) writes …

    As you may be aware this year marks the 50th running of the Bridge to Bridge Ski Race Classic. In order to mark the occasion there are many celebrations planned to coincide with the race. I have attached a flyer letting you know how you can become involved in the weekends’ events.

    Please feel free to send this out to anyone who you may think will be interested in the 50th running of the race and the celebrations as I only have some contact details, I’m sure you all know many other interested people.


    Liz Langham
    B2B Promotions

    Click on the form below to open the full size PDF
    Click to open the PDF

    11/12 SRNSW Championships Rd 1 Images Available NOW………

    Ski Racing Australia, be proud. Fundraiser for Misty raises more than double the original target !

    Special mention must go to the huge amount of support shown over the weekend and indeed the previous 3 weeks, for sick Hawkesbury region 3 year old, Misty Colwill, who is bravely fighting Cancer.

    Kevin Boylan, Lumpy and Wade Bennett, joined forces and raised a small fortune to help the family get through this hard battle and to let them know that they are not alone.

    Thanks to your generosity and goodwill, we managed to not only hit the original $5000 target, but more than double it, with over $10,600 raised !

    Along with presenting Misty’s Dad with the huge donation, at the Hawkesbury 120, to go towards her Chemotherapy and the bills that come with that, the crowd were then treated to watch both Dave Coldy and Darren Osmotherly have their heads shaved as people bid for further action from the guys.

    Kevin Boylan said ‘Thank you very much to everybody who contributed to Misty’s fundraiser. We would like to finalise everything by this Friday, cheque’s are accepted, made payable to Misty Colwill and can be posted to me 257 Tizzana Road, Ebenezer 2756
    If you require any further information please call me on 0409367251 or 45799304.
    Thanks again for all your generous donations.’

    Please continue to help show that we aren’t just people that race up and down the River, we care about our community as well.

    If you can help this happen further, please call Kevin Boylan or email and lets see Misty and her Family’s lives made easier, to fight this battle for life.

    Let’s keep the love coming !
    Thanks to all !

    2011 Mercury Hawkesbury 120 …….Images by Rob Storum

    Barrie Beehag Ski Race – entry forms now available

    Entry forms for the 2011 Barrie Beehag Ski Race are now available from the Southern 80 web site. The event conducted by the Moama Water Sports Club is on the 19th November 2011. Running on the Murray river between Deep Creek Marina and Torrumbarry Weir and return.

    Entries close for this event on the 7th October 2011.

    Superman dominates at the Mercury Marine H120

    In idyllic Sydney weather, the Mercury Marine Hawkesbury 120 water ski race, has been run and won, in a spectacular and dominant display.
    Darren McGuire’s big black Force, Superman, dominated the race on both days, taking out the Sackville Sprint for pole positions on Saturday, as well as the main race on the Sunday, towing Superstar Daniel Graziano and last year’s outright winner Daniel Campbell.
    Second on both days, nipping at the heels of Superman, was Darren Stewart and the crew of Agitator, racing in the Unlimited Inboard Class. Birthday boy Kris Knights, partnered by Justin Cadden, really had the ever reliable Superclass boat screaming up the river.

    Third place went to the Robertson family crew in Firebird, with Steven and Paul on the skis out the back and Barry & John really making the big Nordic hull get up and boogie on their home water.

    Leo Welch, proud owner of the brand new Mistress, did a great job in making it home 4th Outright, while putting the boat to it’s first test in a major river race. He said that he had a great time in a straight line, trimming the boat out and sitting it on it’s tail, but the corners were a constant learning curve.

    Last year’s Outright winner, Stinga, took out the Under 19 Boys class, with Greg Houston towing his son Jack, the current, defending Junior World Champion and his regular partner in crime in the 2 ups, Ben Hackett, to a fantastic 5th outright. The guys have stepped up out of F2 this year and are sure to be climbing that outright ladder in the not to distant future..

    Special mention must go to the huge amount of support shown over the weekend and indeed the previous 3 weeks, for Hawkesbury 3 year old Misty Colwill, who is bravely fighting Cancer. Kevin Boylan, Lumpy and Wade Bennett, joined forces and raised a small fortune to help the family get through this hard battle and to let them know that they are not alone.
    Along with presenting Misty’s Dad with a huge cheque to go towards her Chemotherapy and the bills that come with that, the crowd were then treated to watch both Coldy and Ozzie have their heads shaved as people bid for further action from the guys.

    Hawkesbury 120 Show and Shine

    The action kicked off on Friday, when Ski Racing NSW conducted a ‘Show & Shine’ of competing boats at McDonalds, McGraths Hill, from 3-5pm.
    There were big crowds and tonnes of polish being dished out, on both Boats and Cars, with the huge grass area along the front of the complex being utilised to show off these entrants in the afternoon Sun.
    There were some fantastic prizes on offer, sponsored by both McDonalds and Coldy’s of McGraths Hill.
    The winner of the Best Inboard prize was the crew from What Inheritance. The twin legged boat is spectacular on its own, but teamed up with an enormous Black F350 Tow Truck, it really was a jaw dropping display.

    The Best Outboard prize went to the Stout Family, with their slick Bernico, Still Kid’n.

    The Under 16 Boys was won by Big Loll, which arrived towed by a matching yellow Hot Rod and tonnes of Balloons.

    The top Junior Girls prize winner went to the crew from Knackers.

    All winning crews were presented with bags absolutely chock full of fantastic prizes, kindly donated by the likes of DC Waterskis, Mercury Australia, HiTec Oils, Force boats, Wizard Wetsuits and many more and all were received very warmly. The Junior Boys and Girls also had prizes awarded to the 2nd and 3rd placegetters too. A huge thanks to all that donated gear for the packs.

    Saturday’s Events

    The Sackville Sprint and President’s Invitational, proved to be a great race, with Superman taking line honours, towing Daniel Graziano and Daniel ‘Boonie’ Campbell, in a race that will be remembered for big crowds and exciting, high speed, quality ski racing action.
    Motor Gremlins saw a huge number of Super Class crews not make the start or finish line. This included Burnin’, Blown Cash, Elm Street, Gassa, Temper and What Inheritance. HellRazor wasn’t there either due to Zig Walmsley’s World Title bid ending, Collar Bone fracture.
    One of the most talked about new rigs this season, 99 Psycho Clowns F1, didn’t even make it to the event when the boat jumped off it’s trailer on the way to Sydney and scraped the brand new Velocity hull and Leg along the road.
    It really left the race open to all challengers and Superman came charging across the line to post a time 3 seconds quicker than Stinga’s, in last years Sprint.
    Commentator Tim Dubois had a radar gun measuring the speed of all of the crews along the home straight and U.S. team, Sudden Force was recorded as the quickest, at 115mph.
    Sudden Force 115mph

    In other exciting racing action earlier in the day, the Mercedes Benz sponsored Unlimited Social Class was taken out by Temper, towing Gerard Atkins & Robbie Skennerton home in a scorching time of 22:46mins. Only 18 seconds behind them, was Kryptonite with Luke Watts & Stuart Cox & 3rd placing went to Superman 2 towing Chris Schneider & Glenn Kennedy.
    The Social Class skiers raced from Windsor Stadium to Sackville and return, the perfect distance for some athletic sprint racing on the silly sticks.

    In MOC Social, Showtime, towing Dane Kemp & Jarryd Tannenberg, won by over 2 minutes from Shane Bru and Jason Summers, behind Running Riot.

    SMOC Social was one of the largest fields in the morning’s racing. Michael Burke’s flying Force hull, Alien Force, towing Phil Muratore and Ben Pearse, came home with the quickest time out of the MOC, SMOC and Formula 2 Outboards, in 25.55mins.

    Agent Orange was over a minute behind, taking the 2nd placing towing Ben Coghlan and Robert Lee. Peter Lewis’s quick little green Lab boat Mercury Pro XS rounded out the top 3, towing Trevor Bray and Susan Cartwright.

    The F2 Social Class was next on the course and Brendan Stout drove Still Kiddin’ to victory, towing Andrew Teal and Dale Jamison. Showtime F2 was home next, almost 2 minutes behind, with Justin Hood and Ryan Burke doing the hard work out the back. Sidewinder grabbed 3rd place, towing Mason Vaughan and Mitch Williams.

    The Mercury sponsored 200hp Class saw the Noosa Heads Team, No Fear, take the win in a quick time for the little white bullet of 29:35mins. Gregory Reason and Peter Harmer did a fantastic job out the back to record the time.
    70mph Social saw Pumped up make up an outstanding 2 minute lead on their opponents by race end. Robert Wilkes and Craig Penney must be wrapped in the team’s Driver, Brad Collins and the way that he shaved the edges of the course to have such a big gap to second placed Resident Evil, in this GPS speed limited class. The big new White Force hull towed Shannon Lewry and Kellie Tiege. Third place in 70mph Social went to the One Vision crew, towing Scott Dixon and Scott Tyrrell.

    The always close, Cassell Marine sponsored, 60mph Class, was the last of the Social classes to run for the morning and Nailed came home victorious towing Courtney & Melanie Grech to the win, only 6 seconds in front of Harassment towing Brayden & Aaron Harris. 3rd in this huge class was Bullseye with Ryan Dubios and Craig Dodge.

    Once the sweep boat had cleared the course, the Veteran, Disabled and Junior Social classes were the next on the program and didn’t disappoint.
    Running in just one direction, from Sackville to Windsor, the Superman crew were first across the line towing super stars Danny Cropper and Kevin Vahtrik, taking 8 seconds off the previous record. Tania Teelow and Rory Brown teamed up behind Twenty Four to take out the second place, just nudging out the twin legged What Inheritance, towing Peter Hunter and Christopher Bennett.
    Senior Social is a new class introduced this year and the quick Racecraft Double Trouble, towing Matthew & Paul Wetsteyn, set the standard with a time of 13:29mins.
    Wade Bennett teamed up with the Queensland crew of the twin rig 2Wild to take out the Disabled class in 14:13mins. He treated the crowd to a drag race to the finish line with Junior Social class skiers Mitch Mulcahy and Jake Vanzetta behind 99 Psycho Clowns F2, who had caught up to Wade over the length of the course, challenging the former Super Class skier as they entered the last straight.

    Mitch and Jake won their class in a time of 13:42 from Rush towing Jack Harrison and Shantelle King and Critta, in 3rd placing, towing Neneh Long and Rachael Stapleton.
    Class 36 was the Under 13yrs Social class and the win went to Coldy’s, towing Jack Coaldrake and Ben Moret. 2nd went to LabDance towing Curtis Horbury and Cooper Robertson and 3rd placing went to Brooke Langham and Ellen Jones.
    Last to hit the course were the super stars of the future in the Under 10 years class. Carter Robertson took the win and the record by 17 seconds behind Robertson Racing, from Grace Jones, behind Out Numbered and Reefway towing Hayden Atkins. Tuff e Nuff came home in 4th place with Daniel Cotton observing for his son Race.

    The scene was now set for Sunday’s racing and after the Presentation, crew’s retired to map out their race plans for the following day and soak up some Hawkesbury River Regional hospitality.


    With the fog lifting early on the Hawkesbury, revealing a Sunny, windless waterway, the main race of the H120 kicked off right on time at 9am, with Superman first boat to leave, in the HiTec Oils sponsored Super Class, thanks to their win in the Sackville Sprint. By the end of the first straight they were already pulling 100mph, as if to taunt the other competitors to ‘..Catch us if you can!’

    Superman starting Sunday

    The rest of the large field of boats from all classes filed off one by one, with most getting away cleanly.
    When the times came back from the halfway mark at Wisemans Ferry, it was Superman with a 32 second lead over Agitator, with Mistress, Firebird and Sudden Force from the USA, all nipping at their heels.

    They increased that lead by another 22 seconds coming home and as the large crowd rose excitedly to their feet, Superman appeared around the final corner on full racing trim, pulling over 112mph. They stormed up the home straight and claimed their prize as 2011 Hawkesbury 120 Champions.
    Superman wins the 2011 H120

    2nd in Super Class was the Mistress, notching up a 4th outright time on the boat’s first major race. It’s so great to have the Welch’s back in the mix again, after losing the old Everingham hull at the Barry Carne Memorial at Wagga Wagga in 2010.
    Firebird and The Mistress finishing the 2011 H120

    First in Unlimited Inboard and 2nd outright was Agitator, with Justin Cadden and Kris Knights looking pretty stoked with the result. The Robertson Family, raced the super quick and super reliable Firebird into 2nd place and 3rd outright in this class. Prima Donna and Nick Feros made a bit of a guest appearance in the Unlimited Class, driving his big F21 Force hard. Nick towed Zac Burns and Kevin Vahtrik, with Hawkesbury legend himself Danny Cropper doing the observing, into 3rd place.
    Agitator finishing the 2011 H120

    In the B.A.W. Transport sponsored Under 19 Boys Class, it was Ben Hackett and current Junior boys World Champion Jack Houston all of the way, behind Jack’s Dad Greg’s boat Stinga. These two superstars won the class by a staggering 10 minutes, from Smellit and came in to record the 5th fastest time of the day. Strictly Marine came in in third place in this class, towing Sam Handley and Ryan Campbell.
    Team Stinga Racing finishing the 2011 H120

    Nothin’ But took out the 6 Litre Inboard class, sponsored by the Hawkesbury Hotel. Chris Bennett and Peter Hunter can really hang on behind this little rocket. Kryptonite followed them home towing Luke Watts and Stuart Cox again, after a 2nd outright result in Unlimited Social the day before. 3rd place went to the Racecraft team towing Matthew Wetsteyn and Nicholas Davoll.

    DC Waterskis sponsored the Unlimited Outboard class. Joel Massey and Adam Schmidt skied brilliantly to take the win behind Andy Smith’s twin rig 2Wild.Tuff-N-Up grabbed the 2nd place with Delinquent Racing rounding out the top 3.

    The 8 Litre Expert class saw Aiden Cuff and James ‘Ringo’ Hogben reunited as partners and taking the win behind Blastn’, with Kyle Mansfield and Wade Stratton close behind them with XS Cash. Double Trouble rounded out the top 3 in 8 Litre, with a top ski by Kayne Partridge and Paul Wetsteyn.
    Evinrude BRP sponsored the MOC Class and the winner was Running Riot with some really consistent times. With Adam Kruse and Stewart Tobin skiing, they managed to record each-way times with just 5 seconds difference. 2nd in MOC was Cyclone Raicey followed by Showtime.

    One of the largest classes of the weekend was the Mercury Marine sponsored SMOC class. Peter Lewis is always a fierce driver and he also managed to record almost identical times both up and back with just a 9 second difference. 2nd went to the crew of Alien Force from Victoria, and 3rd place in this hotly contested class went to Adrian Royston and Alex Handley behind the brand new Bustin’ Out.
    In the F2 Class, two of our brightest hopes at the 2011 World Championships, Lauren Eagle and Leanne Campbell, skied behind Brent Wisemantel’s Tuff-e-Nuff, helping him and Fyfie to go back to back in this class after a top win the year before. Second place in this huge class went to Mason Vaughn and Mitch Williams behind Sidewinder. With Envy also towed another Aussie F2 Womens World Title skier in Tania Teelow, accompanied by Paul Bruton to a great 3rd place.

    In the 5.2 Litre class it was Culprit towing Brad Worsley and Shannon Gane all the way and in the Stock 6 Litre Class the winning team of The Sting 2 towed Clayton Witney and Dale Hally had a similar trouble free run.
    Coldy’s sponsored the Expert Under 16 boys and just breaking the hour, by under a second was the crew from Underbelly, towing Ben Atkins and Jesse Burns. 2nd place went to The Edge, towing Codey Wood and Cameron Osbourne and in 3rd place was the Victorian crew from 99 Psycho Clowns F2 with Mitch Mulcahy and Jake Vanzetta rounding out a successful weekend’s racing for the guys.

    The Open Womens class saw dramas at the start line for Trudi Stout and Sarah Teelow after they sent the Prime Time Trailer off to the half way at Wisemans… with both of their race skis inside ! The girls made the start line in the end thanks to some generous racers offering their skis, posting an almost 3 minute lead at the half way mark. Alas, Lady luck really wasn’t smiling on them on the way home either, but they still managed a great 4th place.

    The winners in the open Womens Class were Madeleine Brien and Jessica Tidswell behind Billy Brien’s twin rig, Ring of Fire. 2nd went to Precision towing Ashlee Debakker and Tayla Luhrmann and 3rd placing was secured by Rapid Pulse, towing Seanne Kelly and Latasha Gane.

    Cowper Smash Repairs sponsored the Under 19 girls division and the winner there was Smack That, towing Jessica Wood and Sarah Brooks, followed home by Shot Gun with Kelsey Feros and Dani Coyte out the back.

    In the Under 16 Girls class Crystal Gordon and Jessica Smith came home miles in front of 2nd placed Knackers, towing Bree Turner and Kaitlin Harrigan. A big thanks to McDonalds, McGraths Hill for sponsoring this and many other classes, as well as hosting the Show and Shine on Friday.
    200hp Class saw the Queensland crew from No Fear, scrape in by just 4/100ths of a second from Tantrum towing Mike Dart and Shane Russo.
    The ever popular 70mph class was won by Team Hercules, towing Luke Nixon and Allen Morris. 2nd place went to Big Smoke Racing, with the big Everingham hull towing Joshua Hargraves and Mitchell Emery. In 3rd place was the crew from Kaoed.

    The Under 13 Boys class saw Jack Coaldrake and Ben Moret backing up their win the previous day, in a great display of ski racing. 2nd place went to Wyatt Horbury and Sam Perry behind LabDance F2 and 3rd went to Big Loll towing Michael Boylan and Luke Harrison.

    In the Under 13 Girls class the win went to Tripple 666 towing Brooke Langham and Ellen Jones in a quick time, taking a massive amount off the previous record. Korrupt was next with Brooke Hammond and Emma Barnes, with their Dads Steve and Neville driving and observing for them and in 3rd place was Out Numbered towing Grace Jones and Milana Long.

    60mph Class was the last class to race home and as usual it was a close race. When the spray settled it was Bullseye with a 30 second advantage, towing Ryan Dubois and Craig Dodge across for the win. They were followed by Peter Frankland and Ashley Mortel behind Too Ezy and Burn N Wood towing Caroline Linden and Craig Ashworth claimed 3rd place.

    The Presentation included some side entertainment as both Dave Coldy and Darren Osmotherly lost their locks for charity, raising even more money for Misty and her battle with Cancer. All up over $10,600 was raised. Thank you to everyone that contributed, you’ve definitely made a difference taking a massive burden from her Family’s medical and care bills.

    Pink Finns were also fund raising for Women and Breast Cancer, with a charity BBQ operating all day and raising over $2000.

    Thank you to the event’s major sponsors, Mercury Marine and HiTec Oils and to all business that held trade displays and sponsored the various classes.

    Thank you also to everyone involved in staging, judging, officiating and of course competing, making this, the first of the 2011-2012 Super Series river race classics, an outstanding success.
    We hope to see you all back for the Feros Hotels 50th Bridge to Bridge water ski race in November ! It’s going to be huge !

    Photography c./ Julie Tegart, Michael Geddes, Wade Bennett

    Hawkesbury 120 this Weekend

    On 27th & 28th August 2011 you can do or watch the the Longest 2-up River Ski Race Classic. From Windsor to Wiseman’s & back, the 2011 Hawkesbury 120 is set for speed.

    Click here for full details

    11/12 SRNSW Championships Rd 1 – Wisemans Ferry……..Images by Rob Storum

    Aussie Ski Racers show how to dig deep for Misty. 1 week left until the H120 to donate !

    We have started to help a very sick little 3 year old girl called Misty, in the Hawkesbury Region, who has Cancer, but to do even more we need your help ! … By next weekend’s Hawkesbury 120.

    As we all know, this is a very long, expensive fight for life and Misty’s Family are looking down the barrel of losing their Family home.

    Our very own Ski Racing NSW practical joker, Dave Coldy, originally offered to fore-go his flowing locks at the Mercury Marine H120 ski race, but only at a price!

    He wouldn’t do it for less than $5000 !
    Guess what ?!..
    The warm hearted generosity of Ski Racers, has so far raised $8070 !!

    We now ask your help to hit the magic $10,000 number and double, (or even triple ??) our original target, before the H120, in a week’s time !

    Please continue to help show that we aren’t just people that race up and down the River, we care about our community as well.

    If you can help this happen, please call Kevin Boylan on
    M: 0409 367 251
    H: 4579 9304
    or email and lets see Misty and her Family’s lives made easier, to fight this battle for life.

    Please keep the love coming !

    Let’s blow them away @ the H120 when they are presented with the proceeds.

    Here is the list of generous people who are contributing to Misty’s fundraiser so far.

    Thanks to all !

    Please call Boylo on
    M: 0409 367 251 H: 4579 9304
    and add yourself to the pledge list that he’s compiling.

    1. Boylo $100.00

    2. Kelly Bickerton $100.00

    3. Lumpy $150.00

    4. Matt Jones $200.00

    5. Dave Langham $100.00

    6. Wayne Harrison $250.00

    7. Rob Brooks $200.00

    8. Rowen Smith $200.00

    9. Gary Hayes $200.00

    10. Greg Houston $200.00

    11. Matt Wastle $100.00

    12. Shane Crook $100.00

    13. Danny Cropper $100.00

    14.Steve Wallace $100.00

    15.Mick & Vanessa $100.00

    16.Craig Turner $100.00

    17. Hawkesbury Radio $250.00

    18. Pat Long and Family $200.00

    19. Mick & Maureen Cardwell $100.00

    20. James Bigeni $200.00

    21. Wendy Feros $100.00

    22. Trent Eastgate $100.00

    23. Graham Keys $100.00

    24. Steve Greentree $200.00

    25. Peter Hunter $100.00

    26. Water Ski Racing NSW First Aid $100.00

    27. Mark Jordan $500.00

    28. Nathan Miller $100.00

    29 Team Target $150.00

    30. Tim & Chris Dominguez $ 50.00

    31. Troy & Ann Kennedy $100.00

    32. Peter & Ann Moret $100.00

    33. Darren Wells $200.00

    34. Murray & Dee Hackett $100.00

    35. Mark and Sharon Jamison $100.00

    36. Cassell Marine $500.00

    37. TR MarineWorld $100.00

    38. Phillip McDonnell $100.00

    39. Les Sheather $100.00

    40. Stephen Sheather $20.00

    41. Craig Kilby $ 50.00

    42. Craig & Katrina Wood $100.00

    43. Daniel McMahon & Team Psycho Clown $500.00

    44. Brian & Kerrie Nutley $200.00

    45. Garry Murphy Superman 2 $100.00

    46. John Robertson & Family (Priv)

    47. Teggart Family $ 100.00

    48. Vicki Hargraves $ 50.00

    49. ??? YOU ??

    Your challenge..Dave Coldy to be Shaved Bald, if we hit the $5000 mark by the H120

    Let’s make “COLDY’S” head a queue ball for charity @ the H120 !

    There is a very sick little 3 year old girl called Misty, in the Hawkesbury Region, who has Cancer.
    As we all know, this is a very expensive fight for life and Misty’s Family are looking down the barrel of losing their Family home.

    We have decided to help, but to do that, we need your help !

    Our very own Ski Racing NSW practical joker, Dave Coldy, will fore-go his flowing locks at the Mercury Marine H120 ski race, but only at a price !

    He wont do it for less than $5000 ! He reckons that he’s safe.. reckons that you guys wont dip into your pockets HA ! LET’S CALL HIS BLUFF !!
    …we have raised $ 2500 after just 1 radio show, but need your help to hit the magic number before the H120 !

    If you can help this happen, call Kevin Boylan on
    M: 0409 367 251
    H: 4579 9304
    or email and lets see Coldy shine !

    ** We only have two weeks ! Let’s dig deep for Misty and make Coldy into a Chrome Dome @ the H120 race weekend ! … you know you want to see it !! haha

    Here is the list of generous people who are contributing to Misty’s fundraiser so far. Thanks to all !

    Please call Boylo on
    M: 0409 367 251 H: 4579 9304
    and add yourself to the pledge list that he’s compiling.

    1. Boylo $100

    2. Kelly Bickerton $100

    3. Lumpy $150

    4. Matt Jones $200

    5. Dave Langham $100

    6. Wayne Harrison $250

    7. Rob Brooks $200

    8. Rowen Smith $200

    9. Gary Hayes $200

    10. Greg Houston $200

    11. Matt Wastle $100

    12. Shane Crook $100

    13. Danny Cropper $100

    14.Steve Wallace $100

    15.Mick & Vanessa $100

    16.Craig Turner $100

    17. Hawkesbury Radio $250

    18. Pat Long and Family $200.00

    19. Mick & Maureen Cardwell $100.00

    20. James Bigeni $200

    21. Wendy Feros $100.00

    22. Trent Eastgate $100.00

    23. Graham Keys $100.00

    24. Steve Greentree $200.00

    25. Peter Hunter $100.00

    26. Water Ski Racing NSW First Aid $100.00

    27. Mark Jordan $500

    28. Nathan Miller $100

    29 Team Target $150

    30. Tim & Chris Dominguez $ 50.00

    31. Troy & Ann Kennedy $100.00

    32. Peter & Ann Moret $100.00

    33. Darren Wells $200.00

    34. Murray & Dee Hackett $100.00

    35. Mark and Sharon Jamison $100

    36. Cassell Marine $500

    37. ??? YOU ??

    Thanks to everyone that has already donated !


    2011 Southern 80 & 2011 Australian Titles – Images NOW Available

    Images by

    Vote here for Wakeboarding to be one of the Sports @ the 2020 Olympic Games

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    The International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) was recognised by the IOC in 1967 and, since then, it has grown to include over 90 member nations and organise a number of international competitions. Of the eight sports vying for inclusion, wakeboarding is the only watersport and its popularity is growing worldwide. IOC president Jacques Rogge said the sport “provides great entertainment for the spectators and adds further youthful appeal,” but will that be enough to see it included in the 2020 programme?


    Squash’s campaign for a place on the 2020 sports programme has been led by one of the sport’s legends, six-time World Open champion Jahangir Khan. President of the World Squash Federation (WSF) until 2008, Khan believes that, while squash has been trying for inclusion for several years, it should be included “on merit.” Now, the WSF has turned to Vero Communications, run by public relations strategist Mike Lee, who previously worked on the successful summer Olympic bids for London 2012, Rio 2016 and the Qatar 2022 football World Cup bid, as well as the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Having narrowly missed out on the 2012 and 2016 Games, will it be a case of third time lucky?

    Sport Climbing

    While many in the climbing world doubt whether the sport will actually be included in nine years time, merely being considered by the IOC is widely regarded to be a huge step forward for the multi-discipline event. In 2007, the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) was recognised as the world governing body for the sport, giving the newcomers the necessary organisational backing in the face of widespread criticism. Amongst other things, huge costs to build venues, a lack of popularity and doubts about broadcasting appeal have been outlined as reasons why the sport will not be included come 2020. However, despite its opposition, the sport remains popular in Europe and is growing rapidly, so will it be chosen when the IOC meet to announce the winner in Buenos Aires, 2013?

    Roller Sports

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    *source – Sports Pro Media

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    Ski Racing Nsw –

    Unfortunately, we have to announce that we have had to cancel the Grand Prix to be held at Kanahooka, Sunday, August 7, due to there not being enough entries.

    We will try to hold the next Grand Prix so our World Team can at least get another race under their belts before the Worlds start, if there are the numbers available.

    Our apologies for any inconvenience caused, but entry numbers are not sufficient for expenses. Please enter early for the next Grand Prix.

    Ken Cheetham

    Mercury Marine H120 – Show and Shine Event & Prize details

    Click here for the Show & Shine Flyer


    Come along and show off your Boat & Team on the eve of the Big Race!









    Prizes will be awarded at 5 pm
    There will be great prizes for 2nd & 3rd place too !


    Ski Racing NSW held the 2010-2011 Presentation Day at Sackville Ski Gardens for all class winners for the season, along with many other awards.

    A massive thank you to all that attended and also to those that sponsored, officiated, supported and competed this last season. Congratulations also to all Hi Tec Oils Series Class competitors on a fantastic season of racing.

    The Junior Development camps and days have been an outstanding success, proven by the average age of skiers that have taken home honoured trophy’s from the day.

    * Thanks to Brooke Gray for the pics of the day.

    Outstanding Achievement awards were presented to the following skiers.

    • Male Skier of the Year – Jack Houston

    Current Junior Boys World Champion, Jack had an absolutely perfect season of World Selection results and his lead up to defend his World Title in Queensland in September looks set to roll on. He just gets better and better.
    Jack won 3 National Titles at the Hi Tec Oils Australian Titles in April, amongst a constantly rising plethora of other titles at the State level, in both Speed and Marathon disciplines. He added another 3 NSW Titles to the booty claimed this season too.
    He is moving to another level in facing the challenge of racing the U19’s this season, only missing out on the National Title by 2 seconds to Jake Tegart. Also running in Under 19’s, Jack came 2nd in the 1 up Bridge.
    Jack and Ben Hackett/Luke Keys have either won or placed in nearly every F2 Social and Expert race behind Brent & Fyfie and Tuff e Nuff at the Sydney B2B, H120, Mildura and other majors all over Australia.
    He won this prestigious Male Skier of the Year Title last Season as well.

    • Female Skier of the Year – Ann Procter – (Kennedy)

    Ann, 4 time World Champion, added some more prestigious Silverware to her Cabinet taking out the Female Skier of the Year title for season 2010-11.
    Ann won a total of 4 Titles at the Hi Tec Oils Australian Speed & Marathon Titles, becoming the most trophied skier of the titles.
    Her performance at the World Course Trial in Sept 2010 saw an incredible display of fitness, beating #1 Aussie World Team selection Lauryn Eagle soundly.
    Her performances throughout the season were always at an elite level, won with the ease and grace of a true champion. She added another couple of NSW Titles to her collection this season as well as a 2nd placing in F2 in the 1 up Bridge, amongst many others.

    • Junior Male Skier of the Year – Jamie Moret

    C./ Brooke Gray Images

    Jamie has had a great season and should be very proud of his results and achievements.
    He took out the Australian Title for Under 16 Boys in April. Qualifying as reserve for the Junior Boys division at the upcoming World Titles would have to have been a highlight too, after some great skiing in the Selection Series races Oz wide.
    In the Majors he partnered Brayden Jameson, behind Idle Wild. At the Southern 80 they took home 1st placing in Junior Boys and 2nd at the Mildura 100, Sydney Bridge to Bridge and the 2010 H120.
    He went solo for the 2011 NSW Titles & 1 Up Bridge to Bridge and won Under 16 Boys, behind Seven at both.
    He also competed at the Grand Prix, Region V & SRNSW Series’, with great success.

    • Junior Female Skier of the Year – Shantelle King

    C./ Brooke Gray Images

    Shantelle is definitely a skier with plenty of guts and grit and she showed that in the SRNSW Series, State Titles, Majors and Nats.
    This season Shantelle won both the Australian and NSW Title in Under 13 Girls and Under 13 classes, partnered by Jack Harrison, in the majors, behind Rush.
    They partnered for a great 2nd place, just 7 seconds behind the winner at the 2011 GTS Mildura 100, and broke the record at the Southern 80 and Grafton Bridge to Bridge (behind Seven) in Under 13’s. This season included an almost 2 & 1/2 minute win at the 2010 H120.
    Individually, Shantelle showed her fitness & stamina when she won the under 13 girls class at the 1up Bridge.
    She has shown herself to be a force to be reckoned with in Junior Girls and above too, even placing 7th in the Open Womens division at the NSW Titles.

    • Most Improved Skier Male – Brayden Jameson

    C./ Brooke Gray Images

    Brayden competed at SRNSW events & Region V this season and was improving very quickly, reflected by his lap times, all season long.
    He came in for a great 2nd placing in Open Men’s, right behind Zig Walmsley at the 2011 National Titles. Brayden also came 4th in Unlimited Outboard, also behind Tuff N Up at the Titles.
    At the Club Marine Southern 80 & Sydney Bridge to Bridge, Brayden teamed up with superstar Jamie Moret to win the Under 16 Expert behind IdleWild. 2nd at Mildura and the 2010 H120, again partnering Jamie, the only way is up for Brayden from here.

    • Most Improved Skier Female – Jessica Wood

    C./ Brooke Gray Images

    Jess won the Most Improved Female Skier of the year for the impressive performance that she showed us on the water this year.
    She started this last season behind Nutcracker, partnered by Sarah Brooks, at the 2010 H120 where they came 2nd in Social Womens and they won the class at the Sydney Bridge to Bridge too. She won the 1 up Bridge in Under 16 girls behind The Edge and came home with 2nd in Under 19 Girls at the Southern 80.

    • Boat of the Year – Superman

    C./ Brooke Gray Images

    Darren McQuire and the Superman crew had a fantastic season, rounding it out with the award for the SRNSW Boat of the Year.
    One of the most consistent Superclass boats running in Australia, the big F21 Force has also been selected to tow both Lauryn Eagle and Jack Whitton at the 2011 World Titles in September in Queensland.
    Consistently in the top 5 in Super Class at the Majors, towing Daniel Cotton & Daniel Graziano, the change to the new hull has been a winning move. The boat runs all over the State and Country including the SRNSW Series, Grand Prix, Nats and State Titles coming home with a swag of trophies wherever they go.

    Boat of the year:

    1. Superman
    2. Tuff E Nuff
    3. Stinga
    4. Shotgun
    5. Seven


    • Outright 2 up Team – Stinga

    C./ Brooke Gray Images

    Greg Houston and Kevin Boylan, crewing the mighty Super Class boat Stinga, are always a force to be reckoned with when it comes to 2up racing. This was the season that Greg made the move to a brand new Force hull, retiring the old Connelly, after what can only be described as a stellar career. To win the Bridge to Bridge once is an honour, but 6 times is the stuff of legends. The sport would be poorer without the Team Stinga presence. The upcoming months will see the crew in readiness for the 17th World Titles in Qld.

    Ski Racing NSW congratulates all crews on an awesome season’s racing !

    F2 Winners – Team 50

    c./ Brooke Gray Images

    Dave Coldy

    c./ Brooke Gray Images

    Tiny Tots Encouragement Award – Carlie Stapleton

    c./ Brooke Gray Images

    Under 19 Girls – 2nd – Nutcracker

    c./ Brooke Gray Images

    Kenny Cheetham

    c./ Brooke Gray Images

    1st – 2Up 6 Litre – Loosin’ it

    c./ Brooke Gray Images

    Most run out of fuel – Steven Coyte – Shotgun

    c./ Brooke Gray Images

    Tim Dubios

    c./ Brooke Gray Images

    2nd – 2Up Under 16 Boys – Pop & Me

    c./ Brooke Gray Images

    Kevin Boylan

    c./ Brooke Gray Images

    Robert Brooks

    c./ Brooke Gray Images

    Gary Hazy

    c./ Brooke Gray Images

    All pictures, Copyright.* Brooke Gray

    Racer of the Fortnight – Jack Houston

    Aussie Ski Racer, Jack Houston, took some time out of his busy training schedule, to sit in the Racer of the Fortnight hot seat and answer some questions about his stellar career so far and what’s next for the current, defending, Junior Boys World Champion.

    What team are you from / do you ski with ?
    Team Stinga Racing / Tuff-e-Nuff

    When did you start ski racing ?
    When I was 8 in 2002

    Where are you from ?
    I am from Wilberforce, Sydney, NSW.

    Do you get much on water training there ?
    Only about once a week. Botany Bay is where I do most of my on water training

    How do you prepare for each race?

    I have a set routine in the morning, which involves 3 Weetbix when I get up. Before a race, I like to isolate myself from everyone else, I have a certain warm-up and stretching session and I eat a packet of red frogs and a banana.

    What classes do you like to compete in most ?

    Junior Boys, Social Men, F2.

    Which race venues do you enjoy racing at the most and why ?

    The Hawkesbury River, because its basically my home and Botany Bay because this is where I do mostly all of my on water training.

    What sort of titles / championships do you have under your belt ?

    I have won 5 NSW State Titles, 6 Australian Titles and 1 Junior Boys World Title.

    Who’s been your biggest influence on your ski racing career?

    My father has been my biggest influence on my ski racing career. When I was younger I was inspired by him winning all of these races like the Bridge to Bridge, driving the boat ‘Stinga”. One day I wanted to ski behind him and win some races of my own, so I stepped on a race ski, raced my first race and won. It also happened to be my first National Title too.
    I loved the feeling of winning so I kept at it and my ability grew and grew as well as my love for the sport. This then got me to achieving my goal of getting to the top of winning a World Championship.
    Without my father pushing me along I wouldn’t be where I am today. And I am sure that I have the same influence on him because if I weren’t racing, he wouldn’t be either.

    What’s a memorable moment, ski racing, that you would like to share?

    The most memorable moment for me was in 2009, winning my first ever World Championship. I will never forget the fourth race at Viersel, when I crossed that line, the pride that I felt was like nothing else, because I knew that I had truly achieved my goal.
    That moment was even more special because I had my family and my close friends by my side throughout my whole campaign.

    What are the challenges for you each race?

    Well being the current World Champion, my biggest challenge is my competition. All of my competitors are out to get me on the water and beat me.
    It is almost like I have a big target on my back, and I have to make sure that they don’t reach that target.

    What drives you mentally to train and grow as an athlete ?

    The feeling of winning keeps me going because there is nothing better than winning in my eyes and if I don’t feel like I have skied well or have gotten beaten. I will go to the gym the day after and train as hard as I can until I feel like I am ready to do my best again.

    If a younger or newer competitor was coming through the ranks what piece of advice would you offer?

    I would try to stress to them that it is important that no matter how big your goal may be, if you put the time and effort in, you can achieve that goal.

    Do you have some hidden talent ?

    I do! I can play the guitar and I can draw fairly well too. But other than that I am not too good at anything else.

    What are your goals for 2011 and beyond ?

    My ultimate goal at the moment is to win the 2011 World Championships in Queensland and to become the first Skier to win two Junior World Titles in a row. I have already achieved my first step of being the number 1 skier for Australia in Junior Boys.

    Would you like to thank any supporters or sponsors?

    I would like to thank DC Waterskis, Wizard Wetsuits and Coldy’s for supporting me. Without them my Worlds campaign would not be possible.
    Also my family and the Keys family for taking me training, also the Boylan family for their contributions.

    ** Footnote..- Jack has just won Intermediate Mens @ Catalina 2011, backing up from his win last year in Juniors. He has also won the SRNSW Male Skier of the year for the 2nd time in a row.

    …Some movies of Jack in action..

    Team Stinga Racing @ the 2009 Belgium Worlds (part 1)

    Team Stinga Racing @ the 2009 Belgium Worlds (part 2)

    Jack and Ben Hackett behind Team 50/ Tuff e Nuff @ the 2010 Mildura 100

    Jack and Ben Hackett finishing Grafton Bridge to Bridge 2009

    Gosford World Team Selection Race 2008

    *Photography kindly contributed by Linda Keys, Rob Storum, Vanessa Eyles, Billy Lacroix, Craig Coffey, Kate Houston

    2011 GTS Freight Management Mildura 100 & 2011 Bridge To Bridge 1UP……..Images Available NOW







    Ski Racing Victoria AGM

    ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Ski Racing Victoria

    The AGM for SRV will be held on Wednesday 3rd August, 2011 at the Skyways International Hotel, Melrose Drive, Airport West commending at 7.00pm.

    Meals are available in the Bistro prior to the meeting.

    Please come along and show your support for your committee.

    The agenda and blank Proxy Form is available on the web site . Please note there is no vote required for Directors to the board of SRV as there were four nominations received to fill vacancies of four of the outgoing directors.

    Any questions please contact our secretary or any of the SRV board members.


    David Bishop
    Acting Chairperson
    Ski Racing Victoria

    Mercury Racing donate Outboard Motor for World Titles Fundraising

    In a generous and warmly received donation towards the success of the 17th World Water Ski Racing Championships, Mercury Outboards have generously donated an $18,000, 150hp Mercury Optimax Outboard motor, for someone to win !

    There are a maximum of 2000 tickets to go on sale @ only $10 a ticket, or $100 for an entire book of ten.

    The winner of this fantastic prize will be drawn at the World Titles Closing Ceremony on September 18th.

    All proceeds will go towards the running of the World Titles, which are proudly sponsored by the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

    If you would like to help join in the success of Queensland’s 1st ever World Titles and would like to help sell, or indeed purchase some tickets, please contact Eloise Anderson @

    Many of the Australian Team Members also have a book of tickets to sell.

    The 17th World Water Ski Racing Championships will be held @ Pelican Park, Redcliffe, Qld, from the 9th – 18th September.

    For more info and event details please go to

    SRA Membership renewal notice

    All Ski Racing Australia members, you should have received your SRA renewal notice via email by now, however there have been quite a few enquiries about when they were being sent.

    If you have not received your SRA Membership renewal by email then please contact SRA @ or Phone 02 6259 9548

    Office Hours are Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm

    It is important that you follow up with SRA, either they don’t have your correct email address or you have recently changed your email address.

    Ski Racing Australia website – click here

    2011 World Championships – Bulletin #2

    The 2nd official bulletin for the 2011 World Water Ski Racing Championships is now available below.

    Mercury Marine Hawkesbury 120 Entry Forms & Event Info available here.

    Mercury Marine Australia

    With the end of the 10-11 season still fresh in our minds, it’s onward to the first of the Super Series races for 11-12, the Mercury Marine Hawkesbury 120.

    Mercury Marine Australia have come on board as the Major sponsor of this year’s H120 race, and we cant thank them enough for their support.

    Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th August 2011
    Windsor to Wiseman’s & Return

    T h e L o n g e s t 2 u p R i v e r S k i R a c e C l a s s i c

    With both Saturday and Sunday jam packed with top quality racing, the Sackville Sprint will contest of all the Super Class boats, racing from Sackville to Windsor on Saturday afternoon. Their time will determine the start order for Sunday’s H120 main event.

    An additional 15 boats will be invited to join the sprint to keep the Super Class teams honest and also assist with their start positioning for Sunday’s race.

    It’s guaranteed to be an exciting spectacle not to be missed.

    ***Entries Close 30th July 2011***

    Schedule of Events

    ** Friday

    Team Registration – Pick up Race Packs
    Scruitineering – Only for boats that do not have their SRA Log Book.
    Time: 10:30am to 4:00pm
    Venue: Club House Governor Phillip Park, Windsor

    Friday Night Race Launch
    Time: 3:00pm to 7:00pm then stay for dinner
    Venue: Macquarie Arms Hotel (Windsor) – 120 Race Sponsor
    Nominated Boats on Display
    Merchandise Available
    BRP Product Display
    All Competitors and Spectators Welcome.

    ** Saturday

    Briefing for Social Class Entries
    Time: 7:00am sharp
    Venue: Club House Governor Phillip Park, Windsor

    Saturday Social Class Racing
    Start Time: 9:00am sharp

    Briefing for Veterans and Juniors – 10:30am
    Briefing for Sackville Sprint and invitational Events
    Time: 12:00pm sharp
    Venue: Sackville Gardens

    Saturday Sackville Sprint and Invitational Class Racing
    Start Time: 1:00pm sharp

    Presentation – for all Saturday’s racing
    Time: 3:00pm
    Venue: Governor Phillip Park, Windsor

    ** Sunday

    Briefing for all Competitors
    Time: 7:00am sharp
    Venue: Club House Governor Phillip Park, Windsor

    Sunday Racing

    Ramp Closes 8:00am
    Start Time: 9:00am sharp

    12:00pm Approximate Time set for the return leg from Wisemans Ferry
    Presentation – for all Sunday’s racing
    Time: 300pm
    Venue: Governor Phillip Park, Windsor

    EXPERT – Sunday
    Windsor – Wiseman’s return
    Unlimited Inboard
    Unlimited Outboard
    Under 8 Litre Inboard
    MOC Outboard
    Under 6 Litre Inboard
    Stock 6 Litre Inboard
    SMOC Outboard
    5.2 Ltr I/B & 6 Cyl I/B Expert
    F2 Outboard Expert
    2.5 Litre Outboard Expert
    Open Women’s
    16-19 Boy’s
    16-19 Girl’s
    Junior Boys Under 16’s
    Junior Girls Under 16’s
    Sub Junior Boy’s Under 13’s
    Sub Junior Girl’s Under 13’s
    70 M/ph Class Expert
    60 M/ph Class Expert

    SOCIAL – Saturday
    Windsor – Sackville & return
    Unlimited Inboard Social
    Unlimited Outboard Social
    5.2 & 6 Litre Inboard Social
    MOC Outboard Social
    SMOC Outboard Social
    Stock 6 Litre Inboard Social
    2.5 Litre Outboard Social
    Women’s Social
    6 Ltr M/m 6 Cyl I/B Social
    70 M/ph Social
    60 M/ph Social

    SATURDAY – Sackville to Windsor
    Veterans Over 40’s Expert
    Senior Social
    Tadpoles Under 10’s
    Juniors Under 16’s Social
    Sub Juniors Under 13’s Social

    Sackville Sprint
    SRNSW Inc. Invitational

    ***Entries Close 30th July 2011***

    2011 general entry sheet

    2011 Mercury Marine H120 Entry Form
    2011 Schedule of Events Mercury Marine H120

    Entry Enquiries:
    Kerrie Nutley: 0429 634 697
    or Email

    Further information regarding this event can be found at

    You can submit your entries in one of the following:
    • Send via mail to Ski Racing NSW:
    By Fax: (02) 6863 4697
    • By Email –

    Promotion/ Advertising enquiries:
    Andrew Fyfe Ski Racing NSW 0417 027 842

    Speedweek 2011 Oz Titles and the GTS Mildura 100 now online

    Speedweek now has the Hi Tec Oils Australian Titles & Wisemans Ferry selection races and the GTS Mildura 100 online for your viewing pleasure.

    Speedweek Hi Tec Oils Australian Titles

    Speedweek GTS Transport Mildura 100 special

    The Ski 4 Kids with Cancer 2011 Report

    Glenn Geary wrote;  well what a day it was with only 5 Boats starting the 2nd Ski 4 Kids with Cancer ocean race from Sydney to Newcastle after I had received 20 Entries. The day was as being reported all week with clear skies and 9-12 Knott Westerly wind, the swell at Manly was about 1.5 Meters but grew to double that of 3 meters and a couple or rogue waves peaking the 4 meter mark at Newcastle Heads.

    Briefing & Info Sheet for Ski 4 Kids with Cancer this Sunday

    **** Ski 4 Kids with Cancer fundraising give 100% plus to Hunter Medical Research Institute (H.M.R.I.) for research into the most common type of childhood cancer, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L).

    Starting at Shelly Beach in Manly and Finishing at Hogs Breath Cafe in Newcastle Harbour, this is a race for long distance endurance.

    Last year there were 23 Boats entered in the race, and a quality field it was indeed.

    SKI 4 KIDS WITH CANCER 2010 was won by Critta, towing Daniel Graziano in 1:49.20
    2nd Redback Jason Walmsley 1:51.30
    3rd Boat 109 Steve Robertson 1:52.41
    4th Stouty 1:55.56
    5th Ben Hackett 1:59.23

    Money raised was over $3,000

    While there should be quite a few crews using it for crucial training for the Sept World Titles, everyone is welcome to take on the challenge, while also supporting a great cause,

    *same format as last year.

    The only real changes are there will be an earlier Start of 8am and organisers will be encouraging teams events.

    Drop Glenn Geary a line at to register your interest.. to Download the pdf Entry Form & Poster here

    Information on the Event and briefing Sheet Ski 4 Kids with cancer 2011

    The 2011 Australian Water Ski Racing Team

    The team that will represent Australia at the 2011 World Water Ski Racing Championships is:

    Bookmark the 2011 Worlds Web Site

    The web site for the 2011 World Water Ski Racing Championships was launched last year. This is where you should find all team details, race reports, results and other information for the big event.

    As a reminder the URL is and remember you can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the front page and join the 2011 Twitter feed at

    SKI 4 KIDS with Cancer postponed until 19th June.

    SKI 4 KIDS with Cancer has been postponed until 19th June due to huge, rough conditions being forecast.

    This year’s event was to be held on the Sunday of the Queens Birthday long weekend (12th June)


    Hi Guys,

    After consultation with the Royal Volunteer Coast Guard and the BOM, it had regrettably been decided that in the interest of safety for Competitors and Vessels that the Ski 4 Kids with Cancer be postponed for 1 week until the 19th June 2011

    Forecast for Sydney on Sunday Morning and slightly higher for Newcastle is 25-30 Knott winds with swells up to 3 Meters and a Danger Alert for waves close to shore

    At this Stage I have applied for an Aquatic License for the 19th and 26th June as back up dates

    According to the Ski Racing Calender there are no events planned for the Weekend of the 19th and only the SRNSW presentation on the 25th


    If you like I can send you some raffle tickets

    1st prize is $1,000 Gift Voucher Good Guys

    2nd Prize is $500 Gift voucher Good Guys

    3rd Prize is Kids Toys Basket stuffed full

    Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5 (book of 100)

    There is a $600 First Aid Kit to whichever team raises the most money (Donated by Coldys)

    There will also be some great Auction Prizes on the day that will go towards the teams fundraising account

    Up for Auction is heaps of great stuff from Red Rooster Vouchers to a $1,500 pure wool business suit

    Some Skiers are getting donations by getting sponsored per kilometre
    120km at 50cents a Km is $60

    You can pay on the day and HMRI will issue individual receipts for tax

    Or into the Westpac Account at Belmont

    Ski 4 Kids with Cancer
    BSB 032510
    Account 196644

    Make sure we can identify you

    Happy Fundraising

    Please don’t hesitate to call me on my mobile

    Glenn Geary JP

    Mobile 0413-440888
    Shop (02) 49-418000

    Speedweek – SBS – This weekend, Hi Tec Oils Australian Titles

    Don’t miss SBS Speedweek this Sunday (June 5, from 12:30pm AEST), as they take a quick look at a number of classes from the Hi-Tec Oils Australian Speed and Marathon Championships from Wisemans Ferry.

    Also a review of the 2011 World Championship qualifiers, that has decided the Australian team to compete @ Moreton Bay in Queensland, September 10-18.

    The following week will be a show featuring the GTS Transport 2011 Mildura 100.

    ** Please check local guides.

    Speedweek Programming Schedule.

    2011 Australian World Selection Races Rd 6 & 7 Moreton Bay Queensland Australia …….. Images By Rob Storum

    2011 Club Marine Southern 80 & Baker’s Blitz footage online now !

    The Speedweek 2011 Club Marine Southern 80 & Baker’s Blitz footage is now available to view on their website. Check them out !

    2011 Bakers Blitz

    2011 Club Marine Southern 80

    Ski Racing NSW 2010/2011 Presentation Afternoon Booking Form

    Ski Racing NSW 2010/2011 Presentation Afternoon

    Sackville Gardens, Tizzana Rd, Sackville

    Saturday 25th June

    Presentation at 3pm, followed by Dinner in the Marquee at 6pm

    BYO Drinks / DJ
    Ticket Prices
    Adults $30 Children U/16’s FREE

    Bookings Close 17th June 2011 and are essential.

    Ski Racing NSW 2010/2011 Presentation Afternoon
    BOOKING FORM pdf’s in Word and Adobe.

    To book, download the Booking Form

    2011 SRNSW Presentation Booking form ( Adobe Document )

    2011 SRNSW Presentation Booking form ( Word Document )

    Bookings to Nadia Masonwells
    Post: 1 Wingate Road, McGraths Hill NSW 2756
    Fax: (02) 4577 2833

    Hi Tec Oils 2011 Australian Speed & Marathon Championships Story


    With some fantastic skiing and idyllic Sydney weather to greet the running of the Hi-Tec Oils 2011 Australian Ski Racing Championships, crews really turned up the heat throughout the 4 days of competition.

    The most successful and dominant skiers of the Championships were World Champions Anne Procter (Kennedy) and Jack Houston.

    Anne won 4 National titles, whilst Jack won 3 and the World Selection race in Junior Boys.

    Brent Wisemantel and Andrew Fyfe were stand-outs winning F2, MOC and Unlimited Outboard, as well as the F2 Selection Race, with Tuff-e-Nuff.

    Applauded as a great success by Competitors, Spectators, Judges and Coordinators and Officials, the Wisemans Ferry Ski Grounds were alive with activity all weekend.


    Proceedings occurred on the Friday before the beginning of the National Titles, with skiers and crews vying to increase their coveted World Title Team Selection points.

    With this being at the pointy end of the Selection Events for the 17th World Championships in September on Moreton Bay, they were to make and break some dreams.

    Perfect racing conditions saw firstly, the Open and F2 Women hit the water.

    Lauryn Eagle reverted to the ‘catch me if you can’ race approach behind Darren McGuire’s Superman and it paid off big time. Eventually, by race end, Lauryn had lapped all but 2nd placed Strictly Business, towing Maddi Boyer.
    Leanne Halligan, behind Hellbent, just nudged out Kylee Jones & Merc Force from the 3rd placing, one lap down, but by just 6 seconds.

    In the F2 Women’s class it was tight, race long, between Trudi Stout (Shooter) and Leanne Campbell (Atomic Boats).
    By race end the results were Shooter 1st, Atomic Boats 2nd and Tania Teelow skied brilliantly, whilst recovering from injury, to come in 3rd behind With Envy.
    Chelsea Blight, behind the Victorian crew of Smoke & Mirrors rounded out the top 4 finishers.

    There was a great duel by Jack Houston, Jack Whitton and Jamie Moret, on the Wisemans course in the Junior Boys Selection race.
    Jack Houston, behind his Dad’s Stinga F1, really ran a well calculated race & showed his drive to take out another Junior Boys World Selection race, with his finish time showing a greater than 1 second a lap difference in speed.
    Superman, towed Jack Whitton to a 2nd placing, followed by Jamie Moret, behind Seven and Andrew Griffin behind his Dad Noel’s boat Burnin’.

    Junior Girls was won convincingly by Tayla Wright behind Neville Freeman’s ORSM, despite a starting infringement penalty. Tayla went on to make up a lap on the whole field.

    Kelsey Feros behind Prima Donna held off Rachael Stapleton and Still Sparken’ for the minor placings.

    In the Open Men’s race, there was disaster for the team of Hellbent, towing Peter Procter.

    With the race starting in a 4 man duel between Peter, Chris Stout, Jason Walmsley and Stephen Robertson, Peter was leading by an ever increasing margin and the guys were really wearing down the competition and dictating the race, when Hellbent’s motor gave up the ghost nearing the last minutes of the race. This moved both Christopher Stout and Jason Walmsley up in contention, to start fighting for the lead, instead of what appeared to be accepted minor placings, such was Peter’s lead to that point.

    Stephen Robertson & Firebird, as well as Ben Gulley & Merc Force, soon also succumbed to motor gremlins, with Merc Force left sitting in a huge, expensive, cloud of smoke at the top turn.

    It was left to Stouty and Zig to fight it out to the end, with Stouty grabbing the initiative on the last few laps and building up an 8 second lead that he carried to the line, with Jason 2nd.

    The F2 Men’s race attracted a field of 21 entrants and they didn’t disappoint.
    Daniel Cotton, behind the Brent Wisemantel driven Atomic Boats, really showed their class in this race in some very sloppy water. Team Weaver Racing, towing Mark Weaver and Shooter, with Grant Turner, fought hard, but couldn’t catch this champion crew and were left to fill the minor placings. Pure Velocity, towing Grant Patterson and With Envy, towing Daniel Graziano, were placed next.


    Saturday 9th April, saw the beginning of the Hi Tec Oils National Titles and who better to start with than our pint sized Aussie ski racers, in Under 10 Boys and Girls.

    With a start Chute speed that would scare a lot of adult skiers, the boys all raced to the top turn buoy on the smoother water at lightning speed.

    The girls were next away and most got away cleanly and hit the course ready to race. Some kids were having their first ski at a National Titles and they gave it their all and then some, with anxious Parents cheering them on, on the bank, or out in boats on the course.

    After a race long duel in the Under 10 Boys, it was Luke Harrison behind Big Loll that came in for the win. Luke was just 14 seconds clear of Pop and Me towing Carter Robertson. Kevin Boylan, in Stinga F2, towed his son Michael to a great 3rd place.

    In the Under 10 Girls, Critta towing Milana Long, with her Mum and Dad crewing, had a great win. 2nd place went to Grace Jones; behind Out Numbered and 3rd went to Rachelle King, behind Triple 666 F2.

    All of these kids deserved the big cheer from the crowd, for their gutsy skiing and for the effort each and every one of them put into their own races. They are all winners to us, just for giving it a go.

    The next race saw 13 pumped up F2 boats hit the water, for some seat of your pants action.
    First across the line comfortably, in this star studded race, was Brent Wisemantel’s Tuff e Nuff, towing Daniel Cotton, fresh from his win in F2 the previous day in the World Selection race.
    Grant Wastle, behind Craig Boswell’s With Envy was 2nd and Target, driven by Peter Lewis, towed Grant Turner to a 3rd placing. Chris Stout and Sacrifice & Peter Procter with Pure Velocity filled the next couple of places, in this always close and exciting race.

    Race 3 was Junior Boys, 13-16yrs, sponsored by Kerway Asphalting. Try as he may, behind the new Thundernuts, Lloyd Woolman couldn’t catch a flying Jamie Moret and Seven. 3rd placing went to Tru Blue towing Clinton Stratton.

    The DC Skis sponsored Open Women were next to hit the water and multiple World Champion Anne Procter, showed why she is just that. Skiing behind Greg Houston’s Stinga F1, Anne won by over a minute from Leanne Campbell with the Hazy crew and Noizworks with Cara Jochinke.

    Chris Stout was the next to hold a National Title aloft, when he won the Heartland Motors sponsored Men’s 19-25yrs. Stouty skied behind Noel Griffin’s Blazen’ …always a lethal combination. They won this race by over 2 minutes from Elm Street towing Kane Howard and Firebird towing Steven Robertson.

    Firebird came out for the next race towing former World Champion Paul Robertson to victory in the 40-50 Men’s. Filling the minor placings were Mark Boyer and Chris Bennett, behind Strictly Business and Filthy respectively.

    Run within the same race were the Permagard Marine sponsored 50+ Men. Colin Senior behind Greg Gunther’s Blown Cash took the win, followed by Rob Williams behind Big Loll.

    Race 7, sponsored by Impact Electrical, was a chance for Peter Procter to flex some muscle after the previous day’s disappointment in the World Selection event. He won the 25-30 Men’s race convincingly behind Mark Cranny’s Tru Blue, coming home over 2 minutes ahead of Blazen’, towing Grant Turner and Elm Street towing Chris Mansfield.

    Jack Harrison won the 10-13 Boys National Title behind Seven, by 15 seconds, leaving in his wake a strong field of boys. 2nd place went to Sean Stevens behind Noizworks and Elm Street towing Jackson Hammond came in for a 3rd placing.

    Shantelle King, showing some great form behind Rush won the 10-13 Girls race. Ellen Jones & Out Numbered raced Brooke Langham & Triple 666 for the minor placings, just pipping them at the post by 4 seconds.

    There were 15 starters in the Wizard Wetsuits sponsored 16-19 Boys race and the guys really raced hard for the Title. Tru Blue, towing Jake Tegart really ran a great race with Stinga F1 and Jack Houston, with each in different starting grids. Jake took the win by just 2 seconds from Jack at the chequered flag. Coming in for a 3rd placing in this class was Ben Hackett, behind Darren Stewart’s Agitator, with his Dad, ski racing legend Murray observing.

    Race 10 saw the final race of the first day, the Blue Pacific Marine, 30-40 Men and what a line up this was. Two times World Champion, Stephen Robertson, took home the National Title after a race long battle. Mick Kelly ditched the Observer’s Jacket & strapped on his Rail behind Blazen’ and came in for 2nd place. Blown Cash, towing Nathan Glynn, fought hard to hold off Steven Rowe, behind Chief, beating Steven’s time by just 2 seconds to take 3rd.


    Another beautiful sunny Sydney Autumn day greeted crews, in the first race of Sunday’s competition, the Men’s marathon.

    Peter Procter really showed the way in the Open Men’s class, racing Jason Walmsley for the lead the whole way, with the changeovers becoming the area that was to see the seconds made up by Peter. Alex Ross came in for a great 3rd place in this race, behind Out Numbered, skiing very consistently to achieve it.

    In the Under 19 Boys Marathon, Jack Houston was to claim yet another National Title behind Stinga F2. Jack really cleaned up in this race, to be followed home by almost 2 minutes later by Aaron Sheath behind Storm’n and Brendan Tidswell behind Showbiz.

    The Under 16 Boys Marathon was won convincingly by Jayden Sheath behind Coldys, from Reefway Racing towing Jesse Burns and 4 the Boys towing Joel Whitton.

    Darren Patterson was the lone finisher in the Under 40 Men’s Marathon and put in a fantastic time behind Shot Gun.

    Under 50 Men’s National Title holder Andy Wallington put in some great changes behind Big Loll, to come in for the win.

    Race 12, which included both the 25-U30 Women and the 19 – U25 Women, was a super quick race.

    Stinga F1 towed Anne Procter to yet another National Title in the 25-30 Women.

    Chelsea Blight teamed up with Blown Cash to win by over a minute from Liquid Force towing Jordan Brad in the 19 – U25 Women’s class, with the quick twin rig Tuff-N-Up bringing home Sarah Eagle for a great 3rd placing.

    In race 13, 3 classes were combined 30-U40 Women, 40-U45 Women and Women 50+.

    Leanne Campbell won the 30-U40 Women behind the superbly driven, Garry Hayes owned, Hazy.

    Prime Time towed Tania Teelow to a great 2 minute victory in 40-U45 Women, followed by Terri Rigg behind Liquid Force and Out 4 Revenge towing Suzanne Cuff.

    Wendy Feros won the 50 + Women’s National Title behind Hubbie Nick, driving Play Dirty for the win.

    16 – U19 Girls was the next race to hit the water, with a big, star studded field. Trudi Stout skied brilliantly in this race to win behind Seven, just 28 seconds ahead of Sarah Teelow and Prime Time. A further 6 seconds behind, was Danielle Coyte behind Shot Gun.

    Race 16, the Nova Pool Renovations sponsored 13 – U16 Girls Class, saw a great tussle between Rachael Stapleton, behind Stinga and Tayla Wright, behind ORSM.

    Rachael came out on top at race end by 39 seconds, with 3rd placing going to Neneh Long behind Pop and Me.

    The Social Men’s class was always going to be a great race, with a field of 7 super stars of the sport out to earn a National Title. Jack Houston skied brilliantly yet again to come out victor behind Stinga F1 on his home water. A big boat and ballast in the sloppy conditions made it less tricky to ski on the smaller skis and shorter ropes and was essential to success in the class on this water.
    2nd place went to Aiden Cuff behind Out for Revenge and Triple 666 towed Dale Jamison into a great 3rd after edging out a tenacious Shaun Atkins behind 4 the Boys.


    Monday’s racing started with a little more wind than previous days, promising some great ski racing.

    The first event was the JMJ Plant Hire sponsored Women’s and U10 & U13 Boys Marathon.

    In the Open Women’s class, Anne Procter added another Aussie Title to her collection, winning convincingly from Trudi Stout and Melissa Tidswell.

    The winner of the U19 Girls was Kelsey Feros behind Play Dirty.

    In an even quicker time, Rachael Stapleton, behind Still Sparken, took home the U16 Girls Marathon Title with some excellent skiing. Following Rachael was Neneh Long and Critta, followed by Jessica Smith and Team Smithy 2 Racing.

    Skiing behind Out Numbered, Ellen Jones won the U13 Girls marathon class.

    Under 13 Boys was a great win for Jack Harrison, behind Big Loll. He held off Korrupt with the family team of Steven, Janine and Jackson Hammond in a great race.

    Showing what incredible potential they both have, Grace Jones and Michael Boylan each took home an Australian Title in the Under 10 Girls and Boys.

    One of the Champagne races at the Hi Tec Oils National Titles was the DC Skis sponsored Open Men’s event. Jason Walmsley easily backed up from his World Selection event on Friday, taking the title behind Pure Velocity. Tuff e Nuff was next home towing Brayden Jameson after some very consistent skiing, followed by Trent Eastgate behind Out Numbered.

    Race 21 saw the combining of 6 & 8 Litre Inboard in the one race, guaranteeing some spectacular viewing for spectators. They weren’t let down either.

    8 Litre saw an on tune Jamie Oliver, racing behind The Enforcer, taking an early lead, which they slowly built on lap after lap. Eventually they were to go on to take the title, followed very closely, just 7 seconds behind, by Nothin’ But with Chris Bennett keeping them honest and Matthew Wetsteyn behind Racecraft.

    Stock 6 Litre was won by Greg Whitelaw’s super quick Brute Force. He towed Brent Whitelaw home, under the watchful eye of Geoff Hewitt, to take the 2011 Title.

    60 mph Expert had no winner, with Itchin to Go, towing Wade Bennett, retiring due to a sciatic nerve spasm in Wade’s paralyzed leg and Kaoed breaking out of the speed limit.

    70 Mph Expert saw Still Kiddin’ and Andrew Teal flying around the sloppy course and taking the crown. Home next was Reefway Racing with Brooke Gray, followed by Jack Burns behind Play Dirty.
    2 boats broke out in this race trying to balance the correct speed on the rough water.


    Tuesday morning saw a complete change in wind direction and it was now blowing up the Hawkesbury strongly.

    The first class for the final day’s racing was the Social Women’s race.

    Anne Procter had to fight for this one behind Pure Velocity, coming home victorious with only 21 seconds up her sleeve by race end. Reefway Racing towed Tayla Luhrmann to a hard fought 2nd place, followed by Still Sparken’ with Jordan Bradley.

    Zig’s Marine sponsored Class 24 saw the combined running of the SMOC, Under 6 Litre and Unlimited Inboard.

    Labdance showed that the new hull shape was a winner, taking the SMOC class with Glenn Kennedy on the back, from Team Evinrude with Trevor Bray and Crash Lab towing James Walker coming in for minor placings.

    The Under 6 Litre class was won convincingly by The Enforcer, towing Simon Handley. They came home 1 lap up on LightN, towing Jesse Robinson.

    Unlimited Inboard saw Adrian Heffernan’s super quick Gotta Go, tow Cheyne Allison to a National Title, just 10 seconds ahead of What Inheritance and Craig Greentree.

    After some brilliant driving by Brent Wisemantel in Tuff-e-Nuff, he went on to dominate the MOC race, towing Jack Houston to yet another National Title. Jack was chased race long by Anne Procter behind Pure Velocity, but came out at the end 29 seconds in front. Crash Lab towed Craig Gordon into 3rd place.

    Brent came out again in the Unlimited Outboard, this time with Ben Hackett doing the hard work out the back, to take the National Title. This meant the treble for Tuff-e-Nuff, taking out F2 earlier in the titles too, for a clean sweep of the 3 quickest Outboard classes. 2nd in the Unlimited Outboard class went to Matthew Wastle, behind Crash Lab, driven by LabSport legend Jeff Stubbs. 3rd went to Labdance and Ryan Trevillion.

    Although numbers reduced the closer the Southern 80 got, the Titles were yet another success story for SRNSW.

    The Wisemans Ferry and Hawkesbury River location were enjoyed by all and the titles were held in near perfect ski racing conditions throughout.

    Congratulations to all of those crews out there that can now brag that they have won an Australian National Title and to all others that competed and made these Nationals so memorable.

    Congratulations go to all Judges and helpers for running such a safe and friendly National Championships.

    Thank you to all sponsors, especially the event’s Major sponsor, Hi-Tec Oils Australia, for your support of the event.

    (Author, Wade Bennett)

    Action packed 6th Selection race at Moreton Bay

    Moreton Bay, Queensland, was the setting for the Event 6 of the Australian World’s Team Selection Races.

    The action continues tomorrow from 9am.

    Please find attached the Results and Current Points Standings.


    Selection race 6 Mens and F2 mens Moreton Bay

    Selection race 6 Womens and F2 Womens Moreton Bay

    Selection race 6 boys girls Moreton Bay

    Ray Stokes – Please Donate

    Ray Stokes has terminal cancer and the fight at this stage is grueling and unpleasant for him.

    Please read this article by Jodie Skipper at Australia’s Waterski magazine via this link: at to understand the huge contribution Ray has made to water skiing.

    You will find details at the end of the article if you wish to make a donation to the “Friends of Ray” appeal.

    Wade Bennett’s latest movies from Youtube

    Some Aussie action caught on film from the last couple of months.

    All skiers and boats are tagged on youtube to assist you to get sponsors.

    Please hit the links below to view each movie.



    Qld Series Day May 08 2011 Unlimited Inboard, MOC, SMOC, 60 & 70mph classes

    Moogerah Dam Qld Water Ski Racing Series Day – March 2011

    2011 GTS Mildura 100 Water Ski Race Unlimited Social Class starts movie

    63rd Catalina Ski Race 16th July 2011

    2011 Queensland Series Day Rd4 Moogerah Dam – Images By Rob Storum

    Spectacular scenery and warm conditions greeted the competitors for the 4th and last round of the Queensland Ski Racing series.


    Karen Follington seeking sponsors for “Relay for Life’ – * All money goes to the Cancer Council

    Hi everyone,

    I am participating in the relay for life this year as my brother Charles is a Cancer survivor.

    I would like to raise $5000, with Barb and Marty Osborne already sponsoring me $500.

    I am writing to get more sponsors as it is for a very good cause and being a ski racer my self, I know that my brother is not the only one in the sport that has been touched by this horrible illness.

    All the money goes to cancer council to help find a cure for cancer.

    If anyone would like to sponsor me they can go to the link below and click on my name to sponsor.

    Any donation over $2 is tax deductible and I will be trying to walk for at least 12 hrs straight myself.

    If i raise the $5000 (or more!), I am going to do my best at making the 24hr walk, as people with cancer go thru a lot more pain than I, who will be just walking for 24hrs.

    I have given full details of the event below and the team that i am walking for.
    People can sponsor just me or our team as a whole.

    You can call me on 0432 82 44 16 if you need to discuss anything.

    Karen Follington

    “Relay For Life is an overnight, community event where teams participate in a relay-style walk or run to raise funds for the Cancer Council.

    The event brings the whole community together for a night of fun, entertainment, celebration and remembrance.

    In NSW alone, around 40,000 people take part in the relay each year.
    The event is not just about the amazing experience of spending the weekend with your local community. It’s also about the fun ways your team can raise money in the lead up to the day.

    The Relay For Life is a truly amazing occasion where tears are shed, hopes are raised, fun is had and friendships are forged”.

    In the 2010 Relay, Advantage Tennis Academy raised $2677.60.

    In 2011, we have joined forces with the Hawkesbury District Independent News and hope to smash our 2010 fundraising effort.

    We would love it if you (and/or your families/friends) could join Advantage Tennis Academy and The Hawkesbury District Independent News in the 2011 Hawkesbury Relay for Life.

    The Hawkesbury Relay For Life is being held Saturday 28th May to Sunday 29th May 2011 at the Hawkesbury Showground.

    We will have a great time and it will be an experience to remember.

    Give up one hour of your weekend to relay for life.

    The relay commences at 10:00am on Saturday 28th May and ceases at 10:00am on Sunday 29th May.

    Our team is implementing a roster in which every team member is required to do a stint of at least 1 hour (Kristina Dimech managed a massive 9 hour stint last year… let’s see if she can beat it this year!!!).

    Those members that wish to stay for the full 24 hours are obviously more than welcome and we will be camping overnight on site if anyone else wants to join us with their tent and sleeping bag.

    To join our team, click the link below and join up today!

    If you are not able to join us at the relay but would like to make a contribution to our teams fundraising, please click the link below to go to our teams site and make a donation.
    Remember any donation over $2 is tax deductible but more importantly, every dollar makes a difference.
    We appreciate any support you can give.

    If you aren’t able to make a monetary donation but would like to donate an item or service that we can use in a raffle, please feel free to contact me so we can get a raffle started.
    No item is too small (or too big!).

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this email and also hope that you can help our team make a difference.


    Kaz xx

    Link to Cancer Council – Hawkesbury Advantage Tennis Academy\'s sponsorship page

    Barry Carne Memorial on this weekend in Wagga Wagga – Update

    There are 227 entries for the Barry Carne Memorial, to be held at the weekend at Wagga Wagga, N.S.W.

    The race recommenced last season after the drought finally broke and Lake Albert was again filled, for the first time in many years.

    It was won last year by Steven Morley behind Bernie Elliott’s Revival.

    The challenge goes out again to all comers to race for this prestigious title.

    The Calcutta will be held on Saturday Night at the Wagga Boat Club to decide the poll positions for the Open Final.

    This is always guaranteed to be a fun night !

    A courtesy bus will run on Saturday evening with pickups from
    motels at 6.30pm and 7.30pm and return trips.

    Race numbers will be supplied to team captains.

    Trophies will be presented at the end of each day.

    Classes may be joined at the discretion of the Organisers.

    Facebook event page –

    Sat 14th May
    Events 1 – 7
    7.30 – 8.00am Breath Testing
    8.00 am Briefing
    8.30am Start

    Events 8 – 12
    Breath Testing will commence at the conclusion of race 6
    Briefing will commence at the conclusion of race 7

    Sunday 15th May
    Events 13 – 16
    8.00 – 8.30am Breath Testing
    8.30 am Briefing
    9.00am Start

    Events 17 – 25
    Breath Testing will commence at the conclusion of race 15
    Briefing will commence at the conclusion of race 16

    Daniel (Boonie) and Lee Campbell have a baby Boy

    Daniel (Boonie) & Lee Campbell have welcomed to the world, Henry Daniel Campbell.

    Lee has described him as ‘..our beautiful little boy’.

    Congratulations from ski racers the world over !

    World Titles Hospitality & Social Events Booking Form

    Please find attached the Hospitality and Social Events booking form for the 17th World Championships.

    Confirmation due by July 31st 2011.
    * Please refer to the PDF for prices. *

    VIP Corporate Hospitality

    Enjoy this unique event and it’s racing up close and personal and in style with our VIP Corporate Hospitality.

    Located on the waterfront you will have the ultimate viewing of the racing for the 4 racing days.

    Our VIP Corporate Hospitality package includes, buffet lunch, soft drinks and water, tea and coffee in the comfort of the VIP marquee with inside and outside seating.

    Beer, wine and spirits will be available at bar prices.

    You will also be treated to guest speakers attending the VIP marquee throughout the event and free pit access.

    * Bookings Close 31st July 2011

    Final Presentation

    The official final presentation of the 2011 World Waterski Racing Championships will take place on site at Pelican Park.

    Enjoy a sit down buffet lunch on the foreshore with official proceedings closing the event.

    Buffet lunch included with ticket entry fee, drinks at bar prices.

    Competitors and teams entry is free, however booking is essential. (Competitors and teams will need to produce their event credentials at the venue to gain free access)

    *Friends, family and guest passes available via this form.

    **Competitor and team passes are strictly non transferable.

    * Bookings Close 31st July 2011

    Official After Party

    The 2011 World Waterski Racing Championship Official After Party will be held on site Saturday 17th of September, 7pm to 12am.

    Unwind Saturday night after the inaugural World Waterski Racing Championship in Queensland.

    You will be treated to finger food, soft drinks and water, live music, entertainment and more!

    This event will be held in our VIP Corporate Hospitality Marquee on the waterfront.

    * Bookings Close 31st July 2011.

    World Event Booking Form 2011

    Confirmations may be faxed, emailed or posted to the below details.

    For all enquiries and bookings please contact:
    Southside Promotions Pty Ltd 5 Woolboard Rd, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
    Ph: 03 9646 6922 Fax: 03 8612 3623

    World Titles Marquee Garages Booking Sheet

    World Titles Marquee Garage bookings are essential.

    ** Limited number available.**

    Marquee garages are powered, have lighting and enclosed.

    Allocation of garages will be on a first in first served basis.

    Marquee garages will be available from Wednesday7th September to Sunday 18th September.

    Garage Marquee booking cut off date is 31st July 2011.

    Please fax, email or post in your booking to Southside Promotions on the attached details.

    Southside Promotions Pty Ltd
    5 Woolboard Rd Port Melbourne VIC 3207
    Ph: 03 9646 6922 Fax: 03 8612 3623

    World Titles Marquee Garage Booking Form 2011

    Shane and Mel Floyd have a bouncing baby girl

    Victorian ski racing legend, Shane Floyd and his wife Mel, happily announce the birth of Frankie Jean Floyd on the 2nd of May.

    12 days late, the birth was long, but trouble free.

    8.38lbs, with Black hair and blue eyes. ‘Gorgeous’, says Shane.

    Congratulations guys and welcome Frankie !

    2011 World Championships Schedule of Events

    Here is the event schedule for the 2011 World Water Ski Racing Championships:

    2011 World Championships Bulletin 1

    Below is Bulletin 1 for the 2011 World Water Ski Racing Championships.

    Download: 2011 World Water Ski Racing Championships – Bulletin 1

    Official Hotel information for the 17th World Championships

    The Official Hotel for the World Championships is the MON KOMO, located on the beach at Redcliffe. 99 Marine Parade Redcliffe.

    This is a 5 minute drive from the race site.

    The Hotel consists of hotel and multi room apartments.

    OAKS MON KOMO fact sheet

    All bookings need to be done through Peta Smail her email is

    Rick Love says ‘ I cannot express how much I think it is important for the whole Australian Team to stay together.’

    ‘ There has been a lot of discussion regarding accommodation, there is an Official Hotel and all Team officials will be staying there as well as International Competitors. To create a great Team environment as we had in Belgium I think it would be great if we were all in the same location.’

    Australian World Title Assault – Bulletin 2

    Hello everyone,

    Welcome to the second Bulletin. The final of the selection series is drawing closer and the Team is nearing its completion.

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